“White is OK” Fugitive Delivers Statement

henrymakow.com — Nov 9, 2018

OK to be whiteI am the student who put up the ‘It’s Okay To Be White’ flyers at the University of Manitoba.
The flyers were intended to convey one thing and one thing only: IT’S OKAY TO BE WHITE.
They were posted in protest of a racially discriminatory ideology that is taught at the University of Manitoba that targets white individuals.
The absurd over-reaction to a statement indicating it is “Okay” (i.e. acceptable) to be genetically European (White) is proof  many people do in fact believe it is not acceptable for an individual to be White. Simply stating that it is acceptable for an individual to have certain DNA has sparked outrage, accusations of “racism”, “white supremacy”, and “hatred”, and has even been condemned as “offensive” and a “scare tactic”.
The individuals levelling these accusations of hidden meaning and intent have only been able to support their vitriolic claims by attempting to tangentially associate the benign message on the flyers with random ideologies such as “Neo-Nazism” or vaguely defined groups of individuals such as the “Alt-Right”, neither of which I have any affiliation with in any capacity whatsoever.
I have been a student at the University of Manitoba for several years now, and the horrifying reality is that many professors explicitly teach in their courses that it is in fact NOT okay to be white.


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