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Kevin Boyle – No One To Vote For June 4, 2021

The big Tech firms are shutting down posts, videos and websites that contain “harmful content” (i.e. information and commentary that contradicts the government line). Astonishingly they do this even if the sources of that information referenced are official sources working with the government.

For example, one doesn’t have to seek out crazies to find material that utterly demolishes the pretexts for vaccine hysteria promoted on a daily basis by Boris Johnson and friends.

A recent article in “the world’s most respected medical journal”, The Lancet, will do this job for us. It is only 2 pages long entitled “COVID-19 vaccine efficacy and effectiveness – the elephant (not) in the room”. Read the article for yourself but below, laid out simply, is what it says:

Efficacy (indicating “relative” risk reduction) =rate of attacks for those with the vaccine/[divided by] rate of attacks for those who haven’t taken the vaccine.

Therefore 95% efficacy (as quoted for the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine) means the following:

… that for every 100 unvaccinated people getting (a mild case of) COVID, there will be 95 vaccinated people who get it.

Once you get past the deceptive but impressive-sounding 95% ‘efficacy’ figure, this is all the vaccine manufacturers are claiming.

Think about that.

The vaccine is doing next to nothing for those who have taken it.

Notice also that all early and seriously adverse reactions are excluded from the study!

See also that the Absolute risk reduction (ARR), the difference between attack rates with and without a vaccine, is of the order of 1%.

This is breathtaking information.

It boggles the mind.

For a start, the “scientific” justification for taking the vaccinations is based on mild COVID cases only.

Why would anyone bother vaccinating themselves against a MILD infection when taking the vaccination does not prevent (we are told) infection or transmission of the illness, so you are not even necessarily providing any protection for poor old grandma, who is vulnerable, by taking it.

Why would anyone risk very serious side-effects for so little gain.

… for tiny, almost immeasurable, gain.


Oh, sorry I forgot.

You can go abroad on holiday now.

Oops. No you can’t.


There is some big thing about what’s going on that I do not understand at all and it ain’t “the science”.

What is stopping otherwise sensible and intelligent people recognising the totally effing obvious?!

Does this explain it?

Explanations that makes complete sense are provided by Henry Makow (our governments are possessed by a Satanic cult) and this conversation between Mark Windows, Jerry Marzynski and ‘Marie’ (the minds of vulnerable members of the public have been taken over by demonic forces in the same way that the mentally ill live under the oppression of demonic spirits).

As Jerry says, “People do not understand one very basic thing. All the thoughts that pass through our heads are not necessarily our own. When we abandon any part of ourselves (that part that should own its own problems and take responsibility for them, for instance), then other extra-dimensional entities that are all around us can ply our minds with self-destructive delusions.

I know this can happen but that’s a long story. Angelic and demonic entities have access to our memories, personal histories and more besides.

The gas-lighting of the peoples of the world is being carried out by obedient agents of old forces that, because of OUR collective irresponsibility, have taken (for now) complete hold of our systems of governance …

… and, unfortunately, of the minds of most of the people amongst whom we live and move.