Rap Music’s Blatant Satanism

“We corrupt in order to control.”  Masonic credo. 

henrymakow.com – Feb 20, 2019 

Tekashi 6ix9ine, 22, right, struck a plea deal with federal prosecutors in Manhattan Tuesday. The rapper admitted to various crimes, including racketeering, weapons charges, drug trafficking, and conspiracy. 
Jazz is a credit to African Americans. Hip Hop, on the other hand, is a disgrace. In honor of Black Histrionics Month, and in keeping with our commitment to diversity, we reprise this article on hip-hop, a genre clearly dedicated to degrading Blacks. Why do they celebrate depravity?  
Popular themes in many rap songs are: Kidnapping people’s children and holding them ransom, murdering people, bragging about their sexual conquests, breaking into people’s homes and robbing them.

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by Ryan – henrymakow.com August 6, 2012

Very few people actually listen to the lyrics in the music they enjoy.
Music companies don’t even bother to hide the messages subliminally. People just aren’t paying attention to the words, so it has the same effect. It has a nice beat and they listen to it.
Rap music is probably the worst influence of all judging by the lyrics.
If you look at the lyrics for popular rap groups like “Three 6 Mafia” or “Tech N9ne”, the lyrics are openly Satanic.
Look at the names, “Three 6 (666) Mafia”… I mean, how much more obvious can it be with a name like that? Here are some examples from Three 6 Mafia’s song, “Fuckin Wit Dis Click” :
“I’m on a cross Lucifer please cut me free (cut me free)
I’ll draw your portrait if you pull these nails out my feet (nails out my feet)
My cross turns upside down”
“No Lord could stop us now
Cause the demons reborn again”
“Follow me into the trees
Watch me rob Adam
And watch me rape Eve”
These are just a few lyrics from one of their songs. Three 6 Mafia is only one example, and they are not some obscure underground rap group.
They are a mainstream Oscar winning group. In interviews when they are asked about the meaning of the group’s name, they say it is because the group started with three members, and then they added three more later, so “three six”.
But this is not true, their original name was “Triple 6 Mafia”, triple six = 666, and judging from their lyrics, I don’t think it’s much of a stretch to believe that they purposely named their group after Satan.
Their lyrics started out being overtly Satanic, but lately as they have become more mainstream. They have shifted the theme of their lyrics to sex, drug use, murder, and bragging about their wealth.


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