Let’s Discuss Non-Violent Resistance

henrymakow.com – March 18, 2019

(In this TED talk, Jamila Raquib demonstrates that non-violent resistance is both an art and a science. It is more effective than violent resistance.) 
Communism has been a fait accompli in the West for some time. Now the monster is emerging from the closet. How do we react?

by Henry Makow PhD

If you define Communism as a satanist central banker monopoly over everything, communism has been a fait accompli in the West for quite some time.
They control the corporations, government, media, universities, churches, military and justice system. They use Organized Jewry and Freemasonry. The only thing they don’t control is the Internet and that is changing
They do this because they have the government’s credit card. They control the medium of exchange, credit and currency creation.
Credit is the lifeblood of society. Our lifeblood is poisoned. The only way to heal is for the government to create credit.
The most powerful forces in Western society are dedicated to destroying it. Isn’t it obvious?
It’s everywhere we look.
–The migrant and immigrant invasions designed to disenfranchise people of European descent.
–False flags like the recent attack on two NZ mosques designed to pit disarm whites and pit them against Muslims.
–A children’s crusade against bogus “climate change” designed to institute Agenda 21.
–A Democratic Party and media that have slipped the moorings of sanity and is gaslighting the public daily.
–The disgraceful Judge Kavanaugh and Jossie Smollet spectacles are jaw-dropping yet the perps suffer no serious consequences. The Democrats and RINOs have crossed the line into treason countless time but the word “treason” loses its meaning when it becomes the new normal.
–The treatment Trump has received is unprecedented.
–Britain is unable to remove the shackles of the EU.
–The absurd attack on gender, marriage and family by normalizing homosexual dysfunction.
–The attack on “white privilege” and the heritage of Western Civilization.
–The normalization and promotion of miscegenation.
Censorship, slander and intimidation of conservatives.
— Liberals scream racism while condoning South African murders of whites.
— PC control over cultural expression. “Art” is no longer free. It either corrupts or is agitprop.
The list is endless. Western civilization is collapsing like a cheap tent. You can’t have a culture or civilization without God. God is the Moral Order.

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There are not enough good people willing to stand up. Not enough people paying attention.
What have we seen by way of resistance? The French “Yellow Vests” are rioting in the streets. Macron is banning these protests. The Communist-controlled media suppress this news. Brexiteers are marching and promising actions like blocking main thoroughfares. Germans are protesting. Italy, Hungary and Poland have overthrown globalist governments and are instituting reforms. Trump is trying to do the same. This resistance enjoys Zionist patronage, which is also banker controlled. But we have to use what we can.



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