The Meaning of Life and Key to Happiness — Jan 6, 2019

God is a Moral Dimension. If we refuse to improve, we cannot enter it. Change requires effort.

by Henry Makow PhD. 

platoI wouldn’t presume to expatiate on this weighty subject if my conclusions did not coincide with Plato’s, a man who has considerably more credibility than I.
Nor do I expect this revelation to result in a flash religious revival. Most people appear content with their current state.  Nonetheless, I felt I should broadcast this truth as a matter of record. Never let it be said that we did not know the Truth, only that we ignored it. (I am aware that this is the basis of many religions and is far from original.)
[CAUTION; Your mind may have been conditioned to shut down at the mention of the word “God.” I’m still afraid to mention His name.  If you are like me, please try to overcome your satanic conditioning.]  
I have been saying for years that, for humans, God is a moral dimension, a state of Consciousness in which spiritual ideals like Truth, Beauty, Love, Justice and Bliss are self-evident. Be ye therefore perfect as your Father who art in Heaven is perfect. (Matt 5:48)
This is identical to Plato’s philosophy of Ideas or Forms.


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