Norman Vincent Peale – Freemason Masquerades as Christian — Sept 11, 2018

Norman Vincent Peale. Click to enlarge

Norman Vincent Peale. Click to enlarge

Can a Christian be a Freemason?
No. Freemasons are Satanists, whether they know it or not. They masquerade as Christians and thus subvert the faith. They have credibility because some of their ideas are valid. In his book, The Power of Positive Thinking, (1955) Norman Vincent Peale (1898-1993) touched on a universal truth, that we create our reality by virtue of our thoughts. 
Below, a reader takes me to task for referencing Peale in this connection.

by Evelyn — (

I enjoy your articles and your tweet feed.  Knowing your feelings toward Masons, I found it a bit strange to see Norman Vincent Peale staring me in the face in your latest article.
“He was a member of the Woodbridge Lodge in Brooklyn, grand chaplain of the grand lodge in NY, life member of the crescent shrine temple in Trenton N.J. and past imperial grand chaplain of the shrine.
Peale wrote in the Masonic Magazine, stating, “Men of different religions meet in fellowship and brotherhood under the fatherhood of God.”
His beliefs were far from those of Christianity.  Another of the false prophets, as was Billy Graham.  Peale’s has acknowledged that his theology of positive thinking came Ernest Holmes, founder of New Age/Occultic Church of Religious Science (Ernest Holmes, The First Religious Scientist, James Reid, p. 14). The phrase “Positive Thinking” came originally from Charles Fillmore, but it was Peale who made it a cultural icon. (of course Robert Schuller used it as well.)


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