The Independent Spirit Awards Began With … Witches Sacrificing a Virgin In a Black Magic Ritual

Vigilant Citizen – March 1, 2019

The cold open of the Independent Spirit Awards featured Aubrey Plaza and a coven of witches sacrificing a teenage boy for the movie industry. Every creepy detail of this comedy short reflects the true dark side of Hollywood.

Tilda Swinson wearing Haider Ackermann. Other stars present were Glenn Close, Adam Driver, Jon Hamm, Amanda Seyfried and many more. Click to enlarge

The Independent Spirit Awards “is the premier awards event for the independent film community”. While it is theoretically an alternative to the “Hollywood mainstream”, the event is nevertheless attended by a whole lot of “Hollywood mainstream” people. In fact, its red carpet event was a typical parade of Hollywood stars wearing designer clothes.
The event’s proximity to Hollywood is not only figurative. It is literal: It took place in Santa Monica which is a short drive from Hollywood.
In a nutshell, the whole “independent film awards” thing is basically another tentacle of the giant octopus that is the entertainment industry. The same people are at the top and the same agenda flows through it. And the cold open of the Independent Spirit Awards couldn’t exemplify this fact in a more striking matter.

Cold Open

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