Must See: Coronavirus, Noahide Laws, End Time – What’s Up

Walter Veith & Martin Smith — What’s Up, Prof? March 22, 2020

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    NZ….The chief police commissioner is a BUSH…..he has just been put in charge of overseeing the public’s adherence to the new laws concerning the virus.

    The serious stuff hasnt hit YET…..things could very nasty IF NZs jewish controlled govt refuses to lift these laws.Already BOTH leaders of BOTH parties have suggested a tacit agreement should be reached about POSTPONING the general election in November!!.

  2. What’s Up ?

    The Great White Thrown Judgment:

    Revelation 20:11 And I saw a great white throne, and him that sat on it, from whose face the earth and the heaven fled away; and there was found no place for them.
    12 And I saw the dead, small and great, stand before God; and the books were
    opened: and another book was opened, which is the book of life: and the dead
    were judged out of those things which were written in the books, according to
    their works.
    13 And the sea gave up the dead which were in it; and death and hell
    delivered up the dead which were in them: and they were judged every man
    according to their works.

  3. Absolutely ridiculous debate, jump the crisis because we haven’t a clue, let’s try and predict the post corona world. Pure propaganda. Let’s talk viruses, let’s not talk man-made viruses lest we get bumped on the head… blah, blah, blah. About a year or so ago the German government advised it’s people to become ‘preppers’, why, what did they know?

  4. What “god” bequeathed man a faulty operating system with its attendant shortcomings and yet has the audacity to not only make the mind of man his nemesis, but also hold him accountable for something he never asked for in the first place? If there be a hell, that god damned bible is its mouthpiece.

  5. If you beleive the bible, you have to accept all the mistranslations obfuscations mistakes both accidental and deliberate, e g the only people who could speak hebrew were the jews, so they translated in wildly inaccurate stuff , remember most of the bible was written in Aramaic and Greek, the jews twisted that too. The old testament is a different god to the new testament
    so should not be stuck on the front of the Christian bible at all.many scholars say the old testament is worthless,
    The 7 plagues predicted could be Sars Aids Spanish flu bird -flu bovine flu and now Corona virus, with the big one to come, as Bill gates is said to be working on this.
    Its time the people woke up and started burning down synagogues
    as Nutenyahu said
    “Palestine to today , tomorrow America”
    The UK is the only friend in the world the USA has, but after the exposure of the USA torture programme, many here said thats it USA you are on your own

  6. Please be careful with Professor Walter Veith. He is very much on target with this video, but he is a Seventh-Day Adventist and I noticed his subtle references to books authored by their “Prophetess”, Ellen G White. I know him well. I live in South Africa and used to be an SDA. They are crafty in getting their version of End Time Events which doesn’t fit the usual Evangelical Biblical view of “End Time” events. Their “Mark of the Beast” is “Sunday Worship.”

  7. As the plan is unfolding we have more information available. I’m trying to connect some dots during these desperate weeks.

    Calm down! This is not the end of the world, this is one of the Jewish tribulations. Doesn’t matter if you behaved nicely and Santa Clown will bring you presents, (((they))) choose the victims. Of course, if we abandon Christian morality we become barbarous like Talmudic Jews.

    I have a hunch they are culling the elders, for two reasons:
    a) to wipeout traces of the old order, firmly attached to the old guys;
    b) because an old chicken doesn’t put enough eggs to pay for her daily ration – when Talmudists say you are an animal they mean it, the only question is whether they have total control or not.

    The Book of Revelations is not a prophecy with the power to see the future, if we had a book describing the future the future would be changed precisely by that information. The Book of Revelations is a Jewish blueprint so is the Protocols. The New World Order is a tiny, little, Theocratic City State with 12 tribes and social castes. You and I are not included.

    Now is time to execute the plan, they did it before and they are doing it again. Only the people can stop its course. The truth will set us free, when Gentiles figure it out Jews are toast, and we’ll finally have one thousand years of peace and harmony.

  8. 1. If you believe in the Bible most likely you are mentally slow.

    2. Hopefully this is not the end of the world although it looks like the end. But Russians survived Bolshevik revolution and Bolsheviks were simply radical Jews. People in the Ottoman Empire survived Young Turks revolution (except for Armenians) and Young Turks were simply radical Jews. The same happened in Budapest or Munich and later in many places in the world. Nothing extraordinary. 🙂

    3. Christian morality is a problem. Meet Japanese, Mongolians – decent people. Christianity is the problem, reptilians control this religion.

    Turn another cheek. If not enough, bow down and offer your a$$hole.

  9. @ Phil Venter

    The Mark of the Father also refers to the day of worship. The one commandment we are instructed to “remember”.

    Exodus 20:8
    Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy.

    Exodus 13:16
    And it shall be for a token upon thine hand, and for frontlets between thine eyes: for by strength of hand the Lord brought us forth out of Egypt.

    Deuteronomy 6:8
    And thou shalt bind them for a sign upon thine hand, and they shall be as frontlets between thine eyes.

    Deuteronomy 11:18
    Therefore shall ye lay up these my words in your heart and in your soul, and bind them for a sign upon your hand, that they may be as frontlets between your eyes.

  10. @ Patrick
    Do you think the Jewish leadership believes the Talmud?

    Spare me the ad hominem you can do better than that. Reptilians? Electromagnetic flu? Seriously?!

  11. @ Phil Venter and Truthy1:

    You are both on the right track! The SDA ideas about endtimes are OK except when they talk about the 2 horned beast being a Bison/Buffalo, which they say is the USA. Biblically and in Jesus’ time in that region (Palestine outward) there never was such a creature except for an African Water Buffalo. The real endtimes, like in the Book of Revelation with the major players will occur within 2000 miles of Jerusalem and/ or around the Mediterranean Sea (the Great Sea). Which means Europe, North Africa and Asia – Middle East, Russia and Iran/Persia.

    The next question is concerning the Sabbath (Sabat). Is it really supposed to be Saturday, like the Jewish/Pharisee day from Friday evening sunset to Saturday evening sunset, or the actual Sunday. Please remember that Saturday is actually in reference to the planet Saturn and the Pope wears a Saturnalia hat, but Jesus as a Hebrew would have probably meant Saturday. Next Sunday to the Hebrews was the First day of the week. Todays calendars are all mixed up because they emphasize Monday to Friday, the work week, with Saturday and Sunday as bookends. Remember too that the Christian Church, Vatican/Protestant and Eastern Orthodox,because Jesus rose from the dead on Sunday and also wanted to bring in pagans so they made Sunday the Sabbath because pagans would think they are worshipping the Sun (Helio disk in sky) vs. the Son of God. Thus in reality by worshipping the Sabbath on Sunday, we are worshipping both God/Jesus and the Helio disk in the sky at the same time. God will only look at your Heart to determine which one it is you are doing, but I am sure he is NOT Happy that we are being ambivalent in our meaning. Besides, Roman Catholics worship a Monstrance (Sun shaped container of the Eucharist/Wafer (Body of Christ symbol)) that has sunray like projections coming from the disk shaped container. So again, do Roman Catholics worship God or the Eucharist in a Sun-shaped container. Again ambivalence abounds! So God is NOT HAPPY. Also Roman Catholics and this Pope Francis worship the Virgin Mary and now other things like Hindu God statues almost as much as Jesus/God. I am sure God is NOT Happy!

  12. Even though I don’t profess churchgoing Christianity, I’m respectful of the tradition and the literature; that is the KJV of the Bible. Bearing in Matt Hancock told MPs that gatherings of more than two people in public are now banned and said police would be enforcing the new rule with fines. (According to to ITV news.)

    I just wonder about the passage:

    “For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.”
    (Matthew 18:20)

    Whether Christians are committing an offence ?

  13. A Special Message For All Bible Believers:

    Do you not know that the saints (God’s people) will [one day] judge the world? If the world is to be judged by you, are you not competent [b]to try trivial (insignificant, petty) cases?
    1 Corinthians 6:2 Amplified Bible (AMP)

    For your own benefit also read 1 John 2:18 and 22

  14. @ NBTT

    Talmud is basically a law. Judaism is a political program, the law implementing this program is in Torah and Talmud. Nothing to believe in. Law is a law.

    Menachem Begin was an atheist Jew. He hated religion, including traditional Judaism. He knew (in contrast to masses of primitive Christian idiots) that the (un)Holy Bible was a big fable. Yet he believed that he was chosen by a god which does not exist and that this non-existing god donated Palestine to Jews. This donation justified genocide of Arabs.

    My understanding of the (un)Holy Bible is that Jewish god is a personification of political program defined by elite of Levi tribe.

    Jewish god does not exist. Or does exist. Jewish god (any god) is an Egregore, state of group consciousness.

    Christians are usually treated as good (although mentally slow) people. Big mistake. Christianity is a demonic religion and Christians are unwilling Jewish tools.

    Turn another cheek. If not enough, bow down and offer your a$$hole (Elton Buttgiver 14:3).

  15. @ Simon Smith

    QUESTION: Whether Christians are committing an offence ?

    ANSWER: please read

    Jewish fables organize Christian do’s and don’ts. Jewish fables and Jews organize Christian world. Jews have special status in Christian world and control gullible Christians through their religion.

    How does it work in practice? Please read:

    You shall know them by their fruits – Yeshu the Bastard was saying. Christianity is a cruel barbarian religion of primitive savages. Ask Australians (real Australians=black), ask Americans (he is real American in case you don’t know:, Indians, Arabs, etc.

  16. @ Stormin’ Norman

    You are on the right track also except for one miscalculation regarding the day of “rising” from the grave. Christ’s Resurrection Was Not on Sunday
    Jesus was crucified on a Sabbath Feast day ( Passover, middle of the week, Wednesday ) The he rose on the next Sabbath, three days later, on Saturday ( the last day of the week, look at your calendar ) Sunday was the next Sabbath Feast day when he ascended to heaven ( First fruits, after Passover ) Then he returned for the next 7 weeks and showed himself to thousands until another Sabbath Feast thereby fulfilling prophesy and the first four of the Fathers Feasts.

  17. Thank you for your answer, Patrick!

    I would not comment but I have an observation. You kinda have an atheistic worldview, no offense, and you wrote “Christianity is a demonic religion…”; the atheist doesn’t believe in God but he also cannot believe in the Devil.

    Maybe you was being rhetorical, never mind…

  18. 1. Christianity was invented and developed to control masses through religious delusions.

    2. I do believe in Good and Evil (universal concepts).

    3. Nothing divine in Christianity. They have Golden Rule which has objective value. Golden Rule was decribed in Egyptian Book of Dead centuries before Yeshu the Bastard was even born. And Golden Rule is intuitive, people from many cultures know it.

  19. I’ve told you these things to prepare you for rough times ahead. They are going to throw you out of the meeting places. There will even come a time when anyone who kills you will think he’s doing God a favor. They will do these things because they never really understood the Father. I’ve told you these things so that when the time comes and they start in on you, you’ll be well-warned and ready for them.

  20. To hate the fake Christians serves no purpose.

    Take heed, Christianity is not a religion, it is a way of life.

    Unless a man is born again, he cannot become a real Christian.

    I also say unto you, That ye resist not evil: but whosoever shall smite
    thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also.

    Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall
    say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake.

  21. Last but not least, keep in mind what I said previously:

    Luke 18:19 And Jesus said unto him, Why callest thou me good? none is good, save one,
    that is, God.

  22. @ Truthy1:

    You have a point, but you miss out on the fact that the Hebrew/Jewish week is modeled on the Book of Genesis where God created everything in 6 days (Evening and the morning like Hebrew day descriptions, not modern sun up to sun-down) and rested on the Sabbath, the 7th day. Read the creation story! (Moses wrote first 5 books), Hebrew/Jewish Sabbath is then mostly on our Saturday today. Man was created on day 6 and the next day was the Sabbath. Jewish Sabbath is Friday evening sunset to Saturday evening sunset, which is mostly Saturday then. If Jesus was crucified at 9th hour/put into the tomb just after 3 pm on Friday ( Good Friday today) before the Hebrew Sabbath began at conventionally 6 pm that Friday, then 3 days later ( according to Hebrew/Jewish custom even part of a day is considered a day) would mean Jesus rose from the dead on Sunday. Ask any Jewish Rabbi about the Sabbath, start to finish and the full day can be counted even if it is just part of a day. This is what you have if Jesus was crucified on Friday afternoon.

    Jerusalem is like California in terms of how the sun rises and sets, the sun rises at around 6 am and sets at around 6 pm pretty much year round with a variation of about 1 hour either way. I should know, I was in California (Disneyland) around Christmas/New Years. Your reference sources mean nothing to me because your view of Tuesday/Wednesday Crucifixion and Saturday Resurrection is an idea I thought about once, but it turns out it is an Arianism / Arianistic view and wants to consider that 3 days is a full 72 hour length of time. Hebrews/Jews consider even a part of a day (less than 24 hours to also be a day). This is what Christians like you do NOT understand,
    He was resurrected from the dead on that Sunday morning (Acts 1:3). But yes there were many feast days at that time when Jesus was put on trial (illegal because it was at night) and then crucified. However he was crucified on Friday (Good Friday) and rose on Sunday (3 days Hebrew counting). This is also why even calendars today start with Sunday and end with Saturday, because the Hebrews/Jews said Sunday was the 1st day of the week! And as we all know Cabalist International Jewry owns/runs the World!