Conway Hall, UK “Home of Free Speech” Bans Free Speech

Kevin Boyle — No One To Vote For March 8, 2018

I am a fairly regular attendee of meetings run by a group in London called “KeepTalking”. These meetings usually have a guest speaker who will address some contentious political issue, from the origins of WW1 to False-Flag terror to Gilad Atzmon speaking about his latest book.
Conway Hall has banned our group from using its premises, cancelling a string of bookings for six talks that should have started last Monday evening (05/03/18) with a critical analysis of the inaugural lecture by Professor Colin Bailey, Principal of St. Mary’s University of London, on the collapse of WTC7 on 9/11 due to fires.
(Only) Because it is relevant to this article, it needs to be stated that our group has never publicly debated issues related to ‘The Holocaust’.
Most members of the group are the remnants of the old London 9/11 Truth group.
Because one of our members (and an occasional speaker) is “the notorious Holocaust denier” Nick Kollerstrom, our meetings have been hounded out of numerous venues over the past year; firstly The Diorama Arts Centre and now Conway Hall.
Conway Hall has banned our discussions because an individual with heretical views of which CH disapproves IS LIKELY TO BE IN THE BUILDING at the time a talk about an entirely different matter is delivered.
Wow! That’s pretty breathtaking coming from an organisation, said to regard itself as “the home of Free Speech in Britain”.
Here is how Conway Hall lays out “Our Vision” of its role in society on its own website.

Our Vision

Conway Hall is & always will be the place for those who dare to dream of a better world.
For nearly a hundred years, Conway Hall has been home to Britain’s bravest thinkers and boldest social movements.
Conway Hall is where the radical ideas that change our society are born.
We exist for people and communities:
  • Who have radical ideas to improve our society Who want to be inspired by the greatest thinkers and movements of our age
  • Who want to learn about the history of radical thought
So, the home of Britain’s bravest thinkers has banned a group of truly anti-establishment thinkers from its premises. The group taking the credit for pushing Conway Hall into making this decision call themselves “HOPE Not Hate”. Here is their boastful article on the matter.
Nick Kollerstrom

Nick Kollerstrom

As it happens, Nick Kollerstrom is a good friend of mine. He is indeed a denier of the existence of human gas chambers in Auschwitz. He has published a book (Breaking the Spell) on the matter and has paid a very high price for expressing his views in public (he lost his job as a science historian at UCL in 2007)
I can understand anyone being initially shocked and offended by Nick Kollerstrom’s views on Auschwitz. When he told me there were no human gas chambers in Auschwitz I remember my own exact reaction … I replied “You must be mad to say a thing like that.”
However, I followed up on the facts, did my own extensive reading around both competing narratives and (having nearly fainted in shock at ensuing discoveries) now know, with a high degree of certainty, that he is correct in his view.
A first point is this:
Nick Kollerstrom is a brave man whose life has been exercised in the genuine exploration of truth relating to very serious (and some less consequential) matters. As someone who has observed him over the last 12 years since we met at a 9/11 Truth meeting I would recommend his character to anyone. He is a modest, restrained and very English gentleman whose only hatred, I can affirm, is for society-destroying lies and falsehood.
Regarding the ‘human gas chambers’ he is willing, of course, to debate the issues openly and fairly with any and all comers …
…but there are no takers to this challenge.
Therefore the effect of the actions of groups like “Hope not Hate”, “Antifa” and the rest is merely the enforcement of censorship. The anti-establishment (religious*) crime of “Heresy” is alive and well in modern Britain and across the western world.
Those who truly fight against hatred and for the rekindling of the flames of hope are ruthlessly attacked by thought police who are so afraid of truth that they flee from debate. They are lackeys to the tyranny that imposes the chains of slavery and war on all humanity. The organisation referred to would be far more accurately named.

A second point:
Conway Hall, self-described (let me repeat) as “home to Britain’s bravest thinkers” gives every impression of being a rather sad little institution in a sad, brainwashed and cowardly little country?
*PS … and how like a perfect inversion of the Christian religion is ‘Holocaustianity”?
Auschwitz, the new Calvary.
Human Gas Chambers, the new Cross.
The Jewish people, the new Christ (and who is the God of The Talmud? Let those who care check that out)
So, while the original humanists who founded Conway Hall would not submit to the doctrines of Christianity and were brave enough to stand up and speak Heresy against those doctrines and openly expose their use as instruments of mass mind control … today Conway Hall itself has fallen to mind-control. It supports the only modern religion in which we all MUST believe, in spite of observable historical facts that contradict it. Thus heresy is now condemned, the religionists protected and mind-control rigidly enforced.
No challenge will ever be allowed regarding the greatest horror story ever told. Worse than that….
…no challenge against ANYTHING will be allowed while a ‘Holocaustianity’ heretic is in the building.
May the grace of the good God that created us all rise within the souls and enlighten the minds of all men and women of good intent.
No offense.

Comment from Ian Fantom — March 8, 2018

Excellent. These things have to be said, and I am sure that the ordinary members of Conway Hall Ethical Society would entirely agree with you. I had a good conversation with the CEO, who sounded taken aback by some of the evidence I provided to him about ‘Hope not Hate’. They had previously been demonstrating and ranting outside Diorama in May in a menacing way alongside Blackshirts. They were so like Oswald Moseley’s Blackshirts, Mussolini’s Blackshirts, and the Sturmabteilung’s Brownshirts, except that now they mask their faces as well. It’s for long been said that when Fascism comes, it will come under the guise of anti-Fascism.
I’d just like to correct one thing. They didn’t close down the meeting because of Nick Kollerstrom or because of anything that did or didn’t happen during WW2. That was the excuse. We were about to hear about the Inaugural Lecture by Professor Colin Bailey as Principal of Queen Mary University of London, giving his expert opinion that Building 7 of the World Trade Centre collapsed due to office fires, and as such that collapse was unique in the history of high-rise buildings. There had just been an academic evaluation of that very point by Professor LeRoy Hulsey’s team at the University of Fairbanks in Alaska, of which he seemed incredibly unaware. He claims as a speciality explaining the collapse of that building. He refused to engage in debate with us over this issue, and we were curious at what arguments would be produced against the Fairbanks academics. Now we know the answer. The intimidation coming from ‘Hope not Hate’ immensely weakens Professor Colin Bailey’s case, and it undermines the reputation of both Queen Mary University of London and the Conway Hall Ethical Centre. I take the opposite view from their trustees: only by standing up to such intimidation can they maintain their reputation over the past hundred years. Well, actually, since 1787, when they were founded as a dissident congregation of South Place church, against the threat of eternal hellfire. And now the trustees can’t or won’t even stand up to a tiny shower of snowflakes.



Teacher (physics/maths), would-be Christian, pro-community, anti-hierarchy.