CDC leads US in a war against an enemy it ADMITS might not exist

Kevin Boyle – No One To Vote For March 25, 2020

Teacher (physics/maths), would-be Christian, pro-community, anti-hierarchy.

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  1. My observations: chemtrails have almost disappeared. We still get the odd one now and then. The weather has returned to something near normal. The UK has stopped getting weaponised weather systems daily or every other day. Why do you need flooding, when you can flood people’s homes with fiat money and indebt most businesses. Many businesses won’t reopen. If businesses reopen, they won’t be employing the same numbers. Food rationing will start soon and with this induced poverty, who’s buying Chinese? How does food rationing, matrix with McDonald’s or other fast food outlets? These fast food joints are big employers. Who will pay to get all these aircraft fit to fly after months of sitting on the ground? How much food is going to be thrown away because the government is stopping the supermarkets from stocking it? As a long time prepper, I notice when things are not on the shelves and I can say for sure that many products have been low stocked or none existent for years. I don’t believe this to be “just in time failures”. Take Savile oranges, these used to be common when in season. Then no one but Waitrose stocked them, then Waitrose only supplied them via online orders over a certain value. I used to make my own marmalade… I haven’t done this for years, because you can’t get Savile oranges, 20 jars of marmalade on the shelf helps.. It’s also hard to get dried milk, sometimes you can get it in Asda. The point I am trying to make is that they have been running down parts of the food and widget systems for a long time. This is a UK thing, I’ve not seen this in French supermarkets where you can get just about anything. Amazon is pretty bad right now, but even before corona, many produts were not available, why? Probably down to illegal US sanctions.

  2. Yes we have a form or Martial law.
    Rothschilds owns 600 newspapers and magazines in the UK
    they own the outlets like WH Smiths.
    They own Rupert Murdochs empire including the ghastley BBC
    They own Reuters news
    They own the weather.
    They own the banking system
    they own the government and in shirt they own you.
    While England was asleep at the wheel the jews stole the country
    Palestine the USA etc etc.
    But they are getting cocky and many are now admitting the holocaust was a hoax
    Simon Ratzenberger is the latest, he also tells us Steven Speilberg is paying the highest ever fee for film rights to the book about the jewish lady who hid out the war in the Auschwitz laundry, drinking rainwater from a hole in the roof, and being an ex nurse
    stole drugs to tend sick jews from the first aid section.
    Apparently Helen Mirren is expected to plat the starring role.
    Now wasnt Auschwitz supposed to be a death camp ?
    why would a death camp have a laundry and first aid station ??

  3. The economy was faltering before coronavirus, mainly due to the internet’s effect on stores. Commercial property was in a slump. The big tech companies were taking it all.

    Then we had Mr Trump’s trade war with China, which was probably a factor in the previously mentioned downturn.

    Now we have coronavirus.

    It will be amiracle if there is NOT a mjor depression.

  4. The case of the Diamond Princess cruise ship is illuminating because the passengers were kept aboard in perfect conditions to spread the virus. The rigorous quarantine meant all COVID-19 cases (even asymptomatic ones) were identified. There were 7 deaths among more than 600 infections, giving a death rate of about 1.2%. One-third of the ship’s passengers were aged over 70.

  5. “The chemtrails have stopped”
    Not quite in New Zealand.
    Well, here they stopped, except for the first day of lockdown: We got chemtrailled mercilessly (with no commercial flights in operation!). Heaps of folk took notice, even the unawakened.
    Be interesting to see if other places around the world experience anything like this.

    Good comments about the cruise ships John Kirby, very astute.

  6. The plot thickens. It is looking more and more that the pandemic was deliberately manufactured.

    Dr. Rashid A. Buttar

  7. Mistaken address I gave you above for Dr. Buttar’s presentation proving the virus is lab engineered in the US. It is very scary. Looks like the entire pandemic was engineered.

    The right address for Dr, Buttar is

    Dr. Anthony Fauci in central to all of this and yet he is the one carrying the can for Trump on this fake pandemic. Unless Trump has the guts to expose everything he is finished forever, and so is the US. No doubt he will just keep playing the game until he runs out his term, while pretending the secrets and atrocities of his government are hidden by the invisible clothes of the and all BS those from on high can spew out.

    We are definitely in a psyop. With the amount of orchestrated media and political participating in the deception on a global scale, something this sophisticated can only involve some all-powerful organization. Obviously the international central banks had to approve something on this scale but the fingerprints of the US government are now all over this, and it is becoming more apparent that the wicked “Deep State” everyone was blaming for all evils in the world is none other than the US government. It and some other undisclosed source (likely those who own the Fed and create money out of nothing) have been gobbling up this week the stocks of the 30 major corporations which crashed last week. Likely all of the heads of those corporations who suddenly resigned from their CEO positions recently knew what was coming down. Perhaps they even shorted the market on various stocks. Whatever is going on is very dirty and it is the common people who will have to pay for the deceptions and grand larcenies of the elites.