Symbolic Pics of the Month 10/19

Vigilant Citizen – Oct 21, 2019

Featuring Beck, Ezra Miller, a Satanic restaurant, and more undeniable proof the degeneracy of the occult elite.

Fernanda Montenegro is considered to be the “greatest Brazilian actress of all times”. She recently appeared on the magazine Quatro Cinqo Um with the headline “Sobre livros e bruxas” which means “About books and witches”. Appropriately enough, the entire photoshoot is all about witchcraft and occult elite symbolism. On this pic, she has eyes on her hands – a symbol associated with magick. Click to enlarge

The one-eye sign proves that, despite claims of “empowerment”, the push for witchcraft is actually about submission to the occult elite.

This is a bag distributed by the restaurant Temple of Seitan in London. First, notice the same exact “magick” symbol as the pic above. Second, notice the play on the word “seitan” (the name of a vegan ingredient) to make the restaurant an all-out Satanic experience.

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