Finally the USA Supports the One State Solution

Gilad Atzmon – Nov 19, 2019

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced yesterday that the US is softening its position on Israeli settlements in the West Bank. Secretary Pompeo repudiated the 1978 State Department legal opinion that stated that Jewish settlements in the occupied territories are “inconsistent with international law.”
It is hard to determine whether the move was intended to rescue Benjamin Netanyahu’s political career or to buy the Jewish Lobby’s support for President Trump at a critical time. It is reasonable to assume that the policy was put forth to advance both aims.
Pompeo’s declaration was, predictably, welcomed by PM Netanyahu and denounced by Palestinian officials and anyone else who still advances the delusional Two State Solution. Like Secretary Pompeo, I am far from an expert on international law, but it seems the notion of international law is vague or elastic enough to allow the secretary to (mis) interpret it in a radical manner. Yet, unlike most Palestinian solidarity campaigners, I see Trump, his administration and the recent move as a positive development.
However inadvertently, Trump has finally committed the USA to the One State Solution. It is hard to deny that the area between the ‘River and the Sea’  is a single piece of land. It shares one electric grid, one pre-dial code (+972) and one sewage system. Ay present, the land is ruled over by a racist, tribal and discriminatory ideology through an apparatus that calls itself  ‘The Jewish State;’ and declares itself home for every Jew around the world; yet, is abusive, lethal and some would say genocidal toward the indigenous people of the land.
Yesterday’s move may buy Netanyahu some time and it may save Trump from being evicted from his current residence, but what it did most clearly was to redeliver a message to the Palestinians: In the battle for your liberation you are alone. America is not a negotiator, it has never been one. The USA has a side in the conflict and it is not your side.
In categorical terms Pompeo’s declaration repeats Trump’s earlier decision to move the American Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. On December 6, 2017, President Trump announced that the United States recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and ordered the relocation of the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. No doubt, the move bought Trump support from the Jewish Lobby in America, and political gain for Netanyahu in the Jewish State, it was also an unambiguous message to the Palestinians: there is no prospect of a  harmonious and peaceful solution for your plight.
For the Palestinians, the move also exposed the misleading and dangerous nature of their ‘solidarity’ movement. Jewish ‘anti’ Zionist institutions have undertaken a relentless effort to suppress the Palestinian’s Right of Return and replace it with watery alternatives such as ‘End of occupation’ or  ‘the Right to BDS.’ Trump’s move forced the Palestinians to accept that they were alone in their battle and finally  accept that The Right of Return is the core and the essence of their plight. Less than four months after Trump’s Jerusalem decision, on 30 March 2018,  thousands of Gazans gathered on the Israeli border to demand a return to their land.
That clumsy decision by Trump made to serve some immediate political purpose to do with Jewish support has matured into a vast awakening for the Palestinians.  Week after week, for almost three years, Gazans have arrived at the Gaza border in the thousands to bravely confront the IDF’s merciless snipers, tanks and air force.  The Hamas owes a big thank you to Trump who has managed to fuel and unite the Palestinians with a renewed spirit of fearless resistance. Israeli military analysts and commanders admit that the situation at the Gaza border is pretty much out of control. They agree that Israel’s power of deterrence is literally a matter of  nostalgia. Accordingly, Palestinian resistance organizations do not hesitate to retaliate against  Israel. Last week Israel was hit by the rain of 400 rockets fired over the course of only two days in response to  Israel’s assassination of a Palestinian Islamic Jihad militant.
Pompeo’s declaration provides an explicit and necessary message to the Palestinians in general and in the West Bank in particular. The conflict is not progressing toward a peaceful resolution. Those amongst the Palestinians who advocated the ‘Two States Solution’ will have to hide now.  Pompeo has affirmed that there is one Holy Land between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea. From now on the battle over this disputed land is whether it will be subject to the racist discriminatory ideology implied by the notion of “The Jewish State” and its ‘National Bill,’ or if it will transform itself into a State of its Citizens as is inherit in the notion of One Palestine.


Gilad Atzmon, a former Israeli soldier now a writer and an award winning Jazz musician resident in London, where he lives in virtual exile

4 responses to “Finally the USA Supports the One State Solution”

  1. So how will the Trumptards spin this one? Did not their Lord and Savior Jesus Trump just cave again to Zionist demands? Trump is making Israel first every single time and doing nothing at home while the Zionist corporations stomp on his conservative support base.

    Pompeo is one of the most sleaziest operators in the District of Criminals and that ought to tell you about the quality of Trump’s character. If Trump was anything but a sorry stooge he could boss Israel around, if he was a real Napoleon (as his admirers paint him) he would use the military might to fix the Israel ‘problem’.

    So what does Trump’s latest whoring prove? Trump is no real leader, he is a pathetic errand boy for Rothschild and Israel. TRUMP IS THE ULTRA WHORE OF NETANYAHU. Not a leader, not good, not a nationalist, nothing but a dirty whore for Israel and Satanyahu.

    As far as one state, that is the Israeli goal for the whole world, the new world order is really a Jewish world order which is really (drum roll) ET control of this planet. So if Jewish control of your nation seems alien, it is, in fact alien, literally. One day the entire world will be controlled by Israel from Jerusalem. That’s their plan, that is what they say they are going to do, SO WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT?

    So why doesn’t Israel just eject all non-Jews and be done with it? I will tell you why, the cowardly Jews know the world hates them and what a tempting target Jewrusesalem would be if only Jews live there. While Giliad writes about the one state solution I have the one bomb soulution to the Jew problem, one B-61 set on maximum yield on the “holiest” of cities would end the problem once and for all time.

    Crazy you say? What is crazy is how the whole world is beholden to this one insane racist religious freak show tribe that claims they have the right to rule the world and make us all slaves. What is crazy is how the President of a superpower kowtows to a shitty little sandbox full of racists, what is crazy is that we lick their boots when we could just push a red button and make them gone.


  2. Actually in the very beginning of Trumps victory Netanyahu did remark that he would confidently dissuade Trumps view that the settlements were a problem to the peace process. No doubt Trump did a 180 in regard to this in the relocating of the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem. Of course this relocation is a political move where the settlement expansion is the nitty gritty of current israeli Likud policy . What the settlements do is very simple: It solidifies physically the implantation of Israel in to the Palestinian territories.In other words it makes it very difficult to reverse this process which is more or less a guarantee of Israeli physical expansion. Any one with 2 brain cells in their heads can see the writing on the wall: The current Israeli regime wants the Palestinians to disappear. If this was the 19th century Israel would have rolled over Palestinians a long time ago. But now there is international scrutiny which Israel has been somewhat successful to attenuate through their relatively strong and controlled international press and news.


  4. My View: If the “Palestinian Problem” as most Israelis see it were in some other part of the world not involving Israel I ABSOLUTELY GUARANTY YOU ( 1000 % ) THAT THE ADL AND MANY JEWISH ORGANIZATIONS WOULD BE VOICING FOR PALESTINIAN RIGHTS. Enough said.