Feelz Always Beat Tough Love

Irish Savant – irishsavant.blogspot.com Feb 10, 2019

There’s nothing easier than exposing libtard hypocrisies and contradictions. None more so than with global warming. Sorry, climate change. It’s Virtue Signal Central. How they flaunt their sacrifices. ‘Did you know that I wash my clothes in cold water and hang them out to dry?’ All to a chorus of oohs and aahs from the luvvies. How warm and comforting it must be on the High Moral Ground. Can you imagine the explosion of outrage were you to point out that making Third World food aid contingent on mandatory sterilisation would dwarf their own feeble efforts? I’m prepared to bet that some of the really virtuous  would succumb to an attack of the vapours and literally swoon right at your feet.
But that’s the way it is. Look at this chart. Print a bit small but in essence the small circles represent typical ‘green’ measures (going car-free, green energy, plant-based diet etc.) all of which fade into insignificance compared to having one child fewer.

Now you might argue that libtards themselves have few children. And that would be correct. In fact advanced countries generally are failing to even maintain their existence population levels. Same can’t be said for the Third World, and especially Africa, as this second chart underlines. Their population growth renders all the efforts of Western countries futile.
Now let me be clear that most of those supporting green initiatives in the West are sincere in their efforts. I’m a careful recycler myself. But the acid test is whether they’d bite the bullet and admit that African population control is the only environmental game in town. How many would? And how many would concede the logical conclusion, that feeding starving Africans actually makes the problem worse rather than better? For sure those making a fortune from alternative energy, the Al Gores of this world, would freak out at the very thought. Their business model would disappear at a stroke.
And here’s another thought for the libtards who want almost unfettered Third World immigration to White lands. The carbon footprint of an African is but a tiny fraction of someone in an advanced country. What happens when, if the libtards have their way, tens if not hundreds of millions from the Third World become high-carbon footprint residents of Europe and the United States?  Yes, carbon emissions go through the roof.
But our current reigning orthodoxies demand that we be oblivious to the obvious. Liberalism today is a community of faith, hermetically sealed from knowledge that might wake it from its dream. Someone once said “When you lie to other people, it can work. When you lie to yourself, you pay.”
We’re going to be paying a long, long time.
Post script: The (impossible to read) graph below exemplifies the lies and evasions we’ve come to expect from the GW racket. It shows anti-GW measures in ascending order of significance. Except one. You guessed it. The most important one, omitted entirely.

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