Mormonism is Luciferian & Masonic, says Reader

by James – ( April 25, 2012

Mormonism is in the spotlight in recent months due to Romney et al. and I think fellow readers would benefit from knowing just what Mormonism really is.
Firstly, Mormon theology is largely copied from older occult notions. The notion that man can evolve into a god is taught in everything from Theosophy & Scientology to New Age thought and trans-humanism, to name a few.
Both evolution and the notion of aliens are crucial to their theological model. Their endowment ceremony is Freemasonic. Secret names are issued to the participants (as also occurs in wiccan covens, etc.) There are secret handshakes with certain levels of priesthood, and wearing of aprons, as also seen in freemasonry.
Their “three heavens” concept is largely based on the three lowest degrees in Freemasonry (telestial/entered apprentice, terrestrial/fellowcraft, and celestial/master mason.)
Only Mormons “in good standing” (a phrase copied from Freemasonry) will becomes gods of their own planets, with their goddess wife or wives, depending on how many wives they are sealed to.

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