Symbolic Pics of the Month 06/19

Vigilant Citizen – June 12, 2019

In this edition of SPOTM: Madonna, Miley Cyrus, Lil Nas X, Christina Aguilera and more proof that the occult elite is on a mission to expose the world to the One-Eye sign. 

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Christina Aguilera was featured in Galore magazine in an editorial titled: “Christina Goes Back to Her Roots”. Apparently, her “roots” is Beta Kitten programming (mind controlled sex slaves of the occult elite). To be fair, those are truly her “roots”. In 2010, I analyzed her video Not Myself Tonight which was all about Beta Kitten programming. In this pic, the bills she received in exchange for her “services” have unicorns on them. Slaves don’t get paid.

Christina being choked by the hand of an unseen person = Trauma at the hands of a handler. Behind her is a butterfly = Monarch programming. Click to enlarge

Adobe (the makers of Photoshop) have been displaying the One-Eye sign all over the place. Here’s another example.


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