LBC Goes Zionist Mental

Kevin Boyle – No One To Vote For Feb 23, 2019

* Louis B. Marshall, (1856-1929) the Counsel to bankers Kuhn Loeb, which represented the Rothschilds, said in a letter Sept. 26 1918, “Zionism is but an incident of a far-reaching plan: it is merely a convenient peg on which to hang a powerful weapon.”(what this means is that the globalist elite, who bow to Egyptian and Babylonian gods, don’t give a shit about the Jewish people they hold so near to their bosoms. They use ordinary Jews. This elite is “those who say they are Jews but are not” referred to in ‘Revelation 2:9’).
Zionism is currently, along with control over the issuance of money, our rulers’ primary instrument for forwarding their globalist agenda. These people hold the power to get what they want by bullying via, if necessary, destroying a person’s finances, reputation or very life.
But they are not bullies. A bully harms in order to inflate his or her sense of themselves. These people already think of themselves as Gods. They are psychopaths. Psychopaths harm to produce a desired outcome.
I live in the southernmost end of London and occasionally (well, quite often some days) tune into Zionist-owned LBC to keep myself aware of which thoughts Zionist propagandists at the broadcaster “Leading Britain’s Conversation” want us to be having.
Today during every hour without exception the topic being “debated” has been ‘Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party’ and its anticipated demise. LBC, in a manner somewhat like CNN “discussing” that (as they would have it) ‘obviously deranged idiot’ President Trump, has gone full-throttle looney in an absolute onslaught against Corbyn. This is rather amusing bearing in mind that CNN’s ‘impartial’ coverage of the US president seems to have done more damage to CNN’s own reputation than it has to Trump himself.
All day every day it goes like this … “were the Eight resigning MP’s right to leave Labour?” “Is Labour a sinking ship?” “Will Corbyn be replaced?” “Is this the end for Corbyn?” “How can Corbyn deal with his Party’s anti-Semites?” “Why isn’t the Labour Party doing better?” … in such terms is the “question we are debating during this hour” couched.
Since Danny Finkelstein admitted last week that powerful Jews engage in secret political plotting, you and I will, of course, be free in future to assert this as an admitted fact without having to suffer the usual name-calling. Therefore, allow me to observe that for the past week LBC’s odious James O’Brien has stood aside from his 3-hour morning slot to make way for a litany of ‘resigners’ to sell their message to the public. It is clear that a Zionist kite is being flown to test the waters in order that a new ‘centrist’ party can be created that might steal the next UK General Election in the manner of Macron in France. 
It is comical though that these “centrists” are, in reality, supporters and puppets of globalist, warmongering, revolutionary banking Imperialism … and here we have it …
The new Globalist/Zionist (smoothie-Chuka-Umunna-style) political CENTRE is in favour of … in no particular order …
1) The abolition by stealth of all nation states.
2) The destruction of the indiginous cultures of nation states via mass immigration.
3) The destruction of the culture of nation states via the effective take-over of those states by international Corporations that have already turned every high street in Europe into almost indistinguishable shopping malls and all the new-build Corporate-not-Council-built flats surrounding station hubs into small, identi-kit, hive-like dwellings that drown the lucky buyer in a lifetime’s debt.
4) Foreign wars waged for the destablisation and, if necessary, the destruction of countries not under full globalist control using phoney ‘humanitarian’ pretexts endlessly broadcast by Zionist-owned, supine media operatives.
5) That our collective truth be established by repetition rather than by checkable facts subject to debate and critical thinking.
6) The supreme importance of protecting Israel’s interests.
7) The idea that ‘Climate Change’ is caused by small percentage changes in the amount of an obviously dangerous atmospheric gas that all plants need to live and which constitutes only 1/250th of the earth’s atmosphere to begin with … that a change that amounts to, at worst, an increase of one part in a thousand of the atmosphere of this invisible killer gas (that we all exhale every time we breathe) will, more than likely, end all life on earth. Maybe future globalist policy will forbid humans from breathing in order to spare the earth?
Universities! Universities, for God’s sake, propagandise this nonsense. They take no obvious comparative interest in the effects of changes in the jet stream or the sun, say, on our weather systems. One might wonder if the sun is an irrelevance in all this. Money makes us a weak and shameful species. Is there no one in the political/media orbit with an ounce of common sense, nor the courage to declare this scam for what it is … a pretext for imposing a system of centralised global taxation.
8) Any other anti-human bullshit will be accepted as truth as ‘Centrists’ are so commanded … and on … and on … ad infinitum.
The new political EXTREMIST tends to be in favour of, in no particular order:
1) An end to the destabilisation of foreign governments and our own country’s involvement foreign wars.
2) Genuine cultural diversity, i.e. the maintenance of difference and particularity in culture.
3) Debate and reform of the financial system that increasingly renders the majority of citizens within all nominally rich economies without property and without security.
4) An end to the dominance over all societies of international finance and its rackets, which itself produces ABSOLUTELY NOTHING OF REAL VALUE but which concentrates production within ever fewer companies and concentrates wealth in ever fewer hands.
5) The idea that governments should primarily direct their energies towards improving the lives of their own citizens.
6) The idea that there are two sexes not 3,407 (so far)
7) Demanding that Israel obeys the same rules as the rest of us.
8) Governments enacting real, meaningful and do-able policies that will protect our environment and cleaning up serious historic pollution. Is it not a great mystery how certain governments can force compliance on almost every other country via the threat of force, yet cannot protect the Amazon rain forest?
So, in a nutshell …
*The new ‘CENTRE’ = Zionist revolution.
The new “EXTREMIST” = anyone who demands that politicians represent the interests of the people who elected them.
That’s how crazy ‘domocracy’ has become.
What is also comical is that the harder the Zionist over-class try to mangle government to recoup its ongoing losses, the more (many millions of us now) are recognising this phoney system for what it is … well, it makes me laugh, anyway.
Back in the LBC studio, callers supporting the ‘centrist’ agenda tend to get through. Strong critics of the revolutionary LBC line have probably (like me) had their phone number blocked. Accepted callers, opposing the implications of the question, tend to be overly polite and weak. Occasionally one will say something  pertinent and be told off by the interviewer … as in the last caller I heard before making this post. A polite asian Londoner eventually offered words to the effect, “All these resigners have been Zionists for years and now they are just acting together, obeying their master’s voice”, to which the presenter, herself an asian, intervened, “Oh Abdul, you were doing so well until you said that.”
I’m glad that today I find myself much less angered by such manipulative Zionist shenanigans. Rather, it is all good for a giggle until one remembers that these people are psychopaths capable of literally anything, provided there is no significant cost to themselves.
The rise of Corbyn, Brexit, the gilets jaunes, and even Trump (hopefully) should be seen as a win-win situation for anti-establishmentarians. If our rulers command their governments to crush or destroy these phenomena they will only multiply their own problems.
That Zionism is the prime manifestation of the problems of all those who live in western ‘democracies’ is becoming more and more obvious to more and more people. Furthermore, this trend is clearly irreversible.
We need to challenge Zionism ever more openly.
Demand debate about the political use and real nature of the ‘anti-Semite’ curse.
We should not fear to say that Jews are placed in the shop window of establishment power so that to criticise the establishment inevitably opens a person up to this charge. Thus our rulers are protected by a weaponised thought-form going by the name of ‘The Jewish People’.
Why is debate about “The Holocaust” forbidden unless we accept Jewish assertions before any such debate begins?
Why does contradicting the official line result in arrest and imprisonment in many European countries? (In the UK a person merely loses their career and gets financially destroyed, as happened to my good friend Nick Kollerstrom.)
When a person can be destroyed for uttering HERESY we are, in terms of freedom of speech, living in a medieval society. Nothing has changed in principle for hundreds of years.
Furthermore, if LAWS OF HERESY are required to defend a narrative then that narrative cannot be fairly called ‘history’ at all, ‘The Holocaust’ is clearly a religion.
One day, sooner than we might expect, ordinary Jews will themselves recognise that they have been set up as a ‘human shield’ for the topmost ruling class. They will understand that, even more than the gentiles they have been educated into seeing as ‘other’, they have been brainwashed into a suicidal servitude and fake unity by people that will sacrifice them any time it serves their purpose (as the banking classes did to Jewish ‘Schnorrers’ in Europe during WW2). 
The utterly treacherous Jewish leadership is the same people that the true Messiah of the Jewish people, Jesus Christ, identified as being “Liars!”, “Of Satan!”. Their character is the character of our rulers. Bullying psychopaths who run from argument because they know fair debate can destroy them …
… that familiar combination … boundless tyranny and utter cowardice.
As for evidence of those lies, I would recommend the following as points effectively debunking the new jewel in the crown of the lying, Satanic, Talmudic religion that has held Jews in bondage for so many centuries:
See: Regarding Auschwitz



Teacher (physics/maths), would-be Christian, pro-community, anti-hierarchy.

2 responses to “LBC Goes Zionist Mental”

  1. Brilliant, Kevin says So many true things so well.

    The line that stood out to me was: ‘these people are psychopaths capable of literally anything, provided there is no significant cost to themselves.’
    Like Infecting Fukushima with StuxNet to ‘teach’ Japan a ‘lesson’…

  2. Well, I guess I’m an extremist then!
    As for “Trump (hopefully)” – don’t hold your breath. Just one look at his family members, not to mention appointees, should tell you all you need to know. But the show must go on for the benefit of “democracy”, you vote and it doesn’t make any difference, what a scam!