Ask And You Shall Receive

Kevin Boyle – No One To Vote For July 22, 2020

Larken Rose (in the video above, banned by YouTube) here states simple things very powerfully. His big point is that …
” No politician or medical “expert” said that lockdown, social distancing and masks would reduce the total number of infected persons.” (i.e. these measures would not stop anyone getting ill)
We were told that these gross impositions were all about:
“Flattening the curve”
“Spreading out the time period over which infections would occur”
“Protecting hospitals from being ‘overwhelmed’.”
We should remember the narrative that mesmerised us all a few months ago. Now, the crisis having passed, is it not reasonable that we should conclude:
1) that the illness has come and gone.
2) that the “outbreaks” now causing local lockdowns are the result of (meaningless) testing, not of any recurrence of the illness.
3) that the ongoing hysteria generated by testing is a psychological attack against us all, not an indicator of any kind of medical reality.
So the fact our government insists that we must all, from tomorrow (24th July 2020) wear masks in shops and the fact that Public Health England has forbidden doctors from issuing exemption certificates to their patients, whatever their legitimate need for them, is about one thing and one thing only.




We must demand to know:
Where is the science to justify the expectation of a “second wave”?

The media has not once questioned why we should expect a second wave. Repeat. They have not asked this important and necessary “why” question. Not once. Government “experts” are clearly above having to explain themselves.


Given that the defining characteristic of COVID19 was loss of the senses of taste and smell and that these senses are experienced as a result of chemical responses at nerve endings in the mouth and nose being converted into electrical signals that are then transmitted to the brain,.. surely these effects are consequences of nerve damage.
Given that the entire nervous system is essentially electrical, the vehicle of impulse and information exchange being electrons in polarised molecules on the surfaces of nerve fibres … given this …
Why is electromagnetic radiation ruled out as a cause of this damage when the effect of varying electro-magnetic fields on charged particles is known to make such particles vibrate vigourously? Given the basic fact that a nerve fibre is an electrical conductor, should not this EMF radiation sensibly be THE PRIME SUSPECT as causative agent for nerve damage?
The often catastrophic health effects of unfamiliar electromagnetic frequencies on the human body have been known and scientifically recorded since the mid-1800s at least (see “The Invisible Rainbow” by Arthur Firstenberg).
This MAJOR cause of public ill health has been written out of the biomedical paradigm since the Rockefeller-funded Lexner Report in 1910.
EMFs as causes of illness was replaced by ‘Virus Theory’ wherein:
New mutations of a virus = a new transmitted E/M frequency.
One effect is a perfect mirror of the other BUT ONLY ONE IS REAL.
No viruses have ever been isolated from human tissue.
Electromagnetic radiation still causes severe health effects in some humans (also in animals and damage to plants)
Our rulers know all this.
They can spin us any yarn they like about fictitious viruses while causing influenza-type illnesses that only their scientists know about because medical research into these radiations has not been released into the public domain (… again … Arthur Firstenberg recounts the details of this withholding of evidence in “The Invisible Rainbow”).
Oligarch-sanctioned fiends can get their engineers to sit at computers and decide which 5G frequencies they will broadcast into the environment and what the intensities of those frequencies will be. They alone know the effect of this radiation on vulnerable individuals (it has always been a characteristic of EMF illnesses that the individual’s response to dose of radiation will vary greatly from person to person).
The 5G towers are now installed across the country, ready and armed.
Given that there is no scientific evidence being forwarded for why there should be any kind of “second wave” and given that Bill Gates and some of his pals have confidently predicted a second wave “that we will have to take seriously”, it is logical and reasonable to suspect that 5G will be employed to deliver this second wave and (if it will “have to be taken seriously” then) we can expect that some of us will be made very ill indeed by the masters of discourse running this Satanic operation.


I have family members in Ireland and have been told that there was no detectable COVID19 in the rural areas of the west of Ireland in which they live. The pandemic has passed them by* … unless a person has been to Dublin or abroad on holiday, i.e. all of the small number of COVID victims seem to have probably been near 5G transmitters. (* though severe social restrictions have not)
That is not a scientific observation, just hearsay but, rest assured …. THERE WILL BE NO INVESTIGATION INTO THE POSSIBLE SIGNIFICANCE OF THIS REPORTED PHENOMENON.
There is nothing new in pointing out anomalies and misinformation presented to us by our political and media masters. Thousands of people like me are doing this every day of the week.
The truth is that none of what we say, in the short term, really matters. Our rulers know very well they are lying. Many of our politicians are hopefully beginning to understand this too.
In this “Live Exercise” we are being monitored; our behaviour is being studied in order to educate those who regard us as their cattle how best to strategically proceed towards their end goal.
Nothing we say will make a difference.
The attacks planned against us are going to happen. 
There are only three significant questions:
1) At what point will active resistance become serious and intense?
2) What will be the nature of this resistance, and
3) In what manner does the Divine Creator participate in such crises?
We must pray intensely and invite our greatest resource, the author of this entire virtual reality, our most powerful ally and self into the fray. With God’s guidance we collectively cannot lose. 
But here is a LAW of our Spiritual reality:



Teacher (physics/maths), would-be Christian, pro-community, anti-hierarchy.

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  1. the swab through the nose is a nasal lobotomy.

  2. Good analysis Kevin.
    Any resistance must be from the perspective of recognising that we are at war and that our enemies seek to kill us.
    And that along with 5G and the media, the next most serious threat is from collaborators.
    Whether unwitting or otherwise makes no difference.

  3. Everybody should take notice of this Video, because it is Simple And to the Point, and Most of all it is Absolutely True, Because Nearly All Governments around the world are committing Genocide to their People.

  4. Kevin – Influenza has no connection to electricity or 5G (unless proven – Occam’s razor).

    Message from Switzerland:

    „Wir bauen 5G gleichzeitig in der Stadt, auf dem Land und überall dazwischen. Schweizweit profitieren bereits 90% der Bevölkerung von 5G.”

    We build 5G simultaneously in the city, in the country and everywhere in between. Across Switzerland, 90% of the population already benefit from 5G.

    Will Swiss people massively die of influenza or COVID?

    There is no coronavirus, there is no COVID. There is traditional flu or cold and this flu is seasonal since the birth of Lord Jesus (or even earlier, no charts fron ancient Egypt or Mesopotamia).

    This Firstenberg guy is a charlatan.

  5. Why not focus on the first wave first and the reasons for it and then maybe more people will wake up because they will see the real peril instead of continuing to be herded lockstep into predetermined UN Agenda pens based on the false fear of the virus???

    The knowledge that the lockdowns and restrictions are unwarranted and never have been based on the virus, which many of us have “known” not just believed for months now, has failed to wake the people up for even a fraction to demand removal of the restrictions. Once upon a time it was called “logic” or “common sense” based on “facts”, (which concepts now seem politically incorrect), that led to organized action against oppressive governments.

    The knowledge that most of our governments have been caught red-handed faking death numbers and using fake news and fake government pronouncements to say ER’s and hospital wards were full, and that their testing and stats are all bogus, has not alarmed or woken up the people, or overcome the isolation, constant media brainwashing, and fear imposed on them to maintain the lock downs.

    The knowledge that the restrictions and the stalling of the economy to change our habits making us completely subservient to and dependent on our governments, all of which is planned to usher in the UN-World Economic Forum(WEF)-establishment announced “Great Reset”, last month, which is the reason for the pandemic, has failed to arouse any real interests in the people, whom remain in brain-lock paralysis as a result of all of the constant lies and fear mongering.

    That the announced “Resets” entail massive, revolutionary, financial, economic, environmental, technological, social changes, all set out in UN Agendas 21 & 2030, ODI and WEF announcements and publications, entailing total top-control control of virtually every aspect of our lives, eg. food production & consumption; resource use and consumption; money production and distribution; redistribution of the world’s wealth; the shifting of entire populations out of rural areas into urban zones; the restriction of travel and what is deemed “non essential” production and consumption; totalitarian governments (like we have now) imposing totally unsustainable development goals to our ruin, etc., etc., is something just too remote and big for people even to consider as relevant in relation to this pandemic. Also, many in our midst because they are socialists and elitists, either of the fascist or communist type, actually want all of these totalitarian controls, and they are in total lockstep with the scamdemic, casting a blind eye to the deceptions, because like the power elites running things, they deem them “necessary” to force the ignorant masses accept the major Resets (for more bogus reasons like the pandemic). They know that if the people really had a say they would, based on the facts and reason, that most of their aims totally UNNECESSARY and UNSUSTAINABLE, and come down to the fact that the people running things have deemed that it is “we the people” who are UNSUSTAINABLE.

    The knowledge, which many others have now uncovered, that the Covid-19 virus came from a lab, was lab-enhanced to increase its spiking and infectiousness, and was most likely deliberately released to create a pandemic as a pretext for the Resets, even with all of the other factors above, has failed to wake up further even the people who are partially awake.

    The only explanation for the clumsy and blatant faking of the death numbers, and the pretense of hospitals being filled with the sick and dying, by our governments and the media, is that it is clearly a result of planners of the scamdemic obviously expecting way more deaths and for hospital wards actually to be filled. This knowledge has also failed to wake up hardly anyone as to the actual evil behind the people in control, even to wake up those who know it is a plandemic and are woken up to all of the other factors above. They keep giving the benefit of the doubt to the monsters who are behind the plandemic, believing that in all the years of the planning of the NWO Resets from 1987, that they would just rely on fake numbers orchestrated by the government and media hype based on such little substance for their planned pandemic. Of course the planners thought it would be more lethal, and that fact you would think would wake more people up to the urgency in concern for the release of a more virulent variation of the virus, which they most obviously must have, in order to protect all of their long-planned, completely-announced, massive Great Resets – the success of which TOTALLY rests on the veracity of the pandemic and ALL THE FEAR THEY CAN GENERATE FROM IT TO MAINTAIN THEIR DRACONIAN CONTROL MEASURES.

  6. Patrick:
    From February 2020
    Switzerland halts rollout of 5G over health concerns

    Details viewable without prescription here:

  7. Patrick ,
    where did the name ‘Influenza’ come from? what the understanding of doctors in 14 century ? check it out it was about stars and what they commit , EMW. today we use thesame term for thesame syptom.
    there were reports back in 2019 that ‘The First Report of 5G Injury from Switzerland’.
    the one you posted ‘Message from Switzerland’ doesn’t prove its claim nor its independence from government bs.
    most importantly ‘No viruses have ever been isolated from human tissue’ , how a sane person give a name and photo something never identified ?
    and why sponsoring scientist and virologist while politicians act like medicine maker.?
    i don’t know all the answer but intellect detect something really bad is going on , with no freedom of scrutinising we can’t get to real sciences or truth.isn’t what science/scientist supposed to do?

  8. The common cold and influenza cannot survive outside of the respiratory tract in temperatures above 70 degrees. The “flu” season has been over for quite some time now in the northern hemisphere, especially in the hotter and drier states that are falsely reporting new cases that are actually false positive test results that have nothing to do with an active virus ( if a virus actually exists ) or germs. People are stupefied and apathetic leading to unsubstantiated fear of an invisible and fictitious bogeyman disease. Luciferians are laughing their asses off at how easy it is to fool the masses consistently and get them to employ measures that adversely affect their health. ( masks & social distancing )

    The MSM keeps up the propaganda relentlessly to instill fear and stress adding to the detrimental health conditions they are self imposing with “safety” measures that are scientifically unproven or proven to be detrimental to health. I fear that the average I.Q. has dropped to less than body temp ! ( flu shot recipients have apparently already passed this threshold )

  9. Patrick, I am undecided in many parts, and couldnt be happier, if electricity and 5G was more or less harmless concerning the flu. But then there is this lockdown, combined with more deaths than usual, or put in another way, spring 2020 became a flu year just like 2018. The synchronicity seems strange, doesn’t it?

  10. One possibly significant point. We learn that the swabs used for “testing” are abnormally long, being pushed forcibly up the nose to the point of pain, and resulting in a loss of the sense of smell.

    We are informed, but not by (((the enemy))) that there is a perforated bony “plate” carrying nerves directly from the brain (sorry can’t remember what it’s called right now).

    There is also the suspicion that the swabs carry a microchip.

    The extreme top of the nose is the forehead. Could this fake “test” be a way of getting “the mark of the beast” into the forehead, as predicted in Revelation?

  11. Kevin – wireless Internet is a weapon. 5G includes previous 3G frequencies. Switzerland stops proliferation of 5G? Here Russia fighting with WiFi:

    Wireless Internet is a weapon. Plenty of studies available. Listen to Joe Imbriano:

    Gentlemen – I watch Russian top academics active on Internet. You do not have such phenomenon in Anglosphere, top academics working not for „reptilians” but for the nation.
    Here MGIMO professor emeritus Valentin Katasonov talking about destructive usury:
    Here Moscow University professor Andrei Fursov about Masons ruling the world:

    Kevin was once talking about a lecture of prof. Viktor Efimov from this group:

    These people often use term „conceptual power” or „global predictor” (

    Global predictor (lower ranks) cartoon:

    There are Russian academics working for the nation, these people use RATIONAL method (in contrast to David Icke with „reptilians”).
    These people (eg. Katasonov, Fursov, Pyakin) say that „lords of money” or rulers of capitalism or global predictor want to close capitalist system. Do you know that capitalism must not stay forever?

    Modern capitalism is unstable becouse of unlimited money creation capability. Here example:

    They want to close capitalism and start a new system, digital feudalism. Digital feudalism is just a next stage, behind the horizon were have two species coming from homo sapiens. Vision described in „Island of Doctor Moreau” or „Brave New World”.

    They want to close capitalism. This is the reason for COVID scam. Firstenberg is a charlatan just like Icke. Never trust a XXX.

  12. @ fg

    //where did the name ‘Influenza’ come from?//

    Where did the name „leprosy” come from?

    Doesn’t matter. The disease is older than the term for sure. Esp term in English or Latin. This is not my area of expertise, Joe Imbriano says that there is no such a disease like „influenza”. People suffering from „influenza” may have problems with lungs or stomach. „Influenza” is just a name for a certain set of symptoms.

    „Influenza” is just a name for a certain set of symptoms. Do not focus on the name.

    And try to be rational. Never trust a XXX. He will outsmart you.

  13. My suggestion was, that a lockdown wouldnt have worked, if there wasnt a significant rise in overall deaths. By this I mean, that there was some foreknowledge, and that we have do deal with either a bioweapon in the form of ordinary flu, or some other agent causing surplus death-tolls. Or, as some suggest, are the increased death-toll a result of lockdown itself? I have difficulties in believing the latter though, as the curves seemed to rise directly at lockdown dates.
    So my point is, that this could not solely have been a media-propaganda thing, because of the significant increase of overall deaths.
    On the other hand, the increase in overall deaths, does not in anyway motivate the measures being implemented, as for example overall deathtoll flu-year 2018 was a little bit higher.
    So Patrick, I wish you adress more specifically what I ask and point to, instead of putting out a surplus of links.
    And I want to add, Kevin, that I respect and follow with interest your writing in this particular question.

  14. I hope this, as my second didn’t, will be published. Patrick, it is strange that overall deathtolls coincided with a so preplanned lockdown. There must have been forknowledge, and thus a sort of human action in ”the flu”/ CV19. How do you comment on that?

  15. Sorry Patrick, you are way off Base. I agree here with Kevin. Why? Because I have first hand experience of the EMF and its effects on human and animals. I totally concur with Arthur Firstenbergs writing and the History of Electricity. Most of our human bodies will eventually adopt to the effects of 5G/EMF, but not without health consequences.

  16. @ R2b

    Many theories, including a theory about a „virus” (biological warfare agent) released but not working according to „reptilian” expectations. They say the second wave would be real:

    The first wave was at least 90% global PsyOp, including cooking the books. They manipulate reporting procedures, they manipulate stats, everything. They are cabbalists. These statistics are just numbers, they control the public through numbers.
    For this reason I find discussion about the first wave death toll counterproductive. If you study influenza mortality from previous years you may learn varying death toll – hard or impossible to explain. Natural phenomenon.

    And please bear in mind that public healthcare reporting system can be manipulated easily. They may classify certain symptoms as various diseases and change morbidity/mortality whichever direction they want. Joe Imbriano says that polio disappeared because of reduction of poisons dosage AND change in classification of symptoms in public healthcare system. Fauci guy in an expert in this area. Nonexistent HIV/AIDS seems to be cooking the books creation. Again – Fauci guy significant involvement. Studying HIV/AIDS case is good training how public healthcare works. Public healthcare system is weaponized.

    I’ve heard that 2017/18 US influenza death toll was 80k people.

  17. Well Patrick, I am only looking at overall death-toll, not specific causes, which are manipulated openly.
    I have of course pondered the idea, that these figures could be manipulated. But as they are connected to tax-authorities, its´s hard to believe.
    So I still think something was rigged, bio/ electric/ or whatever, in order to launch, as you say , a ”global Psy-Op”.
    And as for the virus/germ-theory, I do not by into it. Which means, you do not have to use ”lab-virus”, to create flu like symptoms. Und so weiter.
    Thank you for your answer!

  18. @ R2b

    We know that EMR is a powerful weapon. Interesting theory:

  19. Sorr Patrick,, but I must say you are a bit confusing. First you say 5G has nothing to do with influenza, then you pst Joe Imriano, who says it does. Or am I missing something? Are you perhaps saying there is the flu, and then there are influenza-like symptoms caused by 5G, and the likes?

  20. @ R2b

    I don’t think Joe said that flu was caused by 5G. Neither did I. I believe he was talking about respiratory problems caused by electromagnetic radiation. Big difference.

    I relucantly use term ”5G”. This is just a commercial brand like BWM or Adadis. Plenty of frequencies in this 5G spectrum including old 3G.

    We know for sure that electromagnetic radiation is harmful for biological life, including humans. Few examples:

    All of that before-5G-era.

    Book on magnetobiology:

    Book also published before 5G era. Gives an idea about the way EMR affects animals/humans. Binhi writes about combination of frequency (right one + harmonics), signal power (not too low, not too high) and pulsation (right one). Soviets had very advanced science in this field, they used EMR in medicine and radiated few US diplomats 🙂

    5G does not cause influenza. EMR may cause (flu-like) respiratory problems. EMR may be truly destructuive for biological life.