Petition: Eliminate Postal Voting Fraud

Kevin Boyle — No One To Vote For June 1, 2018

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Dear all,
I’ve just started the petition described below. Please read the following and sign.
If the petition reaches 100, 000 signatures then the government will respond and the issue must be considered for debate in Parliament.
In 2003 Postal votes were counted separately before being included in the total count. Many involved commented at the time that there were serious and anomalous differences between the postal ballots and votes cast on the day, particularly in marginal constituencies where postal votes overwhelming favoured Blair’s New Labour party.
This embarrassment was “corrected” by government introducing a corrective protocol (that postal and ordinary ballot papers MUST BE MIXED TOGETHER BEFORE COUNTING) after that election.
Thus was created our current system, a situation that might be fairly described as an open door to fraud.
Currently it is impossible to know if election results in the UK have any integrity whatsoever. To imagine that the establishment, via MI5, would not indulge in manipulation in order to create a desired outcome would be very naive indeed.
Supporters of Labour and Jeremy Corbyn, particularly, should recognise that their man would be an obvious target if he still leads the Party in 2020. Brexiteers also have plenty to be concerned about if a new vote on the issue is forced on the public.
This is obviously a serious matter and the petition demands a return to the old system of separate counting of postal votes in order that any attempt by any interested party to cheat or corrupt the system might stand some chance of being exposed.
Having just signed the petition “Publish the postal vote count separately at elections and referendums”  could I ask you to add your name too.
This campaign, if successful could have a very positive impact on what we understand as the democratic process. The more support we can get behind it, the better chance we have of succeeding. You can read more and sign the petition here:
Thank you!
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