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Richard C. Cook – richardccook.com April 20, 2011

Jesus Christ and the 2012 Prophecies

Prophecies of a major dimensional shift in connection with 2012 may be found everywhere, but not always with recognizable authority or adequate explanation. But now this may have changed.

From the heart of Europe – Hungary – comes a comprehensive and detailed message said to be channeled from Jesus Christ. First transcribed in 2009 in Hungarian, and in circulation there in the region of the Carpathian Mountains, it is now available in an English translation for the first time.

The title is: Dimensional Shift: The Guidance of Jesus Christ on the Threshold of Global Transformation. This document is now being released into the public domain in English translation exclusively through the RichardCCook.com website as a free PDF download.    

The book is short—about 16,000 words. But those who acquire it will likely read it over and over again. 

The import of the book is crystal clear: this troubled Earth will soon be tranformed. In its pages Jesus assures us that in His mercy God has determined that a New Earth has been prepared and will soon arise. It is up to each of us to decide now where we want to be when the shift takes place. And it may take place very, very soon. Helping us will be hosts of angels already in position in Earth’s vicinity.

Is this the most important book written since the original Gospels 2,000 years ago? You may come to think so. In its pages, Jesus says you may treat it as another scripture. It is certain that once you read it, you will never be the same. And you will find in the book’s pages specific spiritual guidance for the time between now and the great change, including suggestions in offering prayers to St. Michael the Archangel, who is accessible to us now in all his strength and wisdom.

So what so many of us have been praying for may be true: In the horrors of the past century, where humanity has brought itself to the brink either of annihilation or else of the most godless totalitarian nightmare ever conceived, mankind may have been saved. 

Again, the book is available only at this website. While it is copyrighted, Richard C. Cook edited the English-language translation and is offering it publicly as a free educational publication.

The Validity of this Revelation

If one so desires, it is possible to view this book as part of a very ancient tradition of revelation through Christian laity that goes back to the days of Jesus himself. It could be argued, as has Rudolf Steiner, that the four Gospels themselves began as such channeled revelations. Familiar examples in recent history are the revelations at Lourdes and Fatima.  In Dimensional Shift, Jesus is declaring the End of the Age in fulfillment of the prophecies the Gospels cite him as having made himself during his lifetime. Obviously, Dimensional Shift also reflects other “End Times” prophecies appearing in Mayan, Hopi, Vedic, and other sources.

At the same time, Dimensional Shift may be classified as a private revelation. No one is bound to believe it, though each person, professed Christian or not, has his or her own God-given conscience as a guide, as well as the capacity to turn inward in prayer and meditation. Nor should the virtue of faith be overlooked, a quality our secular society has worked long and hard to eradicate.

Scientific Evidence

In a scientific age, one would expect to be able to look to some kind of scientific evidence to back up a claim that an entire planet is about to be transformed virtually overnight. Is there any such evidence?

Central to what Jesus is saying in Dimensional Shift is that the spiritual vibration of the Earth, as well as other sectors of the Universe, is being raised as part of the basic process of evolution, whereby planets and the beings residing on them grow in consciousness. This is how evolution actually works, as the Lord points out repeatedly in his narrative.

Planets exist at a certain frequency of vibration. Since its creation, Earth’s vibration has been at a level of 7-8 Hz. Over billions of years this has produced the array of life forms we are familiar with, including the latest phases of human life involving the development of present-day civilization.

But nothing stands still. Jesus says that if it did, the Universe would collapse. We are now at the threshold of a raising of Earth’s frequency that will completely shut down what has gone before as effectively as turning off the electrical switch that feeds power to an apartment building. At the same time, a new and better apartment building in a different part of town has been prepared for those inhabitants of the original building who qualify to live in the new one. Those who don’t will be placed elsewhere.

Under the old vibration, life on Earth had developed as far as it was able and had begun to stagnate. By the mid-20th century, the spiritual state of humanity was collapsing. The self-destruction of mankind through nuclear war, global pollution, genocide, etc., could easily be foreseen. According to the Lord’s testimony in Dimensional Shift, there were voices calling in the spiritual realms for the annihilation of the Earth altogether as a preventative measure. Instead, God decide to include the Earth in a larger uplifting of vibration.

Jesus says the vibration began to be raised in the 1960s and is going on today. A key year was 1987, the year of harmonic convergence, marking the beginning of the Sun’s alignment with the center of the Milky Way galaxy. The Sun itself has changed, with its magnetic field having more than doubled in strength in the last century.

The increased vibration of the planet has had many effects, including weather, geological, and electromagnetic changes often lumped together as results of “global warming,” etc.

The scientific community is confronting these changes in bewilderment, especially since other planets have been experiencing similar effects. The icecaps of Mars, for instance, have also been shrinking.

Governments are in a panic, because they know something epochal is going on but don’t know what it is. That is because officialdom has long ago lost its spiritual bearings in the face of the atheistic determinism that has been rendering social and economic life increasingly untenable to all but the super-rich who have had the resources to try to protect themselves. 

But the strategy has failed. Already, the most degraded elements of humanity have been left behind as the Earth’s vibration has risen, and are losing their vitality. A new generation of children is being born with spiritual capacity far beyond what we have been accustomed to. The vibration will continue to rise until the tipping point is reached when the Old Earth ends and the New Earth begins.

Waiting in space may be flotillas of craft occupied by the billions of angels poised to escort souls to their new destinations.  A particular large craft photographed by many around the world is what is called the “Blue Moon.”   


Since the RichardCCook.com website came into existence over four years ago, its thousands of readers around the world have become accustomed to reportage of absolute integrity, beholden to nothing but the truth as we have come to understand it.  We have no hidden agendas and no commercial interests, having refused repeatedly even to accept paid advertising.

What you are reading here is not a game, a scam, or an exercise in trivia. It is absolutely real. We have been involved in the detailed editing of Dimensional Shift, in touch through a trusted intermediary with its source in Hungary, and can vouch, to the best of our ability, for its authenticity.  

We are not trying to persuade you of anything. Download Dimensional Shift, read  it over and over again, discuss it with your friends and family, read it aloud in your spiritual groups, weigh it in prayer and meditation – and decide for yourself.


We will try to respond to personal inquiries to the extent possible, but time is limited.  Richard C. Cook is available to speak publicy on the topic of contemporary spirituality, including Dimensional Shift. Inquire through this website. He has also founded the Peace Spiritual Center in Roanoke, VA, to spread the message. Please see www.Peace-Spiritual-Center.org. Donations to support this mission may be made through the donation button at the top of the homepage for www.RichardCCook.com.

Click here to download Dimensional Shift: The Guidance of Jesus Christ on the Threshold of Global Transformation. Dimenstional Shift Final Edits2[1]