Why No Big Names on the Stupid-19 Death List?

Mike King – Anti New York Times May 23, 2020

NY Times:  Donald Reed Herring, Brother of Elizabeth Warren, Dies of Coronavirus

The 86-year old brother of Loony Lizzy Warren died last month — allegedly due to the big bad Coronavirus. The reason we’re revisiting this now is because your ever-suspicious reporter here just realized something: There are no “big names” (neither nationally nor locally) that have died of Stupid-19. The best the Fake News has been able to come up with was Senatorette Warren’s very old brother. But if Stupid-19 was as deadly as we’ve been led to believe, one would have expected some younger to middle-aged, or even 70-80 something year old muckety-mucks to surely have died from it by now, right? After all, killer viruses don’t discriminate.

And yet, despite the hype surrounding the alleged (and obviously harmless) infection of CNN/CIA journalist Chris Cuomo, ABC/CIA propagandist George Stephanopoulos, and pedo-monster actor Tom Hanks and a handful of other notables, we have yet to hear of a single such fatality among the thousands of individuals whose deaths would have certainly been reported (with breathless glee) by the devious denizens of national or local “mainstream media.” As far as our memory and search engine research have been able to determine, no celebrities have died; no professional athletes (present or retired); no college athletes, no politicians, no big businessmen, no university presidents, no university department heads nor hot shot academics. This strange death dearth among the famous, near famous — or even just relatively well known within their states or cities — is truly bizarre, astonishing even. One need not be a “conspiracy theorist” to wonder if this “pandemic” was ever even real – beyond the very old and/or sick who either did die with Covid — or were deliberately knocked-off in the nursing killing homes and homicidal hospitals — or (due to financial incentives) had their death certificates falsely coded as “Covid” instead of the true cause.

Tom Hanks pretended to have Stupid-19, but never even seemed sick. As far as noteworthy personages, no one has been reported dead. Click to enlarge

Sound statistical analysis requires a decent sampling size to draw logical inferences / extrapolations. Here are some population estimates of various categories to ponder over (United States):


(*Sports associated estimates include players, coaches, assistants, General Managers, cheerleaders, owners)

  • Professional Football Personnel: 2,500
  • Professional Baseball: 1,100
  • Professional Basketball: 900
  • Professional Hockey: 900
  • Ex Professional Athletes under 60 (est.): 20,000
  • College Football (NCAA / Division 1): 7,800
  • College Basketball (NCAA / Division 1): 3,000
  • Members of 2016 U.S. Olympic Team: 558
  • Members of 2012 U.S. Olympic Team: 530
  • Race Car Driving, Tennis, Golf, Boxing, Wrestling etc: 1000

TOTAL: 37,730


  • President, Cabinet, Spouses and Children: 100
  • Ex-presidents, Cabinet, Spouses and Children: 500
  • Top Tier of Executive Branch: 200
  • U.S. Congressmen: 435
  • Spouses / Children: (Est) 1,200
  • U.S. Congressmen Staffs: 5,000
  • Ex U.S. Congressmen: 400
  • U.S. Senators: 100
  • Spouses / Children: (Est) 400
  • U.S. Senators Staff: 1,000
  • Supreme Court Justices: 9
  • SC Family Members: 40
  • State Governors: 50
  • Spouses / Children: (Est) 200
  • State Gov. Department Heads: 500
  • Ex-State Governors: 300
  • State Legislators: 7,383
  • State Senators, 1.972
  • State Supreme Court Justices: 450 (est.)
  • Mayors: 19,000
  • Federal Judges: 800
  • U.S. Ambassadors: 150

TOTAL: 40,190


  • Top Tier of FBI, DOJ, CIA: 200
  • Chief of Police of top 200 cities in U.S.: 200
  • County Sheriffs: 3,007
  • Heads of State Police: 50

TOTAL: 3,457


  • CEO’s of Fortune 500 Companies: 500
  • CFO’s of Fortune 500 Companies: 500
  • Ex-CEO’s and CFO’s: 1500

TOTAL: 2,500


  • A-List or B-list Actors / Actresses: Est 300
  • Various Producers / Directors / Writers: 100
  • Musicians / Singers: 100

TOTAL: 500


  • College / University Presidents: 4,000
  • School Superintendents: 13,700

TOTAL: 17, 700


  • Journalists & Reporters / National & Local: 1,000
  • Newspaper owners and publishers in major markets: 200
  • Newscasters / National & Local: 2,000

TOTAL: 3,200



Girly Bill and Manly Melinda should be arrested, tried and executed for the damage they have inflicted upon America and the world with their Satanic scamdemic.



7 responses to “Why No Big Names on the Stupid-19 Death List?”

  1. Yep, and some have managed to get crisis actor rates like Kate Garroway’s husband who seems to going for the Covid Coma Record.

  2. Good on Mike King, one of my favorite researchers and publishers. It is indeed strange as Mike points out.

  3. OMG !! 86 years old brother of the Cherokees “Walking Eagle” died of Hoaxorona virus ??
    Quick ! Quick Bill, where’s your vaccine ??

  4. If you had pre existing conditions that were heading to deaths door pretty quickly I doubt you’d be employed in any of these machinations anyway. The exceptional shouldn’t die from corona because that wouldn’t make them exceptional now would it. Christ give em a break they’re too busy lookin good.

  5. The big name in England was Eddie Large. Perhaps Sid Little will now be able to perform a song without any interruptions ?

  6. Simple explanation for the lack of “big names”. The Stupid 19 is not a blood ritual sacrifice, although Tom Hanks will be in all future “Stupid” vaccines thanks to his blood donation for the cause, how very humanitarian of him, wouldn’t t you say ?

  7. Now we have evidence than Pocahontas was right. Her brother looks like Evo Morales.