Here’s Your Vichyssoice From Hell, Bully Boys

Reflections in a Petri Dish — Dec 23, 2013

Before I forget, I’d like to express my personal outrage at several websites embarrassing themselves but probably being immune to that and also annoying the bedickens out of people like me. They are RINF News, Investment Watch and Intelhub. RINF now insists you get their spyware Adobe plugin, like the one all those online TV replay sites have. As well, like Investment Watch, they are cramming so many ads on their sites that either the ads obscure the written copy of whatever the news report is, or the copy obscures the ad. Intelhub is more or less the same. I’d like to point out to these ‘profit at all costs’ individuals, whose ‘profit at all costs’ agenda, wars for supremacy with their shameless self promotion- ‘in some cases’ are not operating in a vacuum. I cannot see the intelligence factor in their working this pattern in the alternative news community, which isn’t all that large yet (though their tactic might be wanting to get in on the ground floor for the waves of new readers sure to begin arriving in this next year). Here, I’d like to point out to these adventure capitalist entrepreneurs that there are more lucrative markets where they can exercise their skills, such as telemarketing, porno and fashion and celebrity news. My point is that you are missing the most gullible of publics and trying to make click crazy GMO hay out of the most intelligent community on the internet. The Adobe plugin is of the most egregious sort where no matter how many times you close the page and then try to return, the stupid ad returns also. In the beginning you only had to let the page load once and then the cookie would be in place and you could get to the news. Someone decided that wasn’t annoying enough. Stop it!!!
Speaking of no class operations, let’s give a big shout out to the Arlington police department and local government for smashing another sustainable living effort Merry Christmas!!! Of course, this police department and the local government are nothing but bully boys and paid whores for bankers and corporate interests, ’tis the season to rape and pillage’. Inexplicably they didn’t kill any dogs, or trample any parakeets underfoot. I’m guessing the residents might have known these Nimrods were coming and so they relocated their wildlife for the day. Otherwise we might have heard about one of the SWAT officers, standing with his pants around his ankles and rogering a captive sheep, whose back feet were stuck into the officer’s Wellington boots. Should a gentlemen offer a ewe his Wellingtons? How about that true Christmas spirit at work? How is it possible for shit like this to happen? Well, a casual glance at the fixated obsessions of the pathetic public pretty much answers that-of course I now look like an idiot because one of the sites I named up top is hosting this story and for the first time in a week, the conditions I mentioned are not in evidence. Was the webmaster tipped off somehow (grin)? I hate it when that happens!
We don’t have to wonder anymore about why the Duck Dynasty patriarch got canned. I’m guessing most TV producers matriculated into their present positions via this medium It’s Fluffer Time!
Yes, the whole system of materialism run wild is going haywire and certainly the Christmas Season (not Holiday Season) would be the scene of the most dramatic outbreaks. It’s like some kind of new flu for which there is no working vaccine other than a bullet or an accurately thrown brick. We need only look at some of the nation’s revolutionary symbols to get an idea of how things degenerated to this degree. As I mentioned once, probably long ago, the crack in the Liberty Bell is where the truth leaked out. If you look at Lincoln sitting at the Lincoln Memorial, you’re probably unaware that there were originally cinderblock outhouse walls around him and he had a newspaper on his lap. The White House was originally a high end brothel for English bankers, so nothing has changed much in that respect, except maybe in terms of the tastes of the occupant. There’s some lovely detail in that article. This sort of things is the product of belonging to exclusive clubs; he and Rahm, Mossad Boy, Emmanuel are both members. The same thing comes out of the Skull and Boner Club where we note the hundreds of visits, some with no sign in or sign out in the log book of Jeff Gannon sleepovers during the Bush Junior years  How grimy and gross can it be? More than we know. More than we know. See, depraved behavior of the worst sort, like genocide, gratuitous murder, including the broad daylight poisoning of the general public by both corporate and government agencies at the behest of Satanic bankers, inevitably leads to all kinds of other depraved behavior and I’m only calling it that because it’s that out of wedlock thing, which is condemned according to the religious traditions they claim to belong to, so… maybe it’s technically hypocrisy and not depravity but I’m presuming they get up to all kinds of evil shit that hasn’t been publicized so, I am being a tad presumptuous but really, when talking about this particular segment of the self styled elite, isn’t it pretty much a certainty that there are few limits on what they will get up to (or down to) given opportunity? They certainly have the other two necessaries of ‘motive and means’.
And here’s a question I’ve had dancing around in the right hand corner of my mind, in between defensive snorts… why is sold out hack John Bohner’s name pronounced Bayner? He doesn’t want it to sound like boner right? I think this is a case of ‘a dickhead by any other name would be..?.’ Right.
I’m sorry for not being all festive and forgiving in this Merry Christmas season, as I should be because I am feeling pretty good with the Christmas Spirit but… the low character of so many ambulatory turds in high places is very discouraging, from Raisinette testicled, steroid-raged SWAT bullies, to completely corkscrew twisted public servants, euphemistically named. Even now sewer toads in congress are trying to push into law a specifically worded load of crap that will make it a fait accompli that the US would have to attack Iran, if Israel attacked them. You know though? This all gives me faith. Because it has become so transparently ludicrous that the only conclusion you can come to is that the director is on the set and carefully crafting the denouement of all denouements, in which the unconscionable escapee swine from Animal Farm get their just deserts, sliced real thin just the way justice should be served. Here’s your vichyssoise from Hell, punks. I can come to no other conclusions. These rabid baboons are running roughshod over the laminated Formica sheets of this culture …but these days of dark shit served warm are going to come to an end. Count on it.
Of course, for the feckless faithless among us (those who even notice) it looks worse than real bad. Imagine the terror in the hearts of those who believe in nothing, whose first impulse is to break for the exit doors, trampling their fellows enroute. These are the kind of people that will literally kill each other for a pair of overpriced sneakers, or an Eight Ball leather jacket, like they did in NYC and other East Coast cities a few years ago. More than a good dozen got slain in the streets for their jackets. These are the worst kinds of swamp fever, mirrored from above by those louts in suits from Wharton and Harvard who consider not screwing over the rest of the human race as a sign of weakness. As Lao Tzu says , “What kind of men are these, who never hunger, never thirst but eat and drink until they burst? There are other brigands but these are the worst of all the highways harms.
No, the more absurd and ridiculous it gets, the more reassured I am that it is for no other reason than to provide convincing and convicting evidence of high treason (cue La Marseillaise). I’m wondering who is going to play Robespierre and who is going to play Danton. Me, I’m partial to Sidney Carton but not overly attracted to the way he went out, however noble it is in appearance; “It was the best of times. It was the worst of times.” You can say that again. Okay, I will-  “It was the best of times. It was the worst of times.” And soon? They’ll be out of time. We are awash in a hog wallow of simpering sycophants (cue Spiro Agnew).
I don’t want to go out on the preceding aura of this posting. I want, like Kipling, to be with a “neater sweeter maiden in a cleaner greener land”, metaphorically speaking. My present circumstance is nigh on  irreplaceable but we must accede to the cosmic will, insofar as we understand it. We must bend with the prevailing wind, even as we are surrounded by those breaking wind in the belief that they are timpani virtuosos in a celestial marching band. When your basic premise is wrong, all that follows after is also flawed. Eventually you can’t tell the difference in anything except when it serves your interest. Self interest is the primary and pervasive epidemic of expression in an age of materialism.
It amazes me every day that those holding the world for ransom and dispensing torment like is was Christmas candy (Merry Christmas!!!), do not see where they are inescapably headed. Truly, “there are none so blind as those who will not see.” As it was in the darkness of Khazad Dum, I can hear the drums of approaching doom. The sound of them vibrates with such an intensity that one’s whole body responds in sympathetic, reflexive trembling; ‘boom! boom! boom! I imagine they hear this in the depths of dreams and then awaken without clear memory but awash in an indefinable fear that cannot be shaken off. It pursues them through their day like the relentless Hound of Heaven on their trail, the noxious stench of their fewmets marking their passage. I don’t know if that qualifies as lyrical or cringe making bad purple prose, nor do I care. The end of the posting approaches and we are almost there.
Ah, what do you know, it is the end of the posting. A kinder gentler post is in the wings for Origami tomorrow.
End Transmission…….


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