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henrymakow.com – Dec 12, 2020

Our Backs are Against the Wall 

This is our Jonestown moment. Renouncing the Creator, humanity has been inducted into a satanic cult. Not “The Peoples Temple,” but Cabalism or illuminism i.e. Communism.

If the Supreme Court lets Joe Biden steal the Presidency, the assault on society will intensify. Patriots, Conservatives and Christians will be targeted. We must take up arms in self-defence. 

Failure to resist implies consent. Are you prepared to be dispossessed and enslaved? Are you prepared to drink the kool aid? 

With the failure of Texas lawsuit, I repost this article from a month ago. Please excuse the repetition. The truth needs to be reiterated every day.

“Makow- What’s at Stake”

by Henry Makow PhD — Updated from Nov. 8/2020

The Jonestown massacre. Click to enlarge

Communism expands the Rothschilds’ monopoly over credit (money creation) into a monopoly over literally everything of value: Power. People. Commodities. Animals. Information. Discourse. Thought. Behavior.

Its goal is to dispossess, enslave, and even exterminate humanity.  This is confirmed by Agenda 21, (the UN’s agenda for the 21st Century) which calls for an inventory of everything and demands that people give up private property.

The Rothschilds and their cronies have unlimited wealth. They are bored with wealth. Now they want unlimited power.

People are astonished at the Demonrats’ brazen disregard for democracy and basic decency. Communists are satanists. Satanists are dedicated to destroying civilization.


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