Maajid Nawaz, Deep State Asset

Kevin Boyle — No One To Vote For August 29, 2018


On a site called loonwatch* there is a fascinating exposee of the political and financial history of one Maajid Nawaz, head of The Quilliam Foundation and LBC radio phone-in host.
The detail revealed in this article is surprising, to say the least. Nawaz’s Quilliam income is tracked up to the end of 2015, his donors into 2017. The record stops there, missing the largest boost to the Nawaz finances. He struck gold in 2018 when The Southern Poverty Law Centre handed over a “settlement” of $3.375 million for libelling Mr Nawaz and his Foundation. Apparently, they had called him “a racist”. But, seeing that the SPLC funds organisations like Quilliam, maybe this was really just a gift from a donor.
Apart from the loot that has found its way into Mr Nawaz’s pockets, the most surprising information in the article is the way he ‘flipped’ from being an Islamic extremist in the early 2000s to a berater and sworn enemy of the same extremism from late 2006 or so onwards.
Here is the reported outpouring of our friend Maajid on 22nd October 2006:
”The crimes of the Israel people! I want to ask you all a question! Who is it, the Israelis or the Palestinians who break the bones of children? WHO BREAKS THE BONES OF CHILDREN!? WHO BREAKS THE BONES OF CHILDREN!? WHO BREAKS THE BONES OF CHILDREN!? WHO BREAKS THE BONES OF CHILDREN!? Who destroys the houses upon the heads of people? Who destroys the houses upon the heads of people? WHO DESTROYS HOUSES UPON THE HEADS OF MEN, WOMEN AND CHILDREN!? Who invades and occupies every single piece of land from around us? ”
By April 2008 Nawaz had launched The Quilliam Foundation and has become fully dedicated to fighting Muslim extremism.
“What on earth is going on here?”, it is fair to ask.
We know that Nawaz had spent some time in an Egyptian prison after he was arrested and sentenced to 5 years for “terrorist” activities. He had been a spokesman and recruiter for Hizb-ut-Tahrir, an organisation banned in Egypt. Most interestingly, at his trial he was represented by Sadiq Khan, now the Mayor of London.
Because of the extreme disjuncture between Nawaz’s political thinking before and after his ‘conversion’, it is fair and rational to suppose that there was no ‘conversion’ at all …
that this narrative is false.
Morally committed people really do not flip-flop in this absurd manner. Personally, I have never seen nor heard of such a thing except in cases of ego collapse and sincere repentance before God. Nawaz does not fit this template.
What is much more likely is that he was recruited by MI6 at university and was an Intelligence Service asset from day one of his political activities.
A very important element in the activities of such organisations is to “lead the opposition” as Lenin averred. Thus Nawaz began his soaring career by joining Hizb-ut-Tahrir as an MI6 infiltrator. When that project went sideways for Mr Nawaz another deep state asset, Mr Khan, was sent to help him. In spite of our Mayor’s best efforts Maajid languished in prison until his case was taken up by Amnesty International (you know, the organisation that supports ‘The White Helmets”) and he was mercifully released before the end of his sentence.
Going by the Al Quds Day quote above, Maajid Nawaz obviously continued playing the role of extremist when he got back to Blighty but at some point he or head office thought up a better use for this silver-tongued lizard. Quilliam was born and the rest is history.
Maajid Nawaz is but one of many, many such media operators/political class owned by the Deep State/Intelligence Services.
It is quite possible that he was initially motivated, in part at least, by the desire to prevent people from his own Islamic community resorting to terrorism against their hosts. A noble intention.
He should take care though. Acting on an identical humanitarian impulse did not work out so well in the end for one Mohammed Siddique Khan.
PS Here is Nawaz in action on LBC giving hell to a “disgusting racist” while using the same techniques as James O’Brien (and most of the rest of the LBC presenters) to press home (sigh) a typical message.
* It is difficult not to suspect that the “loonwatch” piece was written by scribblers working for the Security Services themselves. Who else would have access to such details regarding Nawaz’s history? There is an exercise enacted by the Satanic (for this is what it is) Deep State called “The Revelation of the Method” whereby a necessary element in all Black Magic directed against persons is that they must be informed about what is being done/going to be done to them in order that:
  1. responsibility for outcomes is transferred to the target of the Black Magic, (i.e. ourselves) and
  2. that the success of the magic will inflict a magnified sense of helplessness in those who understand what is being done to them but are powerless to stop it.
This operation was enacted re 9/11 … Neo’s passport in the ‘Matrix’, X-Files’ episode “The Lone Gunman … and more.



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