Christ Out, Lucifer In? Notre-Dame and the Climate Change McGuffin

Kevin Boyle – No One To Vote For April 17, 2019

Today on the BBC News Channel journalists (I use the term loosely) have taken up somebody’s suggestion that the reconstructed Notre Dame Cathedral should encapsulate and project new, modern concepts like “environmentalism” and “climate change awareness”.
Perhaps there should be a wonderful garden on the reconstructed Notre Dame roof?
Passers-by in Paris are asked for their reaction to this bold idea.
“Oh yes, yes, yes, wonderful, yes…” were the broadcast responses.
If any of this comes to pass, Notre Dame will be effectively a celebration of New-World-Order globalist spirituality. That is, the Cathedral will have been effectively rededicated to Lucifer, the true god of our Judeo-Masonic rulers.
Expect thousands of hours of airtime to be given over to such “exciting ideas” during the coming few years. This is the kind of a Cathedral the big donors want. If the past is any guide to the present they will get it.
Only WE can stop this happening.


The McGuffin:

In fiction, a MacGuffin is a plot device in the form of some goal, desired object, or another motivator that the protagonist pursues, often with little or no narrative explanation. The MacGuffin’s importance to the plot is not the object itself, but rather its effect on their characters, their motivations and other outcomes beyond the narrative itself.
We are being encouraged to believe that unless we do something big NOW, life on earth could end during the next 12 years.
To demonstrate that man-made-CO2-driven ‘Climate Change’ and the coming, much-vaunted  ‘Extinction Crisis’  is nonsense, one could link to numerous serious scientists, including Nobel prizewinners, who say exactly this. One could also point out that there is no peer-reviewed paper based on real data that begins to support the kind of hysteria to which we are subject on a daily basis.
I could argue as many, including Lord Monckton, do … that the Climate Change McGuffin is a device for the facilitation of the implementation of a global taxation system and, hence global governance.That if your aim is to instal a global government, you need a “global problem” with which to justify your agenda.
However, there is a simpler instrument for demonstrating the absolute bullsh*t to which we are being subjected. That instrument is ordinary, human COMMON SENSE.
Carbon Dioxide constitutes 0.04% of the gas in our atmosphere.
That is, ONE PART IN TWO THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED of the air we breathe is CO2.
2,500 is fifty packs of cards (with 2 cards/pack removed). So imagine 50 packs of cards on your kitchen table if you can. Remove ONE CARD from one pack. This card compared to the total number of cards represents how much of our atmosphere is made up of this deadly toxin that might cause all life on earth to end quite shortly.
Imagine now the scientifically-stated worst case nightmare scenario … that by the end of the century the fraction of this gas (sorry, forgot to say … this is the gas that all vegetatable life relies on to live and thrive) increases by 50% from 400ppm to 600 ppm (parts per million).
…. that would be ONE AND A HALF PLAYING CARDS out of 50 packs.
Is it not simply ridiculous to image that this transparent gas, this tiny fraction of our atmospheric environment could possibly have such a definitive effect on global temperatures and the survival of life on earth?
Surely common sense alone should be enough for any sensible person to dismiss this bullsh*t.
And that’s without mentioning the fact that the ‘scientific’ Climate Models that predict the coming nightmares …
You know … that rather large yellow thing up in the sky whose surface and various emissions are continually changing?
When scientists do not factor the sun into their weather climate models, what does your own common sense tell you about those scientists and those who fund their “research”?
Enough of this carbon-footprint sh*t already.
And enough of roof gardens on Notre Dame too. Let France reconstruct a building in which people want to pray to God rather than palpitate over the dangers posed by CO2 climate unicorns.



Teacher (physics/maths), would-be Christian, pro-community, anti-hierarchy.

3 responses to “Christ Out, Lucifer In? Notre-Dame and the Climate Change McGuffin”

  1. The reason we had 2 world wars was to put the money and power in the hands of the jews who say one more world war and we will be in charge, but the UK does not want to be part of this, and voting for brexit and independence was a gift from god to save us.
    The powers That Be wont let us leave, and the banks threaten to have revenge if we do
    i say hey jewbankers i dont care the UK must be free
    how do you feel ?

  2. In light of all the false flags, fake media and public manipulation over the last 20 years, any rational person would have to think that most certainly the fire was a carefully controlled blaze for just such a purpose. Looking at the big dots between Church and State over the past 5 years alone, clear patterns emerge. The RC Church is the biggest organization in the world. The globalists need it to realize UN Agenda 2030 adn to usher in a One World Government. Based on the Church’s incompatibility with the means and wording of earlier UN Agendas before 2014, obviously the Vatican made a deal with the secular globalists for Agenda 2030 which contained more innocuous wording, particularly with respect to family planning and sustainability issues.

    Low and behold the Vatican and the secular globalists before 2014 craft a deal for a revised UN Agenda and to usher in a One World Government, and of course a Rothschild One World Bank. However, the head prelate of the RC Church is just too conservative and not the man to open Agenda 2030 in 2015 at the UN in New York City. Benedict steps down in 2014 and the more politically-correct Francis is his replacement, who immediately chimes in with the globalist deal by starting his pontificate with noises which appear to run counter to traditional Church teachings on family values. In September 2015 Francis opens UN Agenda 2030 in New York.

    Hence, one can expect that the Cathedral which is now owned by the EU state of France (which is a state run by the Rothschild globalists and their puppet Macron) together with their Vatican puppets, will most certainly cast the new cathedral inners and windows in a more acceptable and politically correct multicultural, multiracial, and multisexual fashion. There may even be a stained-glass window showing the comradery between Macron and his black boyfriends, or one of Francis gloriously opening UN Agenda 2030.

  3. Just as its said, by the Light Upon Nations ?