Whose War Is It Anyway

Brother Nathanael – Real Jew News Jan 19, 2020

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Jewish born convert to Christianity and outspoken critic of zionism

6 responses to “Whose War Is It Anyway”

  1. Of course Bro Kapner is absolutely correct…..the jews are in the process of doing what they did to Russia post 1917…..That means lots of Americans will die.

    Any terror incidences in America will most likely occur where there are not many Jews living.

    As long as Americans keep their guns….it gives them a fi
    ghting chance.If conflict breaks out American Patriots should focus all their attention on the Jewish elites….otherwise they’ll get nowhere.

    The serious Jewish criminals will most likely climb aboard their private jets and wait things out….

  2. The guy is so right and so is vespasian.
    The British folk remember how the jews got us to fight 2 world wars,
    The British people are the US only friend in the world, we wanted Trunp to win as he promised peace, now Trump is hated as much as Bush Clinton Obama or any of the other jewish ass kissers.
    Trump made a big error here, trying to bring iran into a war, this time i fear the British will not be there for w w 3

  3. When I hear the Britis PM talking a couple of months ago speaking out “he loves Israel” which gave me the impression the British Militairy will be put in “Standby Mode” to “defend Israel (Zionists)”.

    With all due respect, the current British PM is not different from the former PM in the period shortly before WWI and not any different from the other former PM in the period shortly before WWII.
    In the meantime the Ashkenzis have taken over the USA in 2020.

    The only problem for them is, there are nearly 200,000,000 American Nationals (their slaves) who posses one or more weapons with loads of ammunition and with many combat experience. They will find a solution to that problem. Maybe the ME and African people will fight the Americans for them.

    The Askhenazis will make it happen again, Britain must join in for WWIII to fight for them and not for “Queen and Country”.

    And when the “fight is over” the remaining fighting force are a danger to them They are so friendly to probably drop a nuclear bomb or three on our head.
    As a gesture of “friendship and thank you for fighting and dying for us, stupids”.

    The PM “loves Israel”, remember?

    Hopefully the Royal Marines are still around to rescue what is left of the country.

  4. Excellent video, didn’t detect any mistakes. It is 100% true statement that the Amerikan government is completely infested with Jews loyal to Israel and everyone needs to remember this when the time of retribution comes. Have no mercy – the Jews deserve none for what we see they are doing right now.

    Trump has no right to put economics sanctions on NK, Venezuela, or Iran – none of those countries is a threat or have done anything to deserve economic war. Trump is a willing participant of Jew evil and should be immediately removed from office by impeachment for the murder of Soleimani.

    The audio of Trump recounting the countdown to Soleimani’s death are truly horrifying, the man is a sick monster pandering to Jewish power.

    What will Trump do next, especially once acquitted from the impeachment scam? Go on a rampage for Israel? You betcha. After the election the monster snake Trump will be unveiled.

  5. If they possess war wouldn’t it be logical to take war back for ourselves.
    I wouldn’t trust American patriots anymore than I trust Antifa because they are controlled as much by the corrupting forces. They can’t see past the noses to spite their face so Vespasian although it sounds good that’s all it will ever do. Sound off. Not a reality.
    Shaming the gun owner isn’t working however.
    “All political power comes from the barrel of a gun. The communist party must command all the guns, that way no guns can ever be used to command the party” Mao Tse Tung.
    “If the opposition(citizens) disarms, well and good. If it refuses to disarm we shall disarm them for them” Stalin.
    “Our power does not liberty or justice it is established on the destruction of individual will” Lenin.
    “If personal freedoms guaranteed by the constitution inhibit the governments ability to govern the people, we should look to limit those guarantees”. Bill Clinton.
    Hitler called the population stupid and he was right.

  6. @blackeyes the ME’s are weak and the Africa’s are too busy selling themselves off to China. The Latin’s might give us a run for the money. With the help of China and Russia.