Freemasons Worship Satan – Texe Marrs — Oct 3, 2018

voices of the deadSociety –Jew and non-Jew alike –is in the grip of a satanic cult that routinely engages in magic and sorcery. We must acknowledge the malevolent nature of Cabalist Judaism and Freemasonry or we are doomed.
Texe Marrs’ Voices from the Dead is an important step in this direction.

by Henry Makow. Ph.D.

A satanic cult dedicated to our enslavement and destruction controls society. Yet because they also control the mass media, the influence of Freemasonry is kept hidden from the masses, causing a cognitive dissonance.
We can’t see it because we are part of it.
This malevolent power is evidenced every day.  Leftist disdain for common decency, truth, fairness, and democracy are characteristic of a satanic cult. Their programming has been interrupted and they are deranged. They assume Kavanaugh’s guilt without evidence and ignore Bill Clinton’s although there is plenty.
Relentless attacks on gender identity (promotion of homosexuality/transgenderism) and racial cohesion (migration) are more evidence of a pernicious occult power at the heart of our body politic. Grooming children for pedophiles under the guise of “sex education” is another example.
The unabashed Leftist bias of the mass media; and corporations taking stands on political and social issues are additional proof of de facto Communism.    See also, “What is Communism?” 
Trump Hitler make masonc sign. Click to enlarge

Trump and Hitler make masonc sign. Click to enlarge

The Illuminati (Freemasonry) “hide in plain sight.” They control government credit. Their logo is on the one-dollar bill. Their entertainers and politicians (including Trump) constantly make Masonic hand signs and handshakes. Their obelisks dot our cities. Their lodges are found in every city and town. Yet people like Texe Marrs (and myself) who draw attention to this fact are marginalized. Society has been subverted by Satanism. Society is in denial.
The public focus is on “the Jews.”  It’s true that Freemasonry is Jewish Cabalism (Satanism) for Gentiles.
Freemasonry is an instrument of the Cabalist Jewish agenda for world domination (i.e. Communism.) But like lower-ranked Masons, most Jews are not privy to this plot which is unfolding before our eyes. They are manipulated.



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