Was The Virginia Tech Massacre A Satanic Sacrifice?

A growing body of evidence is beginning to reveal how the Virginia Tech student murders on April 16, 2007 exhibit the same MO and signatures of a satanic, ritualistic slaughter.

The diabolical handiwork of criminal deviants, it’s quite possible we are witnessing what many believe is a series of events to help facilitate the “New World Order”, that is, to eliminate the old guard and usher in the “new” satanic ruling class by consolidation of power within a carefully selected and nurtured control hierarchy.

As you will see, the implications of satanism fits the crime in many respects. The cursory diagnosis that designated alleged “lone nut” killer, Seung-Hui Cho a sufferer of a bi-polar disorder, or schizophrenia could also describe the compartmentalization of a patsy’s mental processes (mind control) arrived through torture, sexual abuse and trauma-inducing rituals practiced by satanists.
Although necessary to understanding what is happening today on many levels, few can or will be able to grasp the breadth of such an organ so pervasive, ancient and all-encompassing that it transcends contemporary historical reference and normal paradigms.

With recent reports telling of how local law enforcement officers were by ordered by the Feds to stand down and not pursue the killer or interfere with his killing spree, could it be possible that the Virginia Tech murders were allowed to happen, or perhaps even facilitated by the US federal government? For decades there have been stories from around the world of dire events and leaders oriented around numerology, dates and places specific to satanic worship. This could indicate that an organized, Luciferian objective might be the cause and effect behind many major events. Could the power that binds the global elite’s grip on the world be attributed to a satanic allegiance — one that is feeding openly upon society and enabled by a complicit media and a public largely ignorant of the occults?

Similarities To Other Killings:

* Virginia Tech Massacre occurred in April
* Columbine High School murders occurred in April
* Oklahoma City Bombing – April 19th
* Waco, Texas Massacre – April 19th
* Red Lake High School massacre – March
* Madrid Train Bombings – March
* W.R. Myers High School (Canada) – April
* Jonesboro School massacre – March

Significance of March and April in Satanism:

* April is the month of sacrifice for satanists
* March and Spring Equinox is a time of “worship” for satanists
* April 19th is the day of satanic ritual requiring sacrifice of children (Oklahoma City, Waco)

According to satanic beliefs, killing living beings during the Spring Equinox enables satanists to absorb energy released by their deaths. The month of April is very significant as satanists consider it the month for sacrifice. April is also symbolized by the Ram, or to students of satanic cults, the lamb — it’s common knowledge that the lamb has been identified with sacrifice since antiquity. However, all true satanists agree that animal sacrifice is a poor substitute for human victims.

The Significance of the Death Numbers:

* Virginia Tech massacre – 33
* Columbine High School massacre – 13

The numbers 33 and 13 figure prominently in freemasonry, satanism, the Kabala, the Torah and mysticism — not to mention within the very framework of the United States and many of its historical events. Invariably the number # 13 is interpreted as representative of ill-omens. Bearing that in mind, one cannot exclude the possibility of pre-planned, ritual executions based on an ideology founded in numerology and having a history of such crimes.

Numerology, The USA and Freemasonry:

* most of the United States’ founding fathers were masons
* there were 13 original colonies
* the Great Seal has several occurrences of images with 13 parts each
* first A-bomb tested at the 33rd Parallel Trinity Site
* the Enola Gay, on Mission No. 13 dropped an A-bomb named “Little Boy” on Hiroshima near the 33rd Parallel
* Harry Solomon Truman was the 33rd president and a 33rd degree mason
* Truman ordered his nuclear attack against a Christian community in Japan with no military significance
* July 4, 1776 to July 4, 1945 equals 169 years = 13 x 13 = 169
* July 4, 1945 to August 6, 1945 (bombing of Hiroshima) = 33 days
* Federal Reserve private bank took control of printing US money in 1913
* Franklin D. Roosevelt (33rd degree mason) announces in 1933 abandonment of gold standard

There is literally an infinite list of events and dates correlating with the numbers # 13 and # 33 that when examined closely dovetail seemingly with some master plan that precludes mere coincidence. One such incident is the interesting fact that John F. Kennedy was shot in the exact same three places as Hiram Abif, who was murdered on Friday the 13th in the year 1307 in an Masonic initiation that represented the persecution of the Templars. Abif was struck in the back, the throat and the head.

The Great Seal and implications of the occult forces it represents

Was the sculptor's intent to show George Washington's true loyalties?

Click here to view a larger version of the above image.

The inner emblem logo of the United Nations has 33 sections.

The United Nations' publishing arm is named Lucis Trust:

Formerly the Lucis Trust had been known as the Lucifer Trust.

The satanic/freemason all-seeing eye on US money and masonic lodge emblem
Other Evidence:

Virginia Tech murderer Seung-Hui Cho systematically shot his victims multiple times, ensuring their deaths. The last person he shot (a student), was apparently targeted on a whim, only wounding rather than killing him. Cho then killed himself bringing the death toll to 33. The recurring symbolic # 33 is too obvious to ignore.

Satanists are known to mutilate and sacrifice animals; they desecrate churches, profane and rob graves, exhume corpses, rape, kidnap and molest children and engage in other crimes of ritual murder and cannibalism. This is important since Cho voiced certain questions in his videos sent to the media.

Cho’s Video Taped Questions & Quotes:
1) “Do you know what it’s like to be torched (burned) alive?”

— This is telling since satanists are known to ritually burn their victims alive.

2) “Do you know what it’s like to have your throat slashed from ear to ear?”

— Also the origin of a freemasonry hand sign, satanists have been known to slice their victims’ throats ear to ear during rituals.

3) “Do you know what it’s like to be impaled on a cross for amusement?”

— Referring to an inverted crucifixion which depicts rejection of Jesus Christ, satanists sometimes impale, then suspend their victims from an upside down cross, or tree.

4) “Do you know what it’s like to have trash shoved down your throat?”

— This could refer to forced sex with a man. Satanic cults have a reputation for child abuse and sexual molestation. Given that he had written about a child being molested by his stepfather, Cho could have been writing about himself.

5) “Do you know what it’s like to have to dig your own grave?”

— Victims of satanic abuse have claimed this is a method for inducing terror so members will fear disobeying the cult’s commands; other victims have told how they were forced to dig their own graves, crawl into a casket and be buried alive for days on end.

6) “You chose to extinguish this poor boy’s life.”

— Significant since he uses “boy”, not man. People who have been abused emotionally, physically and sexually as children have a difficult time letting go of their childhood memories.

7) “Now the blood is on your hands.”

— This could indicate Cho was a spell-bound victim of mind control; he might not have considered the killings to be his own actions but the result of his tormentors’ actions; once the pre-programmed quota of 32 lives was reached, Cho then took his own life making the total 33 people.

Individuals programmed by mind control techniques can be used for such things as assassinations and activated for the task simply by invoking certain trigger words and symbols conditioned into the subject chosen for the task. These manipulated murderers are most always eliminated after the job is complete.

The Government Pay-Off

Given the number of school murders, one can speculate that a very real threat to children is being used to help accomplish the government’s goal of increased “people management.” Society will go to great lengths to protect its family and loved ones and if the threat is magnified sufficiently through the media, people will eventually succumb to the idea of:

* a regulated Internet
* increased surveillance
* loss of liberties
* gun control
* mandated mental exams and drug therapy for kids
* travel restrictions
* universally applied ID chip implants
* racial profiling
* martial law
* a “necessary” dictatorship
* a North American Union
* elevated terror alerts and/or any other suggested “assistance” from the government to solve the problem.

A Luciferian Legacy

Orchestrated events, manipulated news and controlled education systems condition people on both liminal and subliminal levels. A powerful form of mind control itself, propaganda fed to the public daily is advantageously used to cultivate dialectic divisions amongst people to engender separation, conflict, disparity and war. While we concern ourselves with insignificant, peripheral issues imposed upon our society, we are simultaneously embraced by the deadly tentacles of what appears to be a satanic, subversive group that is seemingly international in scope.

The global elite endeavor to accumulate wealth and power without regard to laws that ordinary citizens must observe. Those elite members who are also satanists pursue their goals with a zealous contempt for humanity and a disdain for all that is clean, wholesome and beautiful in our world. Cloaked in many disguises, there are both corporations and International institutions which exploit laws to make billions at the expense of children’s lives and the health of the earth. With such departure from mankind’s nature to protect our children, it’s easy for one to think this well-heeled network of reprobates is but a global death cult bound by ritual and committed to destroying humankind for the sake of money.

The signs and symbols of satanic adherence are integrated into the very fabric of our society. Only a casual glance reveals how corporate images, advertising and logos exemplify this fact. The all-seeing eye, the “V”, the torch, the serpent, the dragon, the numbers 13, 33 & 666, the winged disc, the pentagram, chevrons, pyramids — on an everyday basis we are compelled to view and admire their representative “artwork”, we carry their talismans and money, we offer our energy, our unwitting support, indeed our very children as sacrifice to their ambitions.

To satanic loyalists, we are seen as only helpless cattle trapped within a perimeter fence of doubt and confusion. Unless we awaken and face the eternal enemy already inside the gate, we are doomed to be the feast of demons who profit by our ignorance and kill us for ritual sport.

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