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Reflections in a Petri Dish — June 25, 2014

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As “Kalifornia” plays on the split screen here, I muse upon something that has come to my awareness, over and over again across the recent and not so recent years; none of this has anything to do with the movie playing, by the way, except that what I am about to reference gives birth to the sort of creature you see in this movie. This movie is one of those sleepers that is just really well done for what it is, like “Where Sleeping Dogs Lie.”
There’s relatively full of shit, mostly full of shit, completely full of shit and so full of shit that the laws of physics are suspended because such capacity goes against what those laws allow for. By example, let us consider Joe Biden. When I first noticed him, back before his hair transplants, when he was a senator, sitting on one of those committees; foreign relations or something, I saw him as a consummate hack and he surely was. He’s made his way up the ladder since; as true an expression of The Peter Principle as I’ve ever seen. He’s a living, breathing icon of a soulless whore, if there ever has been one and here he distinguishes himself as few have done with such complete abandon. He actually said, “I don’t care what your culture is.” He went on to say that governments have a duty to preempt the will of the people when it comes to fulfilling the elites agenda of destroying the culture and morphing it into anything they see fit; basically that is what he said. He’s playing Bozo the Bloodstained Clown to Howdy Doody; two doomed puppets with not a gram of integrity between them.
The level of ridiculous is amazing. It’s mindblowing. You ask yourself, “Do these people comprehend at all; at all, what a twisted, overblown parody they have become? Could the hypocrisy and collective contempt for their fellows, somewhere down the ladder from them, be any greater than it is? I don’t think so. I don’t think so.
What’s brought it all to this pass is that people like this are the willing subjects of people like this. It has rarely been presented in such simple and certain terms as one finds here, complete with backups and followups by fellow travelers of the same. The reality of it all is staggering. It’s obvious. It’s irrefutable. It is horrifically and indisputably true; such a deep, enduring and perpetuating darkness. It’s all about the money, as the head scion of one of the most powerful, if not the most powerful financial family in the world made clear, when he said that as long as he had control of the money supply he didn’t care who made the laws. What they intend and what they collectively get up to is transparent. It’s suggested in this article that maybe this creature doesn’t know the extremity of her double speak. She has to know because there is a veritable army of them all doing and saying the same thing and in situations like this, coincidence need not apply.
How long, how long, has this gone dead train been gone? Does one run and hide and… where would that be? Does one continue in the place where they have been placed, wishing and hoping, or believing that all will be well? What one does is based on who and what one is because out of that comes the level of communication one receives, the manner in which they interpret it and the degree of awareness they move about in. Fish move around in an atmosphere of awareness, as do flocks of birds and herds of cattle. Humans at a certain level of awareness do the same, dependent on their collective conditioning. That there is such conditioning is also beyond dispute and it leads men to war and women to fashion, not to mention tears, in many cases, when Johnny doesn’t come marching home.
From time out of memory, families have given their children over to the war machines of their generations believing… whatever lies they were fed and somehow… somehow believed to be true. It’s why I believe in reincarnation and karma because there is no other explanation. Sure, ignorance applies but one would think that history would have some impact but it doesn’t. Nothing seems to matter. Vietnam was only a few decades ago and it was roundly opposed and exposed as a gratuitous war, created from unsupportable lies for the purpose of material gain and geopolitical hegemony. A few decades later the same twisted shit has gone down in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and other places for similar bogus reasons and little opposition of any kind got mounted and even after all of that, the mass of the population is still swimming in Dumb Shit Jell-O.
The celebrities go about their business. I’m supposing they’ve all been told in no uncertain terms what is likely to happen to their careers, if they open their mouths too wide about anything that interferes in the plans of those who sign their pay checks and who happen to be the same people who initiated all of these wars. Of course, we’ve already seen evidence of that previously in this posting and we have the spoken testimony of the matriarchal end of that financial family who said, “If my sons did not want wars there would be no wars.”
Yeah… I get people telling me, “No… no… it’s not them, it’s the mysterious strangers in the shadows who manipulate them and use them as the culpable front men for the whole extended centuries wise enterprises they get up to. They’re just puppets. They’re just fall guys. Uh Huh. Well, let me say to that… according to them, everyone with any connection to the German Army is responsible for the orders of their commanders who, took orders from the bankers who financed them so how is it that this is so and the same does not apply to them, given the absurd possibility that there are mysterious strangers in the shadows; strangers who, to this day, have never been named or identified? If there are strangers in the shadows they are demons who inhabit the shadows and who also inhabit these people… these willing hosts. Blame the demons if you like and blame the one the demons serve but I submit it is also fair and just to blame those who serve the demons by granting them the opportunity to exercise every foul and terrible appetite they possess.
The writing is on the wall. The writing is most definitely on the wall and if you are not one of the majority of the population, moving at a speed unknown to them, toward that wall, you can probably see it and take the bypass around. This says it all.  and the part of it all that says it the most is the industry spokesass who represents an organization/thinktank/lobby-op that gives no indication of how ugly and venal they are or what their real associations are. You’ll see it there near the end. Once you kill the means of your sustenance, you kill yourself.
I don’t know what to say about humanity being so collectively stupid that they are incapable of seeing what is being done to them; most likely proving the point of these monsters that the masses are nothing but cattle and subhuman; meant only to serve this self styled master race. I don’t know what to say and as much as I might have lamented my non existent career, rendered non existent by the perspective and positions I hold, I would be a far more sorry lifeform had I played along to get along. There are things a person can live with and things that a person cannot live with but… I suspect what that is varies from person to person because a great many people can live with things that I could never live with and will not live with, no matter what may be the cost. There are things much more precious than ones career and status, when either of these things come at the expense of them. There are things much more precious than power, position and wealth. One might never know this until they had paid the price and for some, in these days, they still don’t know afterwards. That is a price I do not intend to pay.
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