Word from Mike James

Owing to the seemingly inexplicable, sheer dearth of income provided by my regular commissioners over the past few months, I have been forced to unsubscribe from my mainline telephone connection, the infrastructure of which supports my ISP. I shall be without any telecommunications “within the next three days”, so I have been informed.

According to another freelance friend in the business who has an ear for gossip, it is no coincidence that my commissions vanished shortly after the Central Council of Jews failed twice in their mendacious attempts to sue and imprison me, earning the ire of both the State Attorney and Senior State Attorney. This slap in the face was something the parasitic elite Zionist Jews had never experienced before in Germany. It represented an unprecedented shock to their arrogance and hatred of the German people. They finally took their revenge.

I shall therefore no longer be in a position to reply to every message sent to me by my Kameraden and Mitkämpfer, save for the opportunity afforded me by a weekly visit to a distant Internet café. I shall however read each and every one of them as time permits.

It was opportune that I learned of Fredrick’s inevitable victory (I haven’t been inactive behind the scenes in dealing with the BRD’s Zionist filth with my tactical threats of dire recriminations), because now I can lay down my sword and say, “I shall fight no more, at least until the final battle.”

Now, unemployed and moving to a cheaper apartment, I can at least claim free protein shots and proper medical treatment for my CFS/ME, recurrent muscle pain and autoimmune-induced food intolerances: conditions caused by a contaminated influenza vaccine in December 1993. I shall do everything I can to slowly regain my health and get back into the fray of battle, no matter if my struggle takes years.

Our parasitic, lying, thieving Ashkenazi friends extracted vengeance in line with the viciously evil ordinances of their Levitical god, Satan; but I neither forget nor forgive. I shall be back; and furnished with much more than mere words on paper. They will rue the day they picked a fight with an Englishman born on the banks of the River Tyne.

In the meantime, my fellow patriotic ancestral Europeans: NEVER SURRENDER! For I solemnly promise you this: neither our children nor great-grandchildren will ever be slaves to the Enemies of Humanity.

Michael James

Mike James, an Englishman, is a former freelance journalist resident in Germany since 1992 with additional long-haul stays in East Africa, Poland and Switzerland