Israel threatens to target Lebanese army

Israel has threatened to target Lebanon’s army and all its infrastructures should Hezbollah take charge of the interior ministry or the defense portfolio.

Distressed by the growing role of the resistance movement in Lebanon’s politics, Tel Aviv will target the country’s entire military infrastructure in any future conflict with the Islamic group, The Jerusalem Post cited cabinet sources as saying on Friday.

The decision comes as assessments in Israel suggest that Hezbollah, already enjoying a key role in the government’s decisions-making process, is likely to gain at least two more cabinet posts in elections next spring, — the Interior Ministry and the defense portfolio.

Israel remains wary of the missile capability of the group which has been beefing up its military power since the end of the 33-day war imposed on Lebanon.

During the 2006 war, Israel inflicted serious damages to part of Lebanon’s infrastructure, but its loss of military equipment and forces left Tel Aviv in a landmark defeat.

Should the next Lebanese defense minister be a member of Hezbollah or from a Hezbollah-affiliated party, Israel would know no difference between the Lebanese army and Hezbollah and would attack both, Israeli officials say.

Lebanese officials, including President Michel Suleiman, have repeatedly offered their full support to Hezbollah, appreciating the Resistance’s role in the country’s security against the Israeli incursions.

Hezbollah maintains its armed resistance is aimed at backing the Lebanese army to safeguard the country’s independence and sovereignty.