Israel, ‘Anti-Semitism’, Zionism and US-UK allies

Not a religion or an ethnic identity, but a political cult embodied in modern Israel, which uses Judaism, Jews AND ‘anti-Semitism’ for its own purposes with ordinary Jews paying the price

UN: Gaza Could Be Uninhabitable’ by 2020

Which would solve Israel’s problems with the Palestinians and open the way for new Israeli settlements

Refugees Should Seek Refuge In Synagogues

Gilad Atzmon on the escalating refugee crisis

Fearing Israeli attack, Iran boosts nuke defenses, TV report claims

Iran puts its air defences at its nuclear facilities in a heightened state of alert in anticipation of an Israeli strike

Beware-Aryans For Jeremy Has Launched Its Campaign Today

Beware-Aryans For Jeremy Has Launched Its Campaign Today

It interesting to see how long it takes Jeremy Corbyn to disassociate himself from this ethnically exclusive support group

Rebuilt Hamas underground tunnel

Hamas shows off rebuilt Gaza tunnels in new video

A year after Israel claimed to have destroyed them

David Duke on the Alex Jones Show

Why on earth did Alex Jones invite Dr David Duke on his August 18 show? What a mystery — but also what a show!

Zionism in Britain: A Neglected Chronicle

The recent criticism of Jeremy Corbyn in the Jewish Chronicle is the latest example of how Zionists control political discourse in Britain. Evan Jones explains

Renowned classical pianist Daniel Barenboim

Rumours of Barenboim Iran visit piques Israel’s far-right

Israel’s Cultural Minister Miri Regev is trying to prevent, or at least penalize, a musical visit to Iran by renowned pianist Daniel Barenboim

The devastation in Gaza in the aftermath of the Israeli operation.

As Gaza Lies in Ruins, The NY Times Blames the Victims

How the New York Times artfully conceals Zionist crimes

The Primacy of Jewish Genes

The Primacy of Jewish Genes

A recent study of Holocaust survivors claims that the trauma they experienced was passed onto to their descendents genetically. Gilad Atzmon explains

Syria Shoots Down Israeli Warplane F-16 Bomber, Using Russian S-300 Air Defense System

Syria Shoots Down Israeli Warplane F-16 Bomber, Using Russian S-300 Air Defense System

This story first emerged some days ago but with scant details. Now more information has emerged to substantiate it

Justin Welby

Archbishop of Canterbury — An Illuminati Jewish Shill

At the heart of the Church of England Welby’s job is crucial to the faith. Instead, he’s been ideally positioned to sow doubt

The Meaning Of Corbyn

Gilad Atzmon reflects on the recent controversy over Jeremy Corbyn

Barak: Netanyahu wanted to strike Iran in 2010 and 2011, but colleagues blocked him

Netanyahu had wanted to strike at Iran’s nuclear facilities in 2010 and 2011 but was prevented by his army chief of staff

President Obama addresses a press conference on August 1, over the abduction of Israeli 2nd Lt. Hadar Goldin by Hamas

Barack Obama will keep military options open if Iran nuclear deal is agreed

Obama assures critics of the nuclear deal with Tehran that the military option will remain open in dealing with Iran as he views “Israel’s security as sacrosanct”

Jeremy Corbyn responds to the JC’s seven questions

In the words of the correspondent who sent this in, his response reveals the “usual cardboard cut-out parliamentary representative”

The Troubling Testimony of Alonzo Mann in the Murder of Little Mary Phagan

The Anti-Defamation League had its origins in the wake of Mary Phagan’s murder and the subsequent lynching of Leo Frank. Lawson Wellborn examines the case and the testimony of Alonzo Mann

The Kingmaker

The Kingmaker

Paul Eisen, until a week ago anonymous as far as most Brits were concerned, is now a kingmaker. Gilad Atzmon explains

340 rabbis urge Congress to support Iran nuclear deal

In contrast to the bought and paid for U.S. Senators and Congressmen who have voiced their opposition to the deal

Jeremy Corbyn and the Jews

Gilad Atzmon on the emergence of Jeremy Corbyn and the Jewish Chronicle’s response