Bob Dylan’s Goy Ghostwriter Speaks — April 15, 2019 

Dylan, real name Robert Zimmermann. Click to enlarge

Scary to think that popular culture is a massive psyop created by the Cabalist (Illuminati) Death Cult.
Bob Dylan schooled the baby boomer generation in self-righteous alienation from “the establishment” without identifying the real culprits.
MK-Ultra mind-controlled “cultural icons” obfuscate the Cabalist banking cartel’s plot to enslave humanity.

by Henry Makow PhD

Recently, I got a poem (“Lyin Zion” below) from a man who claimed to have been “Dylan’s goyim song-poet in NYC during the mid-’60s.”
He “didn’t feel comfy getting too close to exposing a Jewish icon.”
There is “no question of his serving “the god you can’t see.” [Satan]
“Dylan would joke about the “hypnotic splattered mist” that engulfed his listeners in “a Jewish lullaby of acid.”
“He was a clever [snide] guy who wrote those kinds of songs.
“I received payments from his Jewish manager and exited when folks around him started inexplicably dying [Mossad?]
“Mr Zimmerman was the east coast’s Laurel Canyon of the ’60s. I do have the history somewhere… but hesitate to go into detail.”


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