London Terror Suspect Named as Sudanese Migrant Salih Khater

Introduction — August 15, 2018

Call me paranoid or simply independent-minded but I can’t help feeling that the latest terror incident in London is not what it seems.
For a start the suspect doesn’t have any known ties with Muslim extremists, or political extremists of any sort for that matter. In fact Salih Khater has been described as a “polite and decent chap“, whose main interests were “keeping fit” and “football”.
So what made the 29-year-old immigrant from Sudan knock over cyclists and drive into crash barriers near Parliament? If he had no affiliations with any extremist group what motivated him?
The mystery van (circled in red) stops after cyclists and pedestrians are run down and then changes lanes as it appears to follow the driver (highlighted in white shade) Click to enlarge

The mystery van (circled in red) stops after cyclists and pedestrians are run down and then changes lanes as it appears to follow the driver (highlighted in white shade) Click to enlarge

A CCTV video (below) of the incident offers a clue. Salih Khater’s vehicle can be seen driving fast through heavy traffic near Parliament. Behind him, apparently following him is an unmarked van. Several police officers involved in the 7/7 investigation have suggested that it is an unmarked police van that’s following him.
Note that those suggestions are not coming from “conspiracy theorists” but from former police detectives.
The authorities have denied this but that doesn’t alter the fact that there is something deeply suspicious about the van and the way that it appears to be following Salih Khater. All the more so as once Khater has driven into the crash barriers the van draws up alongside and parks itself right next to his crashed vehicle.
There have long been claims that governments, particularly in the UK and U.S., have developed the technology for electronic mind control. There are a number of accounts from those who claim to have fallen victim to such technology.
If Western governments had developed such technology they would undoubtedly want it kept secret. Doing so would allow the authorities to use it for their own ends without suspicion because no one, outside of a select few, would know the technology existed.
Was Salih Khater targeted by such technology. Was he effectively being controlled by the unmarked van that follow closely behind him?
We reserve judgement but such questions need to be asked because these events are being used to manipulate the public and, possibly manoeuvre us toward a wider conflict. Ed.

London Terror Suspect Named as Sudanese Migrant Salih Khater

Oliver JJ Lane — Breibart August 15, 2018

Salih Khater. Click to enlarge

Salih Khater. Click to enlarge

The man being held on suspicion of terrorism after the Westminster car attack on Tuesday has been named as Salih Khater by British newspapers.

The event, in which 15 cyclists and pedestrians were reportedly struck before Khater’s silver Ford Focus hit the Palace of Westminster anti-terror barrier just before 07:40 BST, is being investigated by British counter-terror police. He has been arrested under the 2006 terrorism act.

Police said in a statement that “Given that it appears to have been a deliberate act, the method used and the iconic location, it is being treated as a terrorist incident and the investigation is being led by officers from the Met’s Counter Terrorism Command.”

Described by police at the time of his arrest as a male in his late 20s, the terror suspect has now been named by British newspaper the Daily Mail as 29-year-old Sudanese immigrant Salih Khater, now a British citizen living in Birmingham.

Apparently uncomfortable in identifying the terror suspect using the common nomenclature as an ‘immigrant’, government security minister Ben Wallace instead called Khater a “British citizen [who] came from another country originally” when he spoke Tuesday evening.

According to reports, Khater lived in the Birmingham suburb of Sparkhill in a flat just minutes walk from the address of Islamist terrorist Khalid Masood, the radical who rammed a hired car into pedestrians on Westminster Bridge and stabbed a police officer to death moments later. Masood’s attack took place just yards from where Khater crashed into cyclists and pedestrians — injuring three but causing no fatalities.

Before driving into Whitehall and Westminster, Khater is believed to have spent hours driving around London in the Tottenham Court Road area late at night. He then spent around 90 minutes driving around and near the Houses of Parliament.

Officers were searching three addresses across Birmingham and Nottingham in the Midlands Tuesday night.

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