BBC Audiences Vetted to Exclude “Extremists” (i.e. Resistance to the Globalist Revolution)

Kevin Boyle – No One To Vote For March 1, 2019

Under the headline “The Vetting Files: How the BBC Kept Out Subversives”, the BBC, in April 2018, revealed how MI5 assisted ‘Auntie’ in keeping people with the wrong kind of ideas from gaining employment within the BBC
Excerpt 1:
” …A memo from 1984 gives a run-down of organisations on the banned list. On the left, there were the Communist Party of Great Britain, the Socialist Workers Party, the Workers Revolutionary Party and the Militant Tendency. By this stage there were also concerns about movements on the right – the National Front and the British National Party.
A banned applicant did not need to be a member of these organisations – association was enough.
Excerpt 2:
” … An interview given in 1968 by BBC director general Sir Hugh Greene shows the BBC’s policy of denial and obfuscation in action.
To a reporter from The Sunday Times in February Greene blithely and misleadingly declared: “We have a staff of 23,000 and in that community we have people of all descriptions, including what you call pansies” – the word had apparently been used by the reporter – “and also communists. But that’s none of my business. We don’t conduct an inquisition on people who join the BBC.””
Thus ‘extremists’ from the right and left are out and ‘centrists’ are in, confirming that many decades ago the same system (that it took many of us so long to understand) was in operation. i.e. that those who accept the globalist revolution (with all its Corporatism and regime-change warmongering) is by definition the political “centre”.


Given the massive advances in the ability of organisations like Google to collect data on the opinions and political activities of individuals it would appear that BBC “vetting” has been expanded to cover the audiences attending “public” debates, for example those of the long-running BBC flagship, “Question Time”.
For evidence watch last night’s show (linked below) from the 42 minute mark when Sarah Bruce asks the audience if there is anyone prepared to speak in support of Labour Minister Barry Gardiner’s arguments in defence of Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party regarding its current “anti-Semitism” crisis.
NOT ONE audience member spoke in support of Gardiner. NOT ONE.
For me, given that almost everybody I know recognises that the attacks against Corbyn on this front have been relentless from the moment he was elected leader in September 2015 and that this is a Jewish/media/establishment operation, it is simply staggering and a statistical impossibility that a room of two to three hundred people should contain no Corbyn sympathisers at all.
Staggering and, I believe, the strongest possible evidence that BBC audiences are intensively vetted and that BBC current affairs and news is pure Zionist propaganda.
Knowing that Margaret Hodge’s daughter, Lizzie Watson, is currently employed as the BBC’s deputy News editor, we can confidently predict the BBC’s political position on absolutely everything.
We can also rest assured that the BBC will use every means at its disposal to propagandise the public at large into accepting their own revolutionary point of view.
During last night’s show there was a “Palestinian” on the panel who (amazingly and comically) lambasted people who criticized “Israel” as ‘anti-Semitic’ because Israeli is a pluralist state comprising all kinds of different people. However it is acceptable and “not anti-Semitic” to criticise Netanyahu and his party.
Next we will be told we can criticise Netanyahu’s brain but not his arms and legs.
One hopes and prays that Labour itself will see sense and that the time will arrive when the party begins expelling people who make false accusations of anti-Semitism.
The good news for now is that for all the monopoly our rulers hold over mainstream discourse, their project is failing.



Teacher (physics/maths), would-be Christian, pro-community, anti-hierarchy.