Democrats – A Communist Coalition of Disgruntled Minorities

By Henry Makow Ph.D. — Nov 12, 2018


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The midterm results last week can be understood by the following quote from yours truly:
“Organized Jewry is a corrosive acid that seeps into the fissures of society (class, gender, race) to undermine it in the name of “social change.” Despite this moral posture, there is no genuine desire to empower the goyim. See communism, feminism, migration, homosexuality in this light.”
See The Aim of Freemasonry is Triumph of Communism
The Democratic Party and most of the mainstream media are instruments of organized Jewry and Freemasonry which in turn are instruments of the Rothschild world central banking cartel.
They appeal to a coalition of “disgruntled minorities” –anyone with a grievance– to gain power.
According to the graph above, this coalition consists of non-whites, non-Christians, Jews, unmarried women and brainwashed college grads, anyone but the founding peoples of the West. (Of course, there are minorities within the minorities who supported the GOP.)
The liberal (communist) modus operandi is to gain power by pretending to champion “underdogs.” The real goal is to gain power and loot the treasury. Compare them to a plague of locusts.
The Democrats have done nothing but obstruct Trump rather than cooperate on beneficial programs because gaining the perks of power is their real program. Communists, they will do anything to win: Give felons the right to vote, stuff the ballot boxes, physically intimate and slander their opponents by making false sex charges. They need to be stopped by force of law. They need to be prosecuted or otherwise stopped.
Meanwhile, the shrinking white “majority” is not allowed to have an identity, let alone protect it.
The media is fixated on minorities. Anyone who advances majority interests is pilloried as “racist.”



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