Israel, ‘Anti-Semitism’, Zionism and US-UK allies

Not a religion or an ethnic identity, but a political cult embodied in modern Israel, which uses Judaism, Jews AND ‘anti-Semitism’ for its own purposes with ordinary Jews paying the price

Israel’s solution to global condemnation of war crimes? Punish anyone who documents them

Anyone caught filming the actions of the IDF will face up to five years in prison

The Saker interviews Michael A. Hoffman II

The Saker talks to Michael A. Hoffman II about his life, revisionist history, Zionism and more in this extensive and revealing interview

Jewish extremists taunt ‘Ali’s on the grill’ at slain toddler’s relatives

Jewish extremists taunt ‘Ali’s on the grill’ at slain toddler’s relatives

Jewish extremists celebrate the death of 18-month-old Palestinian who was killed in an arson attack and taunt the grieving relatives.

Iran Hit Potential Intel Jackpot Recruiting ex-Israeli Minister, Experts Believe

Although many years had passed since he served as minister of energy and infrastructure, Gonen Segev could still have provided Iran with valuable intelligence

The raw truth about the UK’s special relationship with Israel

Both are concerned about Iran and Syrian President Assad. Consequently, Britain and Israel are now sharing intelligence and cooperating in defence matters

A Palestinian farmer looks at Israeli army soldiers after he planted an olive trees near the West Bank town of Tubas in the Jordan valley, during a protest against the closure of land to Palestinians by the army and Jewish settlers, Tuesday, April 8, 2014. Dozens of Palestinians protested in the Jordan valley where Palestinian sources said that Israel has closed land for the army to use for the military training. (AP Photo/Mohammed Ballas)

The Real Story Behind Israel’s “Blooming Desert”

While Israel claims that it has transformed the land it occupies from empty desert into rich and fertile fields, the reality is very different

Israeli lawmaker proclaims supremacy of ‘Jewish race’

The comments came during a radio debate about the corruption investigations in which Netanyahu is either a suspect or has given testimony

Israel’s Absentee Property Law of 1950 denies the return of any Arabs who fled their property during the Israeli independence war. Click to enlarge

I spoke to Palestinians who still hold the keys to homes they fled decades ago

Many are still determined to return

Trouble Clef

Trouble Clef

The message conveyed by Ms Chabloz’s conviction is devastating for Britain. This kingdom has, in just a short time, become a crude authoritarian state

The Real Story of How Israel Was Created

In 1947 an internal State Department memorandum accurately predicted how Israel would be born through armed aggression masked as defense

How Jews Rule

How Jews Rule

Through a potent mix of subterfuge and deceit

New book says Israeli attack on USS Liberty in 1967 was ordered by LBJ

New book says Israeli attack on USS Liberty in 1967 was ordered by LBJ

The USS America twice launched relief aircraft to aid the USS Liberty and each one was recalled. The second after President Johnson personally intervened

Israel’s Attack on the USS Liberty: A Half Century Later, Still No Justice

A story of Israeli aggression, Pentagon incompetence and Washington’s subordination to the Israeli lobby

Damaged USS Liberty in port

The Israeli Attack On The USS Liberty

Paul Craig Roberts reflects on how 51 year-ago Israeli jets attacked the USS Liberty and how Admiral McCain, Senator John McCain’s father, ordered a coverup

How leftist protect extremist

Ryan Dawson on how minorities are given carte blanche to do whatever they want.

Mother of shot Gaza medic: ‘She thought the white coat would protect her’

Far from protecting her, Razan al-Najjar’s white medical gown probably marked her as a target for Israeli snipers. She is the latest in a string of medical personnel to have been shot by the IDF

Tear gas and live ammunition fired at Paletinian demonstrators in Gaza in a protest marking al-Quds Day (Jerusalem Day). Click to enlarge

Israeli troops kill four Palestinians as Gaza protest resumes

In addition, to at least four dead, hundreds of Palestinians were wound by live fire in what is becoming routine for the IDF

Guardian Cartoonist Steve Bell Denies Anti-Semitism Claims After Drawing Spiked By Editor

Guardian Cartoonist Steve Bell Denies Anti-Semitism Claims After Drawing Spiked By Editor

In the words of the correspondent who sent this: Israeli sensitivities trump Palestinian suffering (again)

Is Putin Really Ditching Iran and Siding With Netanyahu in Syria?

The Israeli media is celebrating but the deal Russia is hammering for southern Syria sets back Israel’s number one priority: provoke a US attack on Iran

Israel 'selling nuclear information' to Saudi: Israeli expert

Israel ‘selling nuclear information’ to Saudi: Israeli expert

According to former CIA Officer Duane Clarridge, the Saudis acquired several nuclear warheads in 2016 and with Israeli help are now working to develop their own