How the Media is Controlled

News Commentary – Dec 13, 2019

“To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize” – Kevin Alfred Strom

The media is controlled in a number of different ways. One way is with claims of threats to “national security” or public safety. With the lid being clamped down on some disclosures on the pretext that they pose a “threat.
Another means of control is by coercing those who work in the media with accusations of “racism” and “anti-Semitism”, which can easily and abruptly end a journalist’s career. Whether these allegations are justified or not is irrelevant, the accusations alone are often enough to silence any further debate.
As journalist Kevin Myers found out. Jews are no longer persecuted. They are now a protected group and any journalist who dares question their power and privilege may find his or her career at an end.
Thus some quite innocent comments about two of the BBC’s best-paid presenters stirred a storm of criticism and effectively put an end to Myers’ time as a leading Fleet Street journalist.
Of course you can make cynical comments about other whites without raising an eyelid. No one will take you to court for derisory comments about European gentiles. However, when it comes to any other race it’s another story. Particularly Jews.
Step outside certain unspoken guidelines and a journalist could well find their career at an end. As Kevin Myers discovered when he wrote:
‘Jews are not generally noted for their insistence on selling their talent for the lowest possible price’.
Its hardly virulent anti-Semitism and we suspect that he wrote this quite innocently. However, he soon discovered that he had made a career-ending mistake. He might have just as easily quoted from the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion for the amount of criticism he received.
This is how modern censorship now works. Journalists who fail to abide with certain unspoken rules are no longer shipped off to internment camps. Instead they are sidelined and unless they apologise profusely and recant their careers in the mass media are effectively over.
With either traditional or modern censorship the end result is the same. You end up with a tightly controlled media where certain subjects are simply not broached and some things, even if they are inoffensive, just cannot be said.
This is the current state of play in the corporate Western media. Ed

Former Sunday Times columnist Kevin Myers admits he ‘hasn’t had a full night’s sleep for two years’ since being fired over anti-Semitism row involving Claudia Winkleman and Vanessa Feltz

  • Journalist Kevin Myers has spoken about the two years that followed being fired
  • Was Sunday Times columnist and fired in 2017 over comments he made
  • Congratulated Claudia Winkleman & Vanessa Feltz on being top paid presenters
  • In the gender pay gap column he then commented ‘Jews are not generally noted for their insistence on selling their talent for the lowest possible price’
  • Says he has faced two years of stress and hasn’t slept properly since article  

Journalist Kevin Myers has spoken about the impact being fired from his role at the Sunday Times and the backlash surrounding his column has had on his life.

The English-born writer, 72, who lives in Ireland, went viral in 2017 when he published a column speaking about the gender pay gap, arguing that equal pay should be earned.

In it, he congratulated Claudia Winkleman and Vanessa Feltz being two of the best paid BBC presenters, and added ‘Jews are not generally noted for their insistence on selling their talent for the lowest possible price’.

The article caused an outcry and he was fired amid a massive backlash which saw him accused of Antisemitism, issuing an apology to the women and the Jewish community.

Two years on Kevin says he hasn’t had a full night’ sleep since the incident, and likened the reaction he received from around the world as feeling ‘worse than death’.

Speaking to the Irish Independent, he said of the week that followed his article being published: ‘I didn’t sleep that week. And I haven’t had a full night’s sleep since then.

‘You have no idea what it is like. You wake up exhausted at two o’clock in the morning and you know it’s all over. It’s time to get up. And it has been like that ever since.

‘Not merely because of what was done to me, which was profoundly wrong, but I had no allies in the Irish media. None. Nobody spoke up for me.’

Comparing the backlash he received both in his personal and professional life as worse than having a gun held to him during a previous interview, he said: ‘I came very close to death but, in many ways, this was worse.’

In the 2017 column on equal pay, he had written: ‘I note that two of the best-paid women presenters in the BBC – Claudia Winkleman and Vanessa Feltz, with whose, no doubt, sterling work I am tragically unacquainted – are Jewish. Good for them.

‘Jews are not generally noted for their insistence on selling their talent for the lowest possible price, which is the most useful measure there is of inveterate, lost-with-all-hands stupidity.’

Speaking about Vanessa and Claudia, who had branded the article ‘vile and racist’, he said: ‘I am very, very sorry that I should have so offended them and I do utter an apology, not for any reason other than out of genuine contrition for the hurt I caused them but I uttered those words out of respect for the religion from which they come.’

The controversial column was also labelled misogynistic, after he argued that men ‘work harder, and seldom get sick or pregnant’.

He previously caused outrage in a 2005 Irish Times column, An Irishman’s Diary, where he referred to the children of unmarrried mothers as ‘bastards’.


3 responses to “How the Media is Controlled”

  1. What is his conscience worried about? I couldn’t care less if he didn’t sleep at all considering what many others have lost through this.
    He entered their world and got stung for it, we have to make sacrifices in this battle and he should rest easy knowing that but he doesn’t.
    Pissant and better out of the way.
    Men do work harder, some more than others and we are well aware of the Angela Davis`s of this world that are now everywhere and we can use their university studies to debunk any myth they sprout but to call single mum’s barsteds without regard for circumstance this bloke needs a slappin.
    I respect women you wanna know why? My mum belted it into me, God bless her.
    I bet this idiot Meyers never was sent to the cupboard over night without dinner, then released in the morning and made to thank her for the experience before breakfast. I wasn’t either but I know some who have had to live through that, because the stresses of this occupied life was to much to bare.
    This is the age of calling them out and sticking to your guns, anything else is just letting it continue. Don’t be a fool and don’t be a tool.

  2. Remember Rick Sanchez, who was sacked, instant dismissal, for stating the truth, that CCN was owned and controlled by Jews.

  3. Kevin Myers is an idiot and a coward then. Instead of apologizing and kowtowing, which got him nowhere, perhaps the pathetic mope should grow some balls and come back out with guns blazing and truth bombs dropping. The mainstream Jew-dominated media is a joke, and a shameless mechanism of propaganda and mind control, and I have zero respect for anyone involved in that realm unless they’re actively trying to expose it for what it is.