Trans Cyclist Smashes World Records At Women’s Championship Event

Richard Moorhead – Big League Politics Oct 22, 2019

Rachel McKinnon (centre). Click to enlarge

Women’s cycling has become the latest women’s sport to be radically altered by the new participation of transgender athletes who are biologically male.

Rachel McKinnon broke a women’s world world when competing at the 2019 Masters Track Cycling World Championships on Saturday in Manchester, England. She also won the gold medal.

McKinnon is a transgender female who was born male. She’s the latest trans athlete to achieve quick and resounding success when competing against biological female, over whom she possess a considerable natural advantage.

The presence of biologically male trans athletes in women’s sports is threatening to box out many women from participating in athletic competitions they stand little to no chance to win in.

Some trans athletes have even won discrimination lawsuits against women’s athletic teams and leagues that have declined to allow them to participate.

McKinnon has rejected the idea that her competition in the women’s sports event was unfair. She likened the participation of trans athletes to black athletes, claiming restricting them from competition would be similar.

So, if we want to say, that I believe you’re a woman for all of society, except for this massive central part that is sport, then that’s not fair.

A British former women’s cycling champion, Victoria Hood, spoke out in opposition to McKinnon’s participation in the sport. McKinnon fired back, claiming that Hood “has expressed an irrational fear of trans women. An irrational fear of trans women is the dictionary definition of transphobia. Transphobia has no place in sport.”

Many conservative and religious people have pointed out that receiving hormone replacement therapy and identifying as a woman does not make someone a woman. It appears the women sporting world’s refusal to accept such a clear reality could mean that it will cease to exist as we know it.


12 responses to “Trans Cyclist Smashes World Records At Women’s Championship Event”

  1. A ‘Being’ in a male ‘human’ body who prefers to go backwards into a female ‘human’ body, was obviously in a female body in a recent life, and finds it much easier to be in a female body than in a male body, which is harder.

  2. This person has shown that being a eunuch is no disadvantage in winning women’s events. Go eunuch!

  3. If I were a woman in sports, I’d wait for the starting shot and then take a kneel. What’s the point in competing with these blokes who couldn’t cut it against other men?
    Let them ride/run off on their own. If enough women worldwide show solidarity, the whole thing would have to be revised at the critical point where competitions become a complete farce. Real women need to refuse and sit it out until it changes.

  4. In fact this transgender all HE is doing is emasculating real women who will no longer be able compete among themselves in a fair manner. All sports women have to do is refuse to compete en masse and soon the message will get through to the cowards who deny reality in order to provide some people with the illusion of being a woman/man when in fact is an impossibility even after mutilation. The body you were born in is all you will have for the rest of your life even if you like to think that suddenly you will become a person of the opposite sex. I have nothing against any individual living and dressing up as they wish, but to try to set males to compete against females pretending to be a woman is a no no,

  5. This spells the end of women’s sports. This is incredibly sad and unfair. Men are genetically programmed from conception onward to have more muscle mass, more bone density and therefore more strength and speed.

  6. Stop competeing in these events and this garbage will stop. You cannot claim victory when competeing against yourself, and when the seats are empty of fans, and the concessions are not selling, the wallet will dictate what happens.

  7. Melissa G,

    Ah, but you see, women never really saw this coming when they embraced feminism and ‘equality’. The very fact men have a penis and women don’t shows difference and therefore inequality right there, but women simply wouldn’t allow this. “We demand jobs and being allowed to compete against men” when the reality was that they have a job and that’s called raising children to be the next, best, generation. But they didn’t want that. Nope, they all wanted to effectively stop being women and become men.
    So now, we have men pretending to be women competing against women. If women can change their very femininity into becoming masculine, living and doing as a man because of equality then so to should this be allowed. I’m laughing at it all. Women have seriously lost the plot quite frankly.

  8. LMAO !!! FEMINAZIS suck up the Karma !

  9. The other competitors should have united and boycotted the race. This is the only way to stop these cheaters from destroying all sports. That man with with a mental disorder does not look remotely feminine. Ewww!!!

  10. Don’t disagree! They’ll trot out the -isms and labels.

  11. We need to see more, much, much more, of this.

    I want to see transgendered females in boxing BEAT THE LIVING HELL out of the current women’s boxing “champ”. What a dilemma MSNBC will have on its hands.

  12. come on, let’s be fair. we should allow (original female) transgendered to male to compete in male sports on an equal basis. I am sure, in the future there will be a lot of new transgendered world champions in male sports. Can’t wait to see this happened. perhaps, we should even aggressively promote this line of thinking…