Brexiteers! Spot the Camel

Kevin Boyle – No One To Vote For Sept 8, 2019

“Woe to thee, blind guides! Ye who strain out the gnat, but swallow the camel.”
Matthew 23:24
The airwaves in the UK have, for the past three years, been filled with the rantings of advocates straining at every conceivable gnat on both sides of the Brexit argument.
However, almost universally both sides ignore the camel. If the hardest of hard Brexiteers are aware of the camel they never refer to it during the endless heated debates we have endured.

To make their case effectively (not that Brexit will solve anything) Brexiteers should argue in the following manner:

To understand Brexit, visit Croydon, then visit Manchester, then San Diego, Berlin, Paris, Madrid … In all these places you will see exactly the same policies being enacted at local level. Local councils give land to private contractors to build massive hive-like developments close to station hubs. Societies drown in ‘environmental’ propaganda. In every place we see the concurrent appearance of anti-pollution vehicle taxes, exclusion zones, etc.

The fact that these changes are occurring simultaneously EVERYWHERE means that our governments’ actions are directed by international authority. The shenanigans played out before us every day are mere theatre. Decisions are made elsewhere. Including whether Brexit will or will not happen.

The simultaneous, co-ordinated, uniformity of policy across the west is proof that “Democracy” is a sham. 

We, the people, decide nothing of importance.

These policies are implemented under the orders of globalist central planners, operating out of the United Nations. (This is the kind of outfit telling our governments what they MUST do).

We are ruled and organised like cattle from above our systems of government (as George Carlin deftly put it). We can be sure that Freemasonry and Jewish lobbies are close to the core of the matrix that oversees all.

Brexit is a symptom of the growing public awareness that something is fraudulent regarding our ‘democracies’.
We must explain to people in simple terms (that they can repeat to others) the straightforward truth that what is happening here is happening simultaneously everywhere across the western world. 

The idea that we direct the actions of those who govern us is a joke. 

What we think of as our ‘democratic system’ is A COMPLETE SHAM.

As Israel Shamir says, we are ruled by a hostile international elite. 

Ours is not a Democracy it is a Neo-Feudal Tyranny. 

We must resolve to divide and atomise the organisations our rulers have created for us in the manner that they have divided and atomised the societies in which we live.
The following astonishing quotation was reported as being delivered by a leading member of that same hostile elite during a speech to The United States Bankers’ Association in New York City, 1924:
Capital must protect itself in every possible way, both by combination and legislation. Debts must be collected, mortgages foreclosed as rapidly as possible.
When, through process of law, the common people lose their homes, they will become more docile and more easily governed through the strong arm of the government applied by a central power of wealth under leading financiers.
These truths are well known among our principal men, who are now engaged in forming an Imperialism to govern the world. By dividing the voter through the political party system, we can get them to expend their energies in fighting for questions of no importance*.
It is thus, by discrete action, we can secure for ourselves that which has been so well planned and so successfully accomplished.
Montagu Norman, Governor of the Bank of England.
* One of the biggest questions … if not the biggest question … who gets to print a nation’s money, is being addressed by Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party. He wants to create a National Bank to create and lend money to the UK … a policy that takes essential power from the global banking mafia and returns it to representatives of the people … a policy that got more than one US President assassinated.
Sadly, Jeremy Corbyn has been almost destroyed by the Brexit divisions within his own party and by his refusal to call an election and risk a no-deal Brexit … something a majority of his supporters in the north of England want.
… on a lighter note:
“The country that invented parliamentary democracy has looked at itself in the mirror and has no idea what is staring back at it. We’re having a nervous breakdown, mate. Our delusions are out in the open. We’re fucked.”
… overheard in ‘The Pied Bull’, Streatham.


Teacher (physics/maths), would-be Christian, pro-community, anti-hierarchy.

15 responses to “Brexiteers! Spot the Camel”

  1. All part of Agenda 21 now Agenda 30. The UN has been an arm of the global Deep State for a century. All western governments have been infiltrated and the illusion of democracy has held sway until today. Now things are changing -the extent of the duplicity is widespread and involves millions of people across the globe. Removing these criminals from power is the big challenge facing the billions of decent people who have been screwed over. It is a battle we are going to win.

  2. The astrologer to Tony Blair and New Labour has said that Tony was totally brainwashed
    by Tavistock, and its quite widespread, CIA director William Colby refused all the homosexual stuff and was murdered.
    apparently Henry Kissenger is a black magician and total homosexual, who has raped more young boys that Menachem Begin

  3. I read the article by Tony Blairs astrologer too, and was sickened by the pushing of homosexuality.

  4. Prime Minister Edward Heath was blackmailed to take the UK into the Rothschild banking octopuss the EU, so says Dr David Cohen.
    The very people who supplied Heath with little boys were the onles to blackmail him.
    Every day on our TV screens we see subliminals pushing us to stay in the EU with homosexual inferences in adverts etc
    Every single TV advert showing a couple show a black man witha white woman
    This is a terrible racist slur on black woman saying they are not good enough for black men.
    The family who live next door are good people, the father was telling me with some distress in his voice that kids who go away to clege get bom barded with propagands type homosexual stuff and also pro EU nonsense
    he said his son came home from college and told him he realised he was a homosexual
    and had been at it while away.
    The fathera good man sat down with his son to talk, and i am pleased to say he did the honourable thing
    and chucked his son out.

  5. When governments or their representatives like MPs
    do not work in the interest of their electorates
    they are criminal fifth columnists, and deserve prison or worse
    vote them out, vote for independents not associated with Rothschild owned parties

  6. The United Nations is a useless organization with more than one agenda . Having failed in the task to educate black African women on sex education for the reduction of the number of children they produce , now this useless Org is expecting the western world to maintain and feed the enormous numbers of African . This is the reason the UN favors illegal immigration . The African population has now passed the 1.2 billion mark and in another 30 years could reach the 2 billion mark .

  7. The gift of Brexit is the same as 911, both of these political charades expose the hidden hand that rules from the shadows. What can be said about those who rule from the dark? They have a nefarious agenda and that these people are ashamed of what they do and can not openly announce in the light of day what their agenda is.

    If you believe with your heart your agenda then you have no problem announcing it to the world right into a microphone. Since the elite can not do that, except for snippits announced in CFR meetings and such, they have to propagandize until the public buys the agenda and then they find an actor like AOC who will announce their plans boldly.

    If the elite oppose and sabotage Brexit then it is logical for the people getting screwed by the hidden hand to be for Brexit.

    If the British people are successful with Brexit then they can expect being tortured by the elite for thwarting their diabolical plans.

    Both 911 and Brexit prove that we are slaves of the owners of the system just like George Carlin said decades ago.

  8. Democracy has never existed. The idea that Brexit proves the point is laughable. So democracy does not exist but let’s argue using the system. We live in a representative democracy. We shouldn’t have referenda. The sheeple are far too thick & brainwashed to understand what is going on. I realise the fake news media pick the thickest public voices but it still makes the point they are totally thick. The Brexit referenda was ADVISORY, & MPs were supposed to vote on the result (rigged result as proved by subsequent byelections) & MPs would have rejected it.

    Problem is, even the people on here who are so say informed, enlightened, don’t understand what is going on. Boris is Amerikan, most coup plotters are US aligned. We aren’t leaving the EU, we are becoming the 51st State. Brexit is a trade war on the EU & rest of the world. Brexit is an MI6 reaction to growing bonds between the EU & Russia. Brexit is a US/UK gambit to block China’s SilkRoad2 which is a land-based trading system… the US and UK are naval powers, so they are stuffed. Hong Kong protests, MI6 backed. US/UK 400yr grip on global power is hanging by its fingernails. Maybe people on here know all of this. In this case, you are part of the evil empire. Maybe you are happy for the UK to be turned into Little Malaysia the police state where the people question nothing?

  9. Its time the sheeple woke up. .. A vote for any political party, is a vote for the traitors to implement their own agenda, not the peoples. … were ever political parties exist, Control; theft; and corruption, flushes. as these creature’s are masters at transferring the wealth of the people to there own trough.

  10. FACT: -Rebut if you can: “there is nothing more deceitful, and back stabbing, as a political party”. Stalin, Hitler, Benito Mussolini, and even Netanyahu, all belonged and belong to political parties with their own agenda. and the UK is on the same path, like the majority of the western world.

  11. Carl Jones,

    The USA is owned by the UK, not the other way around, more to the point, owned by the Crown Corporation of the City of London – Rothschild. People are unable to fathom, that the founding fathers, of America, were all freemasons which is ‘Talmudism for the Goy’. Britain, NOT America, decided the surrender decisions after the War of Independence. The US government is completely under the control of the Federal Reserve, itself one of the millions of establishments under Rothschild. Heck, even the Windsors (nee Saxe Coburg Gotha) are puppets of the Rothschilds. They’re the head of the snake, crushing the life out of the west.

  12. ” The simultaneous, co-ordinated, uniformity of policy across the west is proof that “Democracy” is a sham. ”

    Time to wake up:

  13. People say we need to vote the traitors out, but that’s not possible because every one of them is a traitor.

    WE don’t get to select the candidates. Rothschild (wrath-child) does.

    If we don’t want to vote for Ronnie Kray, we have to choose his brother Reggie. That’s the kind of “choice” we’re given, to vote for pre-approved Rothschild puppet number one or pre-approved Rothschild puppet number two.

    We’ve never had a democracy in this or any other country, and as Kevin Boyle points out, this fact is adequately demonstrated by the fact that ALL so-called “governments” are implementing identical policies at the same time.

  14. The USA is NOT owned by the UK
    thats bollox
    in w w 2 Churchil sold the UK to the USA this is why we are a land under occupation
    they said ah yes US military bases are here just for ww2
    then ah yes the cold war then US bases will go/
    now they admit they are here for good, because Churchill sold us to the US jewbankers
    we must get out of the rothschild EU
    take our country back
    give the jobs and homes back to our people, and help all the e onomic migrants to go home

  15. Maureen Heaton tried to warn us in 1990 with her book “The Impossible Dream”