Twerking Whores and Chicken McNuggets are Made from the Same Ingredients

Smoking Mirrors — Oct 5, 2013

Dog Poet Transmitting…….
May your noses always be cold and wet.
Reality TV is gearing up for their latest cinderblock buster, entitled “Elizabeth Smart 24/7”. This will be a non stop media immersion suite, all about being, broken beyond repair‘. Along with the real time video of every single ‘dead zone moment’ with Lizzie Girl, they will be launching a massive product line of cosmetics; ready to eat processed Raimen cups, desert delicacies and a Victoria Secret, horses and penguins, poor little, rich white girl, bedtime outfits and… anything that can be imagined as a Mormon competition to whatever is too tacky for the Catholics to sell at Assisi. They’re going to have bobble-heads, feather duster butt ornaments and tattoo and piercing templates for Toddlers and Tiaras at all the franchise outlets of, “You Go Girl’ fashion emporiums. Roman Polanski has been chosen as the director for the European programming end. It’s definitely going to be, ♫a gas, gas, gas♫. They’ve hired Amy Smart to be her fairy godmother and Karen Black is coming back from the dead to play the evil stepmother.
Members of the International, Anti-Human, Israeli formed, Tribe consortium, have chosen Elizabeth (Lizzie) to be the False Flag Poster Girl diversionary, red herring pinup, to fill the air spaces of the world and suck all the oxygen out of the room (until they dirty bomb some big city), as their reverse Cabala agents chant, “in demons in, in demons in, in demons in”. It will be a sort of playing the record backwards chant like “Om Raksha, Raksha, Raksha Phat!” Robert Plant and Jimmy Page are going to be doing the soundtrack and then, of course, a threesome with them and Elizabeth will follow for the YouTube video; already viral before it’s out. The results of her DNA test found that she was composed of exactly the same components as a Chicken McNugget. Isn’t that special? Presently, she’s about to be adopted by the Ozzie Osborne clan. Now there’s a tight little family unit with more than meets the eye, thankfully.
The Florida Chapter of the Tribes, “If it ain’t a Menorah, it can’t be shown in public” branch is hard at work circumcising all human rites from public view. It’s business as usual here in the mid-term of The Apocalypse. New technology has made it possible for all of the 666 tattoos on their asses, to glow in the dark like demon’s eyes. This makes those midnight streaking runs through Riverside Park, a thing of beauty to behold. Remember, as we said yesterday- as per Thursday Night Football, ♫you’ve never had a party like the party when you party in my pants♫… or something like that. The latest news out of the Pop Warner league is that they’re going to come out with pre-teen hooker cheerleaders, modeled on Jon Benet, prior too, not after she was dead. After each game they’ll be passed around as party favors among big time political movers and shakers like John Kerry, Bwak! Obama, John McCain and Lind-seed Graham. No, wait!!! Not Lind-seed. Lindseed will be foraging at the Pre-teen Boyband after parties thrown by Calvin Klein.
Condolezzie Rice is resurfacing into the media mind control landscape. She’s being all flirty and fresh at, where she talks about never missing a super bowl but… why stop there? So… she’s also talking about how you can’t trust the Iranians because they refuse to circumcise their civil rights and this is just a small part of the Satanic Tribes of Israel’s windup to the biggest false flag ever. Along with that, we’ve got Jenna the Hut Bush, talking about how she’s related to ‘Smilin Bill Clinton’, the Arkansas Cocaine King and his mass murdering wife, the reincarnated Elizabeth Bathory, who arranged the death of Vincent Foster and many, many, many others. The plug-ugly Jenna, see her modest Twitter-like rap and the ghastly Halloween countenance, as she also mentions her interaction with Hollywood Intel, CIA groupie, Ben Affleck’s wife, Jennifer Garner. Yes!!! Save the children! Just like Obama does; “Hey, child soldiers need to eat too.” Remember folks, when you see all those football players and celebrities wearing pink gloves and tacky pink ribbons, it’s Breast Cancer awareness month. This means that if you are any one of the dozens of large corporations that make a fortune spreading breast cancer, or bankrupting people diagnosed with, or misdiagnosed with breast cancer, without, of course, actually effectively treating it, this is your month to rip and gouge every dime you can get out of the Silly Puttied brains and pocketsees of the stupefied public.
It’s a little more than coincidental that they have discovered that deodorants are responsible for a whole lotta breast cancer. If you stink, which contemporary dietary mores pretty much guarantee, you’ll soon be headed for The Big Stink in the cold, cold ground. Mr. Visible (true story) often doesn’t shower for two months at a time, just to see if anyone notices anything. They don’t. This is achieved by eating a lot of certain things and none of the others. As is the case with any claims made here, I can prove this. I know, I know, big deal. Still, what’s an elderly, perpetual 12 year old boy, with the energy demonstrably witnessable (right, not a word but… I create my own words) supposed to do except to prove his points, thereby achieving at least a little credibility?
I don’t know if this is some kind of a ghost metaphor, created by yours truly but… whatever it is, here it comes. Whenever something is hidden, whether it be good or bad, it is much more difficult to find and also more difficult to understand because it’s lack of visibility makes visible comparison with what you can see more difficult. You’ll get what I’m talking about because stupid people don’t come here. Stupid people watch Piers Morgan, get sexually aroused by embarrassing perversities, like Miley Cyrus (achy breaky ass; as in twerking is to bad booty gyrations, what Twitter is to conversation) and who, without any hesitation, after learning what’s in a Chicken McNugget, will order a Pink Slime shake to go with a 24 pack of them. It used to be that rats would run all around the ceilings of Kentucky Fried Chicken outlets and then the rats would more than occasionally, fall into the fryers. Now they leave tubs of batter around so that when the rats fall they are suitably prepared for the fryers the next day. It sure is “a Brave New World that has such people in it.” Okay then, when you can’t see something, it can be difficult to identify. However… however… when anything is forced out into the public view, it can be identified. It can be compared and by their acts be known as what it is because, “by their works ye shall know them. This is the essential proof of the Apocalypse and it’s ‘revealing’ and ‘uncovering’ efforts. So, when you see monsters in human form, cavorting in international blood baths; laughing about it, reveling in their presumed invulnerability, you can (or should know) “their hour has come round at last.”
It is in the worst and most horrific of contemporary appearances and publicly witnessed acts of outrage that these soulless husks of animated evil condemn themselves, while imagining an endless impunity. No, once they have outed themselves, they are out …and judgment is on the approach. Lest there be any doubt what monsters they really are, they have been given ample time to demonstrate the truth of it. This should energize your faith and the sails of your hope can billow on the main mast of the great ship of destiny, which is now looming on the horizon. there are all kinds of ships that come in; speaking of waiting for your ship(s) to come in (which we weren’t). Some travel under the dark sails of death and some travel under the luminous sails of light.
Despair is the edge they seek to push you to, don’t let them push you by convincing you that false appearances are real. We only buy into them because our desires are what they are, shaped by the Tinker Toy society that veils what is of value and promotes what is absolutely useless, when it is not also toxic and deadly. Get your priorities and aspirations in order and it will be real oysters in the shell, not simulated oysters made from demon’s phlegm.
Well then, my friends, hopefully something useful has slipped between these words and briefly glimmered like a candle in the dark. We’re not done till we’re done and it ain’t over till it’s over. Hang in there; be conscious, be aware- Help is on the Way.
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