New Years Resolutions? — Jan 3, 2019

Cleaning Up Our Own Minds”

guide-resolutions-slide-LBXT-jumboReader Doug Plumb did not wait until New Years to join the low carb Keto diet/ intermittent fasting craze believed to have numerous health benefits.
Have you made any New Years resolutions?  
Doug Plumb, 54, is a software engineer and avid reader of law, math and the philosopher Kant. He lives in Ontario.

by Doug Plumb — (

Henry, I have made a discovery over the holidays. I learned about “autophagy” (fasting) and the ketogenic diet. This stuff carries a Nobel prize and everyone is talking about it, both alternative and mainstream.
berg8.jpg I had been without a doc for three months, experiencing severe lethargy and had dark circles under my eyes, so I proceeded to self-diagnose on You-Tube. Dr Eric Berg (left) explained that this suggested kidney problems and that I should eat kidney beans because they are excellent for the kidneys. It worked. Dr. Berg led me to the ketogenic diet. The basic idea of the ketogenic diet is that it changes the cells in your body from a glucose burning mode to a fat burning mode. It’s like changing the fuel in your car, or as it is sometimes said to be like changing the oil when an oil change is badly needed. The effects are incredible, I am told by many experts as I surf youtube.
Personally, I am no doctor, my experience in biology consists of growing a vegetable garden once at ten-years-old, and barely passing Grade Nine biology. I always thought energy came from glucose. I also know that fasting is time-tested and is practised in many cultures and religions. It’s also been studied by non-pharma-owned governments of Germany and the USSR in the past century as a general as well as specific treatment for a wide variety of diseases. This is not a “drink your own urine” type of new fad.

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