Israel, ‘Anti-Semitism’, Zionism and US-UK allies

Not a religion or an ethnic identity, but a political cult embodied in modern Israel, which uses Judaism, Jews AND ‘anti-Semitism’ for its own purposes with ordinary Jews paying the price

Israel Palestine Conflict Is Now A Religious War

Israel Palestine Conflict Is Now A Religious War

Why are our left solidarity merchants afraid of Islam and religion in general?

Netanyahu Unaware of the Camera: ‘America can easily be moved’

Caught off-guard and unaware that he’s being filmed, Netanyahu says what he really thinks

2 Palestinian teenagers shot dead by Israeli forces in Khan Yunis, South of Gaza Strip

Gilad Atzmon talks to Press TV about the latest upsurge in violence

Video: Palestinian killed in Jerusalem was not a threat

Fadi Aloon was shot dead by Israeli police even though he obviously posed no threat to anyone. Warning: contains graphic video footage

Stabbing Each Other

Stabbing Each Other

The bankruptcy of Zionism is obvious. Not only has Israel failed to provide the goods; Israel is the only place where Jews are chased in the streets and stabbed merely for being Jews

A protester uses a slingshot to throw stones during clashes near the border fence between Israel and the Gaza Strip.

Hamas leader in Gaza declares intifada as deadly attacks continue

IDF kills six Palestinians and wounds 23 more near the Gaza border. As both Palestinians and Jewish settlers launch reprisal stabbing attacks

On Jews and Criminality

On Jews and Criminality

The number of Jews in UK prisons has increased by 82% since 2002 but they’re not all inside for financial crimes. Instead there has been a surge of Jewish sex offenders

Russian cruiser Moskva is stationed off the coast of Latakia armed with 64 S-300s

With Russia’s Dep. Army Chief due in Israel, Moscow posts 64 S-300 ship-to-air missiles off Syria, N. Israel

Effectively creating a no-fly zone for Western warplanes over Syria

EXCLUSIVE : Russia threatens to shoot down Israeli jets over Syria

Russian fighters intercept Israeli F-15s trying to infiltrate Syrian airspace in the skies over Latakia

Adolph Hitler vs. The Jewish Chronicle - Spot The Difference

Adolph Hitler vs. The Jewish Chronicle – Spot The Difference

The Chronicle has published its findings on Jeremy Corbyn’s genetic heritage entitled: “Sorry to disappoint you, Mr Corbyn, but there’s just no trace of your Jewish roots”

Report Examines Widespread Attacks On Palestinian Human Rights Activists On College Campuses

As the correspondent who sent this in noted: “A story you’ll never see in the mainstream media”. Includes video

Jews Bask in Gentile Praise

Jews Bask in Gentile Praise

Stephen L. Pease presents a view of Jews they find very flattering. He also reflects their self-deception

Israeli Sanhedrin in Jerusalem is considering killing President Obama

Israeli Sanhedrin in Jerusalem is considering killing President Obama

Includes video in which the head of the Sanhedrin explains the theological grounds for murder, for example, of US President Obama.

Russia Returns to the Middle East

Russia Returns to the Middle East

The rumours of Russian demise and of Syrian collapse has been somewhat premature. Israel Shamir explains

Is Anti-Semitism "Good for the Jews"?

Is Anti-Semitism “Good for the Jews”?

When a Zionist shill like Ann Coulter is accused of being “anti-Semitic” then you know the charge has no grounding in reality. Henry Makow explains

Refugee Crisis Or Political Ploy?

Perspectives on the “refugee crisis” from Brother Nathanael

IDF shoots 18yo Palestinian woman 10 times, lets her die in street

IDF shoots 18yo Palestinian woman 10 times, lets her die in street

The IDF would not let paramedics near her as she bled to death for nearly thirty minutes. Includes video

Yom Kippur Gives Jews Permission to Deceive

Henry Makow and Michael Hoffman on what Hoffman refers to as the “Liars holiday”

Hirsh vs. Corbyn

Hirsh vs. Corbyn

Jewish history teaches us that when Jewish power declines, it happens very fast. Jeremy Corbyn’s victory may be the latest example. Gilad Atzmon explains

Were Hitler & Nazism Zionist Creations?

“World War II was a Zionist plot to make way for the foundation of the Jewish State in Palestine.” –Joseph Burg, an anti-Zionist Jew