The Scientific Case for God Part II

Kevin Boyle – No One to Vote For March 4, 2019


Until quite recently no ‘big picture’ vision of our material reality existed that could explain the mind-boggling anomalies that necessarily arise from quantum physics theory. Even the creators of the theory, who could be fairly called geniuses, could not explain these phenomena.
The most familiar of these quantum effects are:
1) ‘Entanglement’ … whereby change imposed on one of a pair of ‘entangled’ particles causes instantaneous change in the other no matter how far apart the particles are at the time of the imposed change. This implies the (seemingly) impossible, that information travels from one particle to the other at effectively infinite speed (under all other circumstances nothing can travel faster than light [i.e. at more than 3 x 10^8 m/s]). To “understand” this problem students are introduced to the concept of “non-locality”, meaning that a particle is “somewhere” but not in the sense we usually imagine. A non-explanation that doesn’t help at all.
2) The alternately ‘particle-like’ or wave-like’ behaviour of photons or electrons in the Young’s Slits experiment, depending on whether we are observing the particles or we are not.
Both behaviours present materialist-attuned minds with an impossible conundrum.
Although some of the great Physicists of the early 20th Century did sense a solution, they could not, at that time, extrapolate the basic idea into a credible and coherent overview.
I regard consciousness as fundamental. I regard matter as derivative from consciousness. We cannot get behind consciousness. Everything that we talk about, everything that we regard as existing, postulates consciousness.” 
Max Planck
Today a model of reality exists that makes these phenomena comprehensible in a fairly straightforward manner. This model is called ‘The Simulation Model’.


The universe we inhabit is a ‘Virtual Reality’, much like the ones we can now create ourselves only (obviously) much, much more powerful.
When you play a video game the street scene you engage with is not real, the jungle you are chased through is not real, the ‘people’ trying to shoot you are not real, the avatar you control is not real.
All these things are simply data delivered to the interface with which you, the player, are engaging. The only things that are real are your consciousness sending signals to the computer and the computer program that you are engaging with.
Similarly, according to the ‘Simulation Model’, only your consciousness and the consciousness of the ‘creator’ of the virtual reality are real. In this more sophisticated ‘video game’ you consciousness is embedded in your avatar (physical body). It must also be connected to the ‘creator’.
By this model we realise that
The anomalies associated with quantum physics now disappear. There are no anomalies. The only reason these anomalies existed in the first place is because we thought that space and time are real.
If space and time are not real then the entangled particles are not separated by massive distances, they are separated by the illusion of distance and their identical behaviour has been fixed by the program at source at their moment of creation. Similarly for the Young’s Slits particles it IS only the observation of the probability distribution (wave function of the ‘particle’) generated by the program that makes the particle an actual particle in the first place. Before it is observed the material universe is a FIELD OF POTENTIAL, a probability function, that only observation and (according to physicist Tom Campbell) its associated intention fix as a particular (virtual) reality.
…and isn’t this what mystics have been telling us for millenia ? … that our “physical reality” is all an ILLUSION.
An illusion created for your consciousness to experience, for the best possible progress towards perfection of souls. One’s intention plays a crucial role not only in one’s own personal development but also in the development of our shared virtual reality.
This a pretty big idea but, for me it has got to be essentially true or, at the very least, the best model of reality we have yet invented. The simple reason for this is that this ‘virtual reality’ model accords with the best/most accurate Physics that is out there. Quantum theory. Given this reality we can now define what Physics is with clarity. PHYSICS IS THE RULE SET OF THIS VIRTUAL REALITY.


Because of our illusory environment we are forced to try and describe this ‘virtual reality’ in terms of time and space (which don’t really exist), simply because we have no other language with which to imagine and express relationship. So here goes …
If one calls one’s conscious self the SOUL, then our soul collects data from OUTSIDE OURSELVES (the external world, including our body) via our 5 senses. Everything within that ‘external’ virtual reality, including our own avatar, is subject to the rules of Physics (and their much more complex chemical and biological extrapolations).
It is also clear from this model that our consciousness (soul) must also collect data continuously from the program to maintain the illusion that is the ‘simulation’. WE MUST BE CONNECTED PERMANENTLY WITH SOURCE/THE PROGRAM or, as most of us prefer to call it … GOD.
Beyond this we must work things out for ourselves. The program allows us to operate within our virtual reality as though we were independent sources of thought, feeling,  spirit and action. Atheists will believe this as fact … that we are source … that there is nothing other than “me” and what I see outside myself.
Those who have had spiritual experiences of any kind tend towards a different view. For myself I have experienced the transcendent ecstasy the same as (I believe) ‘Near Death’ experiencers familiarly describe. I have also felt entities appear to crash into my body, I heard them laughing until they realised I could hear them. I heard on urgently say, “Shh, shh. He can hear us” before all went quiet. So neither the highest psychological authorities nor the Russian army will tell me that angels and demons do not exist.
I have come to believe that the nature of our engagement with our creator and with the eternal realms (that is the source of data arriving into our consciousness from WITHIN) operates according to a system very like the divinely-created system described by Emanuel Swedenborg over 200 years ago.
It is amazing to notice that some of Swedenborg’s statements were very ‘quantum-like’ indeed …
“God occupies all space non-spatially and all time non-temporally.” … from “Divine Love and Wisdom”
“I have visited other earths within the universe and discussed many issues with the humans that inhabited those earths. This is possible because space and time are not as we imagine them but rather a matter of our inner condition.” … from “Other Planets”
Finally, we cannot help but notice that Physics is starting to look a lot like Theology. This is something that I hope all readers will find encouraging.
Most of the detailed ‘virtual reality’ information in this blog I learned from My Big T.O.E.” (Theory of Everything) by Tom Campbell. His trilogy (in one compendium) is 850 pages long but easy reading for the layperson. I would also recommend trying one of his many YouTube talks to fill out more detail regarding ‘The Simulation Model’ and its implications.
I have talked with angels about the conjunction of heaven with the human race, and I said that, while the man of the Church declares that all good is from God, and that angels are with man, yet few believe that angels are conjoined to man, still less that they are in his thought and affection. To this the angels replied that they know that there is such a belief and even such a mode of speaking in the world, and especially, to their surprise, within the Church, where yet there is the Word to teach men about heaven and its conjunction with man.
Nevertheless, there IS such a conjunction that man is unable to think the least thing apart from the spirits adjoined to him, and on this his spiritual life depends. They said that the cause of ignorance of this matter is man’s belief that he lives from himself, without a connection with the Creator of life; and that he does not know that this connection exists by means of the heavens; and yet if that connection were broken man would instantly fall down dead.
If man believed, as is really true, that all good is from the Lord and all evil from hell, he would not make the good in him a matter of merit nor would evil be imputed to him; for he would then look to the Lord in all the good he thinks and does, and all the evil that inflows would be cast down to hell whence it comes. But because man does not believe that there is any influx into him either from heaven or from hell, and so supposes that all the things that he thinks and wills are in himself, and therefore from himself, he appropriates the evil to himself, and the inflowing good he defiles with merit.”
Emanuel Swedenborg, ‘Heaven and Hell’ §302
PS  Another simple way that the material universe matches the ‘virtual reality’ model is this. In our own computer generated illusions (as seen on our computer screens) the minimum image width is one pixel and the minimum time interval for any image to exist in the screen is the “refresh time”. Now, given that during a single refresh cycle a virtual particle on the screen can only occupy a single pixel, if we divide that pixel width by the refresh time we get distance/time = a MAXIMUM SPEED at which anything can possibly travel across the screen.
Similarly, in our own virtual reality all particles are constrained to a maximum velocity through the virtual reality, in our case, the speed of light.
Most interestingly Rupert Sheldrake reveals here that over certain decades during the last century the value of this maximum speed has occasionally changed by discrete amounts from one constant value to another. This scientifically recorded reality suggests that there are conscious entities overseeing the technical aspects of our virtual reality(universe) and occasionally tweaking the value of this number … presumably to improve performance of some important element within the system.



Teacher (physics/maths), would-be Christian, pro-community, anti-hierarchy.

2 responses to “The Scientific Case for God Part II”

  1. There is an interesting Flaw? Limitation? Error? in Kevin’s description of his ‘Virtual’ world – In the virtual worlds we are familiar with the ‘player’ is the only one conscious – all other entities, be they NPC’s (non-playing characters) or rocks in the scenery, are ‘dead’.

    Some games go further and have other entities inhabited by humans (in multi-player games). Extending that Massive Multiplayer Game analogy to ‘real life’ – the non-psychopathic among us attribute ‘player’ status to the human like characters, but beyond that we are faced with deciding just which of the entities around us are NPC’s? Are Some apparent ‘humans’ NPC’s? Are animals NPC’s? Are cockroaches?

    Maybe we only become ‘real’ by the exertion of effort to Reject the natural tendency to be a NPC.

    ps But to imagine a ‘virtual’ scenario where EVERY entity is ‘inhabited’ by Some degree of Consciousness (like most of the wise believe) is MUCH harder (and more fun) to conceptualize.

  2. Thanks John, that’s interesting. I agree with your last ps,

    In this article I was trying to put the whole ‘virtual reality’ thing as concisely as possible. Few of the ideas expressed in either of these articles are my own* excepting (this comes to mind at this moment) the idea of conscious humans?/entities in the eternal realms maintaing the efficiency of the “material” virtual reality for the benefit of the variously conscious thought-forms engaging with/inhabiting the program.

    * If Swedenborg is right no thoughts are truly our own. They arrive in our minds according to our feeling, desire, personal history and mental focus.
    A “genius” who makes a great scientific breakthrough, say, is just the first person to whom angels deliver a particular piece of information. a great writer is a person who has attracted the support of a powerful and brilliant angelic muse. Our ability to become such persons must depend, to some extent, on the depth of the desire of the human involved … but perhaps that too is given to our souls. the biggest questions can never be fully answered.