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HenryMakow.com – May 10, 2022

We’re being inducted into the Illuminati satanic cult as slaves, at the base of the pyramid. 

This article summarizes where we stand and where we’re headed. 

When you neglect anything too long, it collapses. When you allow a satanic cult, Freemasonry, to infiltrate all social institutions, you will be destroyed. Slavery is making a comeback. And the slaves are embracing it.

Latest-  Masks are worse than useless in preventing transmission of viruses…..

More evidence that their purpose is political.

from Sept 30, 2020

by Wicked Truths – (abridged by henrymakow.com)

Masks are incapable of stopping COVID-19 virus particles.

The COVID-19 virus’ size has been reported to be 80, 120 or 150 nanometers (Britannica).

The best mask (3M) cannot stop particles smaller than 300 nanometers (0.3 microns).
It’s like trying to stop flies with chicken wire…

If you’re still not convinced, here you find links to peer-reviewed research which concludes face masks are useless and dangerous

Mask harm:

  • Decreased oxygen intake (PubMed)
  • Increased toxic CO2 uptake (video 1 below)
  • Increased inhalation of toxic chemicals from the mask
  • Increased pathogen intake: the moist and warm mask fibers are an ideal breeding ground for pathogens.

CO2 measurements inside a mask. [full screen]

Panel of 100+ doctors vote masks to be unnecessary and harmful. [full screen]



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