Senior Tory Dies in Suspicious Circumstances

T Stokes – June 29, 2011

Chairman for West Oxfordshire Tory Party, Christopher Shale was found dead in a toilet cubicle at Glastonbury Festival the day after his interview with the Mail On Sunday was published. Significantly in the interview Shale had criticised his own party for being, as he put it: “voracious”, “grasping” and “always seen to be on the take”.

His comments on the economy echoed what many felt, that it could not be coincidence that almost every country in the world was facing economic collapse simultaneously.

Tory leader, Prime Minister Cameron was said to have been furious with this rising star in the party for his forthrightness.

Shale was a big music fan and had friends in pop music, charitable fundraising and banking and coupled with his insider knowledge, his outspokenness posed a potential threat to the establishment.

He regularly received a newsletter from Rwanda, which claimed that grasping voracious moneylenders were breaking-up every country in the world. The newsletter must have made a deep impression on Shale with its references to “grasping and voracious money-grabbers” because he later used these exact terms to describe the Tory Party.

Avon and Somerset police force cover Glastonbury festival and they had a lot of undercover officers working the fields after Shale’s death. This police force has a better name than most and is less tainted with corruption so gets more public support, and people were soon talking about the death of a popular rising politician.

Glastonbury is now run by Festival Republic,  a business enterprise that may seem at odds with the original ethos of the Glastonbury Festival.

Like many music festivals drugs are rife, particularly the area around the toilet cubicles with the relative privacy they offer. But with upwards of 200, 000 people at Glastonbury the area around these toilets isn’t salubrious. In fact hygienically it is literally the pits, with the vast number of people using them.

So what was 56-year-old Christopher Shale doing there, particularly when he had a luxury motor home nearby with its own private shower and toilet?

To forgo his private toilet facilities to use one of these dirty public cubicles just does not add up.

Did this politician with his plans to modernise the Tory Party speak out to loudly and pay with his life?

The family of Christopher Shale say they have been told it is almost certain that he died of a heart attack, despite a pathologist being unable to determine an official cause of death.

Just like Robin Cook, who opposed arms sales and the invasion of Iraq and who died of heart failure while walking in the Scottish hills, despite his never having had heart problems.

From the way Christopher Shale died experts can tell who did it because of what the intelligence community call ‘tells’; tell-tale signs or signatures that distinguish a murder made to look like death by misadventure: like Robin Cook, Dr David Kelly and now maybe Christopher Shale too.

Lets hope the Avon & Somerset police force are as good as their reputation and investigate this properly.

T Stokes London

The late T Stokes was an investigator into the paranormal and the occult and former member of British Intelligence

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