The Mind is NOT the Brain (Libet’s Experiment)

Kevin Boyle – YouTube Dec 6, 2019

Teacher (physics/maths), would-be Christian, pro-community, anti-hierarchy.

3 responses to “The Mind is NOT the Brain (Libet’s Experiment)”

  1. I think this is a bit more complicated than this simple experiment suggests. Our most decisive decisions are often made under pressure and in circumstances beyond your control. So you will make decisions, & take terrible actions that you normally wouldn’t want to take. Our corrupt elites are trying to convince the sheeple that AI/robots need the right to decide who lives and dies, be this autonomous vehicles choosing to kill an old man and save some young kids, the old man was about to develop a cancer cure and the two kids had stage 4 cancer but the car decided to kill the old guy. Or how about the medical algorithm which has a costing (£) element built-in, so this AI decides who will live and die. Just a little aside, the child who gets a heart transplant, she knows nothing about the doner. She starts drawing worrying pictures as school, so the school calls in the police. It turns out that the liitle girl was able to provide enough information to convict the doners murderer, how does that work, are our memories stored in the heart or maybe throughout our bodies?

  2. The brain is a computer, the mind is the software. The mind is definitely external to the brain. Example: In some near death experiences the patient travels to another point on the planet and might witness an event. When he is brought back to “life” he relates what he saw, and it corresponds to what transpired at that location. Some fortunate individuals can go out of body at will, and they sure as hell aren’t taking their brain with them.

  3. A comprehensive human determinism-where action originates-according to my comic book understanding, always goes back to accepting genetic determinism (a so called selfish-gene ‘mind of its own’ present in all cells of the organism), cultural determinism (say as described by Marvin Harris), and emergent fractal numberset theory (Mandelbrot) such as we might observe in living and non living dissipative structures. I am not sure that free will is not a combination of the above three determinisms. It could be that each architecture has its day, in our life cycles.