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The Hal Turner Radio Show – Jan 16, 2021

Attorney Sidney Powell has released the following statement:

I was most shocked by the statements “Just look at the military in DC now. Trump did not call them in.”

Well, if the President did NOT call them in, who did? And by what authority?

Is this a military coup?

Is the military taking action on its own without authority?

Some folks in the military like to say “The military is sovereign.”  They forget that their “sovereignty” comes solely from the American people, and at ALL times, that sovereignty is dependent upon them being subordinate to the civilian authority.

If they are acting without civilian authority, they have no sovereignty; except from the barrel of a gun, and the American people have far more guns than our military does.

This is starting to stink so badly, I can smell the DC cesspool all the way up here in New Jersey.

Or is it the Pentagon giving off that stench?

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