Voice of the White House January 29, 2007

“There are many stories on both the internet and hints in the mainline media about a possible invasion, or attack on, Iran. Believe me, Cheney wants such an attack and Bush is in favor of it but only if it boosts his image. From a diplomatic and military point of view, such an attack would be a disaster. Iran has a large, well-trained and very well armed military force. Iran supplies a good percentage of the world’s oil and it is obvious that sending ships to the Gulf and issuing baseless threats on an daily basis in no way inhibits Iran. On the other hand, Israel is frantic for the United States to pull their regional chestnuts out of the fire for them and their Ambassador, the very pro-Israeli NeoCons (most of whom are Israeli citizens) and especially Cheney want such an attack. The Jews are only being pragmatic and Cheney is a nut. If you want to point an accusing finger at someone over the growing losses in Iraq, point at Cheney. Poor Bush is a cipher, a nothing, who thinks he is a someone but Cheney has made a fortune out of this war. His Halliburton stock options have skyrocketed in value 200% since he insisted his old firm get sweetheart no bid government contracts. It doesn’t matter to either Bush or Cheney what the American public, or Congress, thinks. It was the plan to occupy Iraq, set up a permanent U.S. political and military base there for further military actions against the oil rich areas. That plan is dead but neither Bush nor Cheney seem to know it and the list of the dead and mangles grows every day. I don’t think we can stand two more years of the lies, plots and destruction the administration is practicing on a daily basis and showing utter contempt for the public and Congress at the same time.”

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