Corbyn’s Health and Keith Mothersson

Stating the Unsayable Obvious

Kevin Boyle – No One To Vote For June 30, 2019

Anonymous civil servants have briefed the media regarding the allegedly frail condition of possible PM-to-be Jeremy Corbyn on the basis of no evidence whatever. Understandably, Corbyn is very angry about this demanding an investigation into the leak.
Given the story is without foundation and knowing the threat the establishment sees in Corbyn, a leader whose policies include the creation of a National Bank (aaaarghh … the fiend … the fiend) and the renationalisation of public utilities (including transport) … a leader whose knee-jerk reaction to Ashkenazi Jewish assaults against the Semitic population in Israel is to speak out loudly and boldly in defense of Palestinians’ rights …
… given all this, we know that the idea of Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister of Great Britain is absolutely unacceptable to our ruling establishment.
Let it be said then what Mr Corbyn and his inner circle must be thinking about the appearance of this non-story.
… that the establishment is creating the option to eliminate Mr. Corbyn in the event of his winning or threatening to win a UK general election.
Performing such a national service would be ‘business as usual’ for our “protectors” at MI5.

Keith Mothersson. Click to enlarge

This is Keith Mothersson. After he died in 2009, his obituary appeared in The Guardian.
The following facts are not included in the obituary of this heroic absolute gentleman:
Keith created an organisation in 2008/9 called “ALL FAITHS FOR 9/11 TRUTH”.
He, like most members of ‘9/11 Truth (UK & Ireland)’, saw 9/11 truth as a spiritual (as much as a political) matter.
He went round the country meeting religious leaders and forming connections and bonds between the various groups he had organised. There were C of E, Catholic, Muslim (the largest group based in a couple of the biggest mosques in the country), Buddhist, and even a Jewish group.
I was involved with Keith, approaching ‘Catholic’ leaders (as an aside, the couple I tried to talk to [it was early days] were hostile to the idea even engaging with the issue … maybe, for someone who has taken vows of obedience, this is an issue for the Pope alone).
The thing is that Keith was the connection and bond between the groups he had started forming.
He lived in Perth, Scotland. On one evening during September 2009 Keith returned to his house in Perth. He arrived home in a dishevelled state, exhausted and confused. He told his partner that he been accosted by a group of men on the walk home and had “a terrible struggle in a van”. He had been held down then released. He repeated “Why me?” to himself a few times before his partner helped him to bed.
She told friends that when Keith woke up he didn’t know who he was. He did not recognise her either. He was taken to hospital where he lay silently in bed for two weeks before dying.
A multi-faith, well-organised, religious collective demanding answers re 9/11 represented a genuine threat to the State.
Keith had gone too far. He was eliminated and his nascent organisation along with him.
And there is no one to whom one can even report this terrible crime. Such is the nature of our society.
Jeremy Corbyn is not a fool. He understands very well the options for the State such a story creates and what this leak could possibly imply.



Teacher (physics/maths), would-be Christian, pro-community, anti-hierarchy.

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  1. even more reason for corbyn to win the next election and ensure that the party embrace his principles and should anything happen to him everyone that re[places him in the pm leadership role follows through on his principles. safety in numbers to secure the desired outcome. the dark forces would have eliminate the entire party.