A Cult that Rules the World?

Mark Windows — Windows on the World July 29, 2018


The Lucifer Spirit Samael united with Eve and begat a semi-divine son, Cain. As he left Eve before the birth of the child, CAIN WAS THE SON OF A WIDOW AND A SERPENT OF WISDOM.

The Sons of Cain (Fire) or as they like to call themselves the illumined brotherhood (Luciferians) work with the Sons of Seth, their Priestcraft to control the sons of Abel (Water) whom they believe through their manifesto and Biblical interpretations are docile, compliant and follow the self-appointed leadership of the Brotherhood of Cain.

The story of Lazarus, raised from the dead holding the Rose which was to become the symbol of the RC is important as he was also Son of a Widow as allegedly was Cain. According to the RC, the Rose is a symbol of the alchemical blending of the Fire of Cain and the Water of Abel.


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