On Jews Being United

Gilad Atzmon – gilad.co.uk April 19, 2019

In his Times of Israel article What All Anti-Semites Have In Common,” Andres Spokoiny,  president and CEO of the Jewish Funders Network, tells us everything we shouldn’t know about the current state of the Jew/Goy divide.
“Today,” Spokoiny complains, “many Jews are willing to overlook and even excuse anti-Semitism when the bigots hate a certain type of Jews.” In the good old days, anti-Semitism was a uniting force. “Anti-Semitism used to be the big Jewish unifier. Jews were always fractious and quarrelsome, but when it came to anti-Semitism, everybody agreed. Anti-Semites hated us without distinction, so in the face of a common threat, we would recognize the danger and unite.” Spokoiny is nostalgic, he wants to see the Jews reunited into a fist of resistance against anti-Semitism.
In the eyes of Spokoiny, the three types of contemporary anti-Semitism, be it Left, Right or Islamic (“which is not only fascistic but outright genocidal,” according to Spokoiny) are in fact one by nature: “there’s just one type of anti-Semitism that simply dresses its ugly persona in different ideological garments.” So it isn’t just the Jews that should be reunited; the Goyim, or shall we say the rest humanity, aren’t diverse either, their oppositions to Jewish politics, Israel or Zionism are only a matter of “different ideological garments.”
In Spokoiny’s universe, the Jews are hated for being Jews. It is not that some oppose Israel for being racist, expansionist and genocidal. It is not because some may be upset that the Israeli Lobby dominates Western foreign affairs in the open. It is not because American and British boys and girls are sent to fight and die in Zio-con wars, it is not because some have noticed that it was a bunch of prominent Jewish intellectuals who have managed to reshape the Western ethos by means of so-called progressive ideologies. It is not because the media seems to be biased in favour of a criminal state, which happens to be a Jewish one. In Spokoiny, reasoning and self-reflection are pushed aside. In his universe some just hate Jews blindly, irrationally and for no reason.
But Spokoiny may as well be right. There is a common element in the Left-wing, Right-wing, Christian and Islamic opposition to Jewish politics, culture and ideology: opposition to choseness is how Bernard Lazare described it in his 1894 Zionist text Antisemitism: Its History and Causes. There is a shared common ground that unites all those so-called ‘anti-Semites.’ The alleged ‘enemies of the Jews’ are people who want the Jewish past to be subject to scrutiny like all other historical chapters, Israeli barbarism to be curtailed, Wall Street to be restricted, Palestine to be free. They want globalisation to be halted, immoral interventionism to die out. The so-called ‘anti-Semites’ actually follow the Zionist promise, they want Jews to finally assimilate and become ‘people like all other people.’ The so-called ‘enemies of the Jews’ are upholding the most enlightened rational universalist ethical positions. They treat Jews as ordinary people and expect their state and institutions to subscribe to ethical standards.
Spokoiny hates Alain Soral, the French intellectual who was sentenced this week to one year in prison by a French court for “negationisme” (history revisionism).
In the eyes of French Jewish institutes and Spokoiny, Soral is the ultimate enemy. He has managed to present a unifying message that appeals to the Left, the Right and Muslim immigrants. Soral calls for a universal reconciliation, between them all under a French nationalist egalitarian ethos. The French Jewish institutions see Soral’s call as a vile anti-Semitic message as it doesn’t seem to accommodate Jewish exceptionalism. However, some Jews have joined Soral’s movement. But they clearly demoted themselves to French patriots. They left chosenism behind, they see themselves primarily as French.
“We in the Jewish community need to believe him (Soral).” Spokoiny writes, “We need to stop participating in the divide-and-conquer game of those who hate us.” In other words, Spokoiny wants to see Jews as one monolithic identity. One that sticks together and exercises its power. If Spokoiny or anyone else thinks that such politics may eradicate anti-Semitism, he or she must be either naïve or just stupid   . What Jews need to do is to self-reflect, to ask themselves why anti-Semitism is rising again. Jews must identify their own role in this emerging reality. Rather than constantly blaming their so called ‘haters,’ Jews may want to repeat the early Zionist exercise and ask what is exactly in Jewish culture, identity and politics that makes Jewish history into a chain of disasters.
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Gilad Atzmon, a former Israeli soldier now a writer and an award winning Jazz musician resident in London, where he lives in virtual exile

6 responses to “On Jews Being United”

  1. Hate has nothing to do with most of the criticisms of Zionism which many people share. Of course any criticism even when absolutely true may lead to more hate in the mind of a bigot. But that is the risk and price to be paid if an exclusive organization or ethnic group does not police itself with respect to universal ethical standards.

    You cannot have genuine and lasting external respect and honor for an organization which tries to hide every deceit and abuse it commits and suppresses all criticism within and without its ranks. It is also the dissenters, the whistleblowers, the critics from within who expose the errors who are the very instruments who save the organization from its own corruption. If your elitism is based on financial dominance and power over everyone else whereby such ends justify the means, then you are bound to have many enemies and your days will be numbered, especially in a world which is increasingly becoming more and more awake and precarious.

    If the Jews were to accept Jesus Christ as their Messiah they would in effect become more universal and less exclusive regarding their own commandments, and they may even relax their grasping for temporal things as a result. However, one thing is certain, and that is the world would be a much much better place. It is difficult to understand why they are not totally satisfied with the preeminence of being the chosen sacred vessel in giving just that one gift, that one divine person to the world.

  2. i h\ave been looking at what jews do for many years and guess what ?
    i am an antisemite and proud of it
    arent you ?

  3. Well, most making the ‘anti-Semite’ accusations aren’t actually ‘Semites’, right? Not according to the dictionary definition… right? NeoZionism, neoconservatism, neoliberalism, neo this that the the next thing… minority rule over the masses, basic Maxism… nothing new… basic Satanism for life here in Purgatory… to put it esoterically…. it’s a school in consciousness… no pain, no gain…. for those who ‘wake up’ and learn they need to choose sides… some choose to stay in the darkness of this Maze/Matrix/Plato’s Cave… others choose to leave for the Light… the Choice… .when ready… and the Jewish leadership/priesthood has long ago chosen the negative polarity/Satanism…. thus the CHosen People of Satan… but there’s a whole lot more Aryans in that clubhouse that so-called Jews… and that definition is interesting as well… mostly AshkeNAZIs control it, right? isn’t that a clue to their chosen orientation? THey seek to ‘graduate’… thus these ‘brids of a feather’ flock with their other club members to rule the masses… to ‘graduate’… when Mother Nature arrives to end the school and start the next one. Those in this Satanic clubhouse work with their ‘masters’ to setup this school of darkness, pain etc…. an obstacle course for us.. the herd of humanity… half Preadamic, half Adamic… beginners and those more experienced… it is the latter half that matters, and only a fraction of that is ready to really ‘wake up’ and choose sides/polarity… Tree of Life… it takes two to tango… Birkeland current flow throughout the Matrix…that which IS creates that which is NOT… to ‘know thyself’…simple… all those attracted to the ‘dark side’ that run this obstacle course or school some call Purgatory have made their choice… busy learning the ‘dark arts’ in herd management… thus the reason history essentially repeats itself… the same lessons are returning again and again until we learn. There is a method to the madness, most so-called Jews (Judeans, right?, the black sheep of that family), evangelicals etc know not a thing… but think they do… but all they really need to know is which side of the cosmic equation they want to choose… which path of return to follow.

    It seems to me the whole “Jew” thing is mostly a smoke screen to hide the Satanism of their leadership from their people… same with the Aryans et al…. all part of life here in the school of Purgatory.. set to end soon… thus the stress levels increase as the culling of the herd picks up pace… ‘out with their OWO, in with their NWO’… a battle of who will control things after Big Momma swings thru… etc etc… the method to the madness… knowledge is power, light and the meaning of life… to know thyself.

  4. The refusal/inability of jews to see that ‘anti-sematism’ is a rational response to bad behavior is quite surreal.
    They appear to have a collective psychosis that causes them to act like narcissists.
    So much for the high IQ – it doesn’t stand a chance against the lifelong programming in supremacy.

  5. The chosen are obsessed with being the richest, the most powerful and the smartest. Towards that end, they eliminate the smartest ones among their perceived enemies, which is nearly everybody else outside of their clan, a multi-dimensional crime syndicate. How intelligent is that? Murdering everybody who’s smarter than you so you can say “we’re the smartest ones, we’re the chosen ones”… Utter depraved insanity!

    The Earth is an insane asylum and the most criminally insane are running the freak show. By “law” or edicts, they are trying to force us to be even more stupid than they are!

    Voltman’s Theorem has yet to be refuted:

    The addiction to cashisch inevitably leads to hemorrhagic stupiditas.

    Contemporary Spiritual Plagues…Part Two:
    Hemorrhagic Stupiditas – By Diane Harvey

  6. I don’t despise them for their religion, for I couldn’t give a shit about that. Rather, I despise them for their behavior, actions, and attitudes.