Rulers Hate Their Own Peoples

Kevin Boyle – No One to Vote For Jan 30, 2019

Solzhenitsyn quote


The great crime that was 9/11 was conceived and initiated by a matrix encompassing and (politically) led by the NeoCon think-tank that called itself the “Project for the New American Century”. This organisation published a document entitled “Rebuilding Anerica’s Defences” in which it openly recommended that the USA should pursue “total global military domination”. The document also said that attending to such a goal would be difficult without, “… some catastrophic and catalysing event – like a new Pearl Harbour.”
(watch this excellent “9/11 War Promises” documentary)
As we all know, the Neocons got their ‘new Pearl Harbour’ and as a result young Americans were posted all over the Middle East to fight and die to establish this domination. But whose interests did all these wars serve? Certainly not the interests of the American people.
As with the Bolsheviks in Russia, the NeoCons CARE NOTHING about the well-being of ordinary Americans. The Trump presidency has demonstrated clearly that these people HATE ordinary Americans.
This is so obvious it is not worth arguing the case.
The NeoCons are Trotskyists. They are neither Conservatives nor ‘Democrats’. They are an alien force that infiltrated a political system and succesfully took it over.


Similarly in the UK and across the EU citizens are understanding that their own rulers are not concerned about the best interests of their own citizens. Senior politicians demonstrate that they are primarily interested in the globalist project they have been charged with imposing on their subject peoples.
Brexit, Les Gilets Jaunes etc. are manifestations of the public’s growing awareness of this reality.
There is no reverse gear to this process. Truth cannot be unlearned.
As with the Bolsheviks feelings towards ordinary Russians …
They don’t care about us AT ALL (except in as much as we are a potential threat to their own hegemony).
Not all ordinary politicians and media figures of the governing* (i.e. mind-controlling) ‘priest class’ understand this. Many are as brainwashed (and misinformed) as the majority of the people they represent.
But even some politicians and media commentators appear to be learning.
The collective unconscious is shifting.
Full awareness to follow.

*govern- = control
-ment (from mens/mentis) = mind


Teacher (physics/maths), would-be Christian, pro-community, anti-hierarchy.